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  1. monir
    2011-12-17 00:47
    Happy birthday, lady! Also note how i'm in before your padwan, Manju, with the wishes!
  2. White Manju Bun
    2011-10-03 20:30
    White Manju Bun
    Its very cute. I've totally forgotten what I planned on watching this season
  3. Shiroth
    2011-10-03 15:32
    While on the subject, what else do you plan to check out from the fall season?
  4. Shiroth
    2011-10-03 13:50
    Will i be seeing Kimi to Boku avatar and sig on your profile soon?
  5. Shiroth
    2011-09-19 17:11
    You won't enjoy the arc any less now that you know.
  6. Shiroth
    2011-09-17 09:18
    Haha, i didn't want to spoil you on the matter regarding Naoto being a female . It's pretty tricky in the thread as well. Especially seeing as though a lot of game players won't see it as being a big spoiler, but it is something you don't find out until the end of her story arc.
  7. Shiroth
    2011-09-17 09:02
    That you will. It's one of my favourite games, and the anime is certainly looking like it will deliver. Hope you enjoy.
  8. Shiroth
    2011-09-17 06:45
    It's Naoto, from the upcoming anime Persona 4. Based on the video game with the same name.
  9. White Manju Bun
    2011-09-15 08:53
    White Manju Bun
    She follows a lot of people so I doubt she'll notice unless she uses one of those bots that tells you who unfollows you. I dont think she does though. Id just had enough. She can be very nice at times but then she does stuff that makes me shake my head so finally after her latest tantrum I said enough. Saves a lot of room on my timeline as well I still follow her on my other game related twitter account but Im only on that one a few times a day and I follow more people.

    Well with the good comes the bad I think its really hard to explain to new fans of the series that Ono-Sensei really didnt finish it. Well finish it in a way that us Americans are used too. Espc since she never planned on writing White Heart orginally. Gah can you imagine if she hadnt, then the speculation would be through the roof Honestly if they ask questions there are no answers too Id outright say Ono-Sensei didnt write about it so the speculation is left to the fans (or something like that, take it off you!) XD

    In a way GH is one of those series could be totally taken over by fandom and fanfic writers if it was bigger since it kinda adhears to the if you dont like the ending write your own rule Good luck!
  10. White Manju Bun
    2011-09-14 18:21
    White Manju Bun
    I finally had enough and unfollowed Yomi. Time to see if she realizes it.

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