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Pillager of Twilight

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  1. ChainLegacy
    2013-05-08 17:15
    The way I exercise is usually lifting weights, so your mileage may vary, but some good ones are:

    Sprints - if you have some open space to do 50 - 100 meters, sprint as fast as you can. Rest 45-60 seconds, repeat. Do this 10-12 times. It's a short workout, but if you run as fast your body possibly can, you should be pretty winded.

    Stairs - Running up and down stairs is a good exercise I used to do back when I did wrestling in high school. Pretty boring, though.

    A good bodyweight routine to gain strength would be:

    Push ups 5 sets of 10-12 reps, on the lowering portion (as you go down) go slow counting to 4 seconds each rep
    Superset that with chin ups, 5 sets of 6-8 reps, again while you are lowering yourself down count out 4 seconds so you go more slowly. Supersetting means doing 1 set of one exercise, then a set of another, then back to the first until you're done. So you'd do 10-12 slow down tempo push-ups, rest 45 seconds, then 6-8 slow down tempo pull-ups, rest 45 seconds, repeat until you've done 5 total.

    Then another superset could be bodyweight squats 5 sets of 100 reps superset with plank holds 1 minute hold for 5 sets.

    You could finish off with dips on a counter or chair, 5 sets 8-10 reps, slow down tempo, superset with calf raises 5 sets of 30 reps per leg, 10 reps with toe pointed outwards, 10 reps toe pointed straight, 10 reps toe pointed inwards.

    That would be a pretty tough bodyweight workout you could do 3 times a week and then do sprints maybe 2 times a week. If you keep your rest periods to 45 seconds or lower you could be done in under an hour.
  2. Amoiro Nguyen
    2013-05-08 16:36
    Amoiro Nguyen
    Haha, I don't like to keep people waiting. I try to respond ASAP.
  3. Tsundere Louise
    2013-05-08 13:26
    Tsundere Louise
    W-What bonds, baka?
  4. Terrestrial Dream
    2013-05-08 11:13
    Terrestrial Dream
    That doesn't help much.
  5. Terrestrial Dream
    2013-05-08 09:58
    Terrestrial Dream
    Trying to find a way to make you love Koreans, any advice?
  6. Hell_ping
    2013-05-08 09:55
    Bust size 160...
  7. Ridwan
    2013-05-08 06:43
    Only if you acknowledge that I'm the Hali of your King in Yellow.
  8. Haiprbim
    2013-05-08 06:23
    That's just too........................... kawaii!
  9. Ridwan
    2013-05-08 06:23
    I want a Crawling Chaos over my Yuggoth.
  10. Haiprbim
    2013-05-08 06:09
    ...The hell is your avatar doing with the floor? xD

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