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Chaos2Frozen Chaos2Frozen is offline

Pillager of Twilight

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  1. Patchy
    2013-07-07 11:24
    are you calling me? *ignore* ---------> *hide again for the next several days...*
  2. dniv
    2013-07-07 08:35
    They announced FMP! BD's for TSR (something distinct from the announcement on the 20th). Since that was anime related. This gives me hope for a new season lol. You seem to be cynical when it comes to a new FMP! season for some reason

    JK I understand why... I'm hoping for a new season... I really want one.
  3. Marcus H.
    2013-07-07 02:50
    Marcus H.
    Looks like one of the animation directors requests Accelerator to look good (ikemen).
    I say, he looks much better.
  4. SilverSyko
    2013-07-06 18:55
    Part of me was expecting some announcement pertaining to P5 this year since SMTIV is now released.

    And the first Danganronpa game is getting localized too eh? It's a ways away but that's another Vita title I'll play.~
  5. Rising Dragon
    2013-07-06 18:49
    Rising Dragon
    Oh, right, the admin will bust my ass for it. *sighs* It's a wonder anyone can post anything anymore with how tyrannical they're getting.
  6. Kyouka
    2013-07-05 23:02
    i have to sleep soon kyouka offline mode activate!
  7. Kyouka
  8. RRW
    2013-07-05 18:49
    Random pic of the day
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
  9. Amoiro Nguyen
    2013-07-05 16:43
    Amoiro Nguyen
    I miss you. Why did you stop talking to me.
  10. Cosmic Eagle
    2013-07-05 10:43
    Cosmic Eagle
    You have a PSP but never played Dangan Ronpa? What blasphemy is this...

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