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Pillager of Twilight

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  1. Kuroi Hadou
    2011-05-12 15:26
    Kuroi Hadou
    You should write a Fiamma/Carissa fic. Just imagine all the manipulative and angry sex you could include.
  2. com_gwp
    2011-05-11 16:10
    Dude, you should totally see what Ali is doing with your facebook lol
  3. com_gwp
    2011-05-06 09:14
    AC:Revelations with, you guessed it, Ezio Auditore de Firenze in the starring role AGAIN. Oh god, I wish they'll just move on to a new time period. Guess they're saving that for AC3. In any case, for now I'll be looking forward to what they're gonna be doing with the Desmond and Altair sections. Do you think they're getting too repetitive with this?
  4. com_gwp
    2011-05-02 13:20
    Dude, trust me, I know. Moving to a different country, life doesn't exactly pick up for you immediately, you know. I'm just saying, instead of trying and failing to watch your stuff, go find some completed manga or novels to read in the meantime. It kills more time than you'd know, back when I had absolutely nothing to do. If you want recommendations, I can give you some really good completed stuff that'll keep you occupied for days, and it's not hard to find these stuff. Just go on Baka tsuki, or mangafox or mangareader, both of which have collections of many great stuff to read. And you should already know that manga resizes very nicely, even on your itouch. It does for me on my phone.
  5. com_gwp
    2011-05-02 05:01
    And destroy my sense of hearing in the process? No, sorry, I still cannot comprehend how you can like that song, its like a 7 year old screeching to my ears.

    But...dude, just don't. Give up on watching anime for now. It's just painful to see you reduced from HD to SD to.....this. Besides its only 2 weeks and you won't miss much. I got like 2 weeks backlog of stuff to catch up on now that I'm back from France, and it wasn't that bad. Stick to reading manga/novel for the time being while listening to your music.
  6. com_gwp
    2011-04-29 11:54
    Its funny how you're asking the guy in UK to inform the guys in SG. I'm in France on holiday now tho, so I won't have easy access to internet for the next few days. Good luck surviving without your laptop. If you want manga recommendations in the meantime, you can find me here.
  7. com_gwp
    2011-04-18 15:40
    Keep nagging long enough and I just migh watch Nichijou...
    Wow, that some surprising compromise coming from you. Okay then, gowatchnichijougowatchnichijougowatchnichijougowat chnichijougowatchnichijougowatchnichijou.

    Ahem. Well, that aside, yea, I heard of the new Kenshin. The anime and OVAs were some of the best stuff I ever watched, but its been far too many years for me to get excited, just like during the inuyasha revival.

    But if you want to talk about a 'proper' song; the best for me right now is Dog Days' [Scarlet Knight].
    That song's kinda nice, but nothing really outstanding. None of the songs this season are particularly great IMO, but there are some good ones here and there. Anohana's nice as well. And sket dance has music by [The Pillows]. That's another show I would recommend, even the manga. Its mostly a gag manga, but it has a very subtle and heartwarming story throughout, especially during the serious arcs.

    Yea, if you're watching so few animes, why don't you read some manga? There're so many great series all over the place. It doesn't take up much time too. I really got into reading manga alot more after I got a proper E-reader.

    And to end off, check out this short clip from Nichijou.
  8. com_gwp
    2011-04-18 14:56
    Damn, wow, that's some sucky hours. No rest for the weary huh? You better demand something like a 2 weeks break when you return. Well, if you can, that is.

    I'm surprised you need to ask
    Well, because i figured you would be following half the season if I were following this many shows. I'd just say, go check out nichijou, if you're still feeling miserable. Did you even see the first episode? That show is half an hour of good, solid slapstick humor, with everything I fould lacking in both K-on and lucky star. (You know that i never finished those 2 series, right?)

    You really don't like it? The lyrics are so moving...
    And no, even if the lyric were kinda....nice, the song just doesn't cut it from me. It doesn't even sound like a song to me.
  9. com_gwp
    2011-04-18 14:31
    Anohana haha, you know that show is just setting up for a completely depressing ending. Which 4 were you talking about anyway?

    Right now I'm following these: [Oh man, when was the last time I actually followed so many series?]

    Stein's Gate
    Aoi No Exorcist
    Deadman Wonderland
    Tiger & Bunny
    Hanasaku Iroha
    Dog Days
    SKET Dance

    Probably Dempa as well, but for a slice of life it doesn't seem as entertaining as Iroha and or tragic as Anohana. I could see myself dropping Gintama or Sket Dance further in since I'm already following the respective comics, and they're setup to be long series.

    And I haven't caught Iroha epi 3. Will tell you when I do. Man, your job sounds tough though. 6 day work week just downright sucks. What kinda hours are you putting in?
  10. com_gwp
    2011-04-18 08:30
    You're talking about the studio that created some of the most memorable OPs and EDs in the last half a decade, even if some were questionable.

    Well, that aside, remember how I was saying we'll never go back to the golden days where we got a ton of original or good stuff? But wow, this season proved me wrong on so many levels. Single best season in what, years? Even the shows at the lowest of my priority list entertains! I never believed I could ever go back to watching more than 6 shows a season. How many are you following?

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