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  1. RRW
    2013-08-07 04:59
    I haven't bought it yet
  2. RRW
    2013-08-07 04:19
    Random pic of the day
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  3. mangatron
    2013-08-07 02:27
    Honestly, treat them like any other notebook, and they'll be fine. Always carry it in it's own dedicated bag, if it's in the bag, don't drop it more than 2 feet, and if there's a mechanical hard drive inside, don't use the laptop while going off-roading

    In general, even though those ultrabooks are thin, the components inside are manufactured much better than the old days. I find the bigger laptops more prone to damage than the thin ones I've used, mainly because the fatter ones have more space around the components inside, making them more prone to shifting around inside.
  4. mangatron
    2013-08-07 01:46
    I really don't think extra $300 is worth it. Considering hard drive prices these days, even though it's a hybrid drive, that's quite too much cost for too little an upgrade, seriously, they didn't even up the ram to at least 6GB
  5. mangatron
    2013-08-07 01:19
    Whoa, add $300 SGD? Then that's really not worth it I thought it'd be no more than $150, for just an extra 200Mhz and more temps, I wouldn't recommend it, i5 it is
  6. mangatron
    2013-08-07 00:57
    Well, the best course of action would be to compare local prices of RAM, and if there's a difference in price if you were to let them upgrade it. I'm thinking though, these ultrabooks aren't like laptops of old, so upgrading it yourself might actually be hard, as it might not be so easy to open yourself. I hear these ultrabooks are thin, and don't always have maintenance panels.

    One thing I forgot to mention about the CPU. If you can pay for the i7 version, I say go for it. RTS/MMO's like more CPU power than they do GPU power, so a faster CPU makes gameplay much more fun.
  7. mangatron
    2013-08-07 00:24
    That's not bad. Deciding between Core i7 and Core i5 in this situation largely depends on price and what you're going to do with it. Since it's for RTS or MMO, I would suggest going for the i5, as the i7 will increase temps slightly, while it's only difference being 200mhz clock increase & 1mb additional lvl 3 cache.

    Intel® Core™ i5-3337U info
    Intel® Core™ i7 3537U

    Meanwhile that graphics card isn't bad. You can look here as to what it can do, and from the looks of it Starcraft and World of Tanks is quite playable, so MMO/RTS gaming is okay.

    Last bit to remember is the RAM, those Core i chips support DDR3-1600mhz RAM, so buy accordingly. Also, it's hard to tell if that ultrabook has a single stick of 4GB or 2x2GB, so buy your RAM after getting the ultrabook.
  8. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-08-06 09:40
    Cosmic Eagle
    It's basically a fusion of steampunk and feudal Japan fantasy about two ninjas who are being hunted. Been a while since I read it but one thing I remember is that it's quite gory and the action scenes are quite brutal. Of course, the danger with that is it may come off as too pretentious which it borderline is but it doesn't go too far over the limit.
  9. Sumeragi
    2013-08-06 07:06
  10. Sumeragi

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