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  1. Master Assassin
    2011-07-28 06:33
    Master Assassin
    It's OK.

    But you know, it's hard to keep the excitement of knowing in, so yeah...

    Well, that and I can see why KitaEri voices her. Heh heh
  2. Master Assassin
    2011-07-28 03:17
    Master Assassin
    Spoiler for Kanade:
  3. com_gwp
    2011-07-27 22:25
    ...Did you watch the original anime? Or rather- did you read the script in the original game three routes? They're filled with violent deaths and rapes after rapes (especially the last girl). Of course I doubt that man would be writing the script to the anime, if so his involvment isn't really a factor.
    Ah, yea, I sorta know about the fate/stay night routes, and i did watch the original anime way back (Which was kinda meh, tbh) but this guy wasn't the one to write them. He was the original writer for the fate/zero novels that the anime is going to be based on, and from what I hear they're a real good read. Trying my best not to spoil myself tho, baka tsuki has the whole thing translated. And hey, I love me some dark fantasy anyway lol, if you remember how much I enjoyed madoka.

    GODDAMNIT! Penguin is one of those weird fabulous shows again isn't it ?!

    It's good, it's entertaining, but why the hell is it the number one show this season ?!
    I won't be so hasty as to place penguin in the same FABULOUS light as star driver, if that's what you were thinking. Not at least until you get to episode 3. Then you'll get my point on the show being completely unpredictable, probably the main reason why people are wanting more. And hey, the penguins are the highlights of the show, especially in the last few episodes.
    Anyway its pretty close to a serious show already, but no. 6 takes that spot.
  4. com_gwp
    2011-07-27 13:36
    Well, I'm not concern if Persona 4 has less action, it's still going to be a 'serious' show with action and we seriously need more of those kind... Or are studios simply saving them for every Fall? But got damnnit, P4, Boku wa Tomodachi, Shana, Fate/Zero (not my most favorite franchise though) Guilty Crown, Working... This second half of the year has been pretty darn good for Anime...
    Well, yea, its been a sorta trend to push out more serious shows during the spring/fall season for some reason. And yes, the type moon franchise isn't something i particularly follow either, but the amount of hype fate/zero has is astounding. Many are saying this is gonna be show of the season, and to add to my interest ufotable(One of the to-watch uprising studios) is attached. And final nail was that the writer of MADOKA was the original writer of this. Now if there was anything to convince me, that was it.

    Not counting the 2 cour series, I expect BakaTest, KamiMemo and Mayo Chiki to be in my favorite list, and Sacred Seven to be the Dog Days of the Summer and fail miserably.
    Yes well, S7 could go anywhere from here, but I'm dropping it. Last 2 episodes hasn't done anything for its case. Curiously, is it a 1 cour or 2 cour?

    Penguin show is cool if you wanna follow it, I like the fact that its completely unpredictable, which you hardly see in a show. You'll never know what they're gonna pull each episode, and it somehow stays fresh even as they go into the absurd. I'd tell you to go pick up steins;gate and T&B again tho, if you're planning on picking anything more. I see a severe lack of "serious shows" in your list.
  5. com_gwp
    2011-07-26 17:26
    Of all the so call good studios, only Sunrise constantly produces action shows... Though their plot tends to over complicate themselves....
    In the end, we all love sunrise for their trainwrecks, don't we?
    Thought I have to compliment them, T&B has been very solidly developed and enjoyable thus far.

    And to this comment: WHERE IS FMP3 KYOANIIIII
  6. com_gwp
    2011-07-26 17:20
    Shana's a mixed bag, while I'm still completely hyped about it (4 YEARS!), I never know what JC staff is gonna pull out these days. But yea, like you said, could be the budget.

    Well, now that I think about, I guess the fighting in persona 4 is probably gonna take a backseat to the drama and mystery in the show too. That's where the story of the game is after all.
    Still, we can take solace in the fact that ufotable will deliver on the fate/zero fights, if their track record is to be believed. Oh man, hope they make it as awesome as kare no kyoukai's was.
  7. com_gwp
    2011-07-26 11:09
    Because its just so easy to fall into generic cliches fests ala Sacred Seven, Kamisama Dolls. Not that slice of life is any better these days dammit, ever since lucky star and K-on everyone's been jumping on the normal girls doing cute things bandwagon.

    But seriously, its probably harder to find a good action show because you have to juggle more things than a normal series would have to? Not to mention, animation itself plays a very big role in action series compared to other genres. You want fluidity in your fights, right? Best recent example? Look at that quality jump from Nura 1 to Nura 2.

    Oh, but I'm hyped for next season's action series. Persona 4 and Fate/Zero. Fall 2011 can't come soon enough.
  8. serenade_beta
    2011-07-25 00:01
    It's him, we're used to it already.
    Haha, I'll take it as a compliment.
    I just say how I feel. Not like I'm a professional reviewer, after all. Just a hobby.
  9. com_gwp
    2011-07-23 19:18
    Have you ever heard of this manga author called Kano Yasuhiro? He did this awesome manga called Mx0 before it got cancelled. That was pretty sad, it was my favourite manga next to TWGOK back then.

    Anyway seems like he got a new manga which you can check out on redhawkscans, which is pretty interesting. It got me rereading Mx0 again, which led back to this.
  10. com_gwp
    2011-07-23 12:54
    Well, its more RPG than FPS from what I've seen. Think mash-up of mass effect shooting and skill elements with fallout's 1st person and perks and throw in diablo's inventory system. Or just go watch gametrailer's preview. In any case looks interesting as heck what with everything the game is promising.

    10 shows, finally getting back into your groove eh? Well I'll be dropping off stuff as my finals approaches in 2 weeks. Can't live without my weekly steins;gate fix tho.

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