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Sword Core Online

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  1. Nya~n
    2010-06-10 10:16
    Good God. Why, Japan? WHY?

    Also, Supernatural is not Supernatural unless it has Jensen Ackles. True story.
  2. Chaos2Frozen
    2010-05-30 04:50
    Fatal Files

    Rabbit Hole Chap 2 (In the works)

    Vanguard Corps - 30 000

    "Titan Brigade" - 4000

    “Special Task Force”

    1. 2nd Primal Force – 500
    2. 4th Riot Force - 300
    3. 1st Crisis Force - 200

    “Standard Task Force”

    1. 15th Orbital Guards Regiment - 1000
    2. 175th Supreme Airborne Squadron - 300
    3. 44th Mechanized Infantry Regiment – 1000
    4. 12th Armor Battalion – 300
    5. 6th Field Artillery Battalion - 200
    6. 38th Combat Engineer Battalion - 200
  3. Miraluka
    2010-05-28 23:19
    Can you post in the Index novel thread please?? I want to post somthing.
  4. Nya~n
    2010-05-24 21:41
    Remember the whole 'when the book is open, the age of christianity will end', isn't that what aleister is doing with his global AIM field...?
    that was what really convinced me to bring it up, since we already had stuff like Aiwass needing an AIM field(and when you consider Aiwass first presented himself and dictated the writing of Liber AL vel Legis), AIM effect on magic, grandmaster plan speculations and him establishing the development of Academy City. saying that the Book of the Law "ends the age of christianity" was the nail in the coffin that made me so sure of it xD

    Also As an added bonus, talking about these things puts a stop to certain individuals and their certain types of topic if you know what i mean.
    yuri fapboyism GTFO we want out SRS BSNS discussions.
  5. Nya~n
    2010-05-24 10:54
    i see where you've got the ball rolling going with my Book of the Law = AIM grimoire theory. saves me the trouble of bringing up in the thread xD
  6. Keroko
    2010-05-21 18:36
    Never played Bioshock, so that explains why the reference went *whoosh*
  7. Nya~n
    2010-05-21 06:18
    xD i'm almost done with it, just one segment more. anyway, i've decided to change the tenses to past part, since it flows better in a narrative like this. the "spell" in relation to "lifeforce" was pretty much acceptable, though without any canon reference on how ghastly apparitions work, i can hardly say anything for sure. still, it's within parameters, so i guess it's alright. i'll send you the beta-ed doc in about half an hour's time? mediafire good for you?
  8. Miraluka
    2010-05-19 11:22
    It was basically a contest between the girls on the magic side before the last battle against Carrisa.
    Tatemija "Bro" Saiji snuck on Necessarius girls room and got Kanzaki's cosplay clothes, told to her and Itsuwa to wear the cosplay she recently bought via Internet(I'm sure you saw the fairy cosplay) for Touma, and proposed a contest between Neccesarius and Amakusas representatives.
    When Luccia, Angelene and Anieze overheard one of Amakusa group's conversation of who will be able to steal Touma heart out of Kanzaki and Itsuwa, Anieze and Luccia discussed among themselves who in the Anieze Forces can match the two from Amakusa in womanly charms, and decided Luccia is capable with her bust size and attempted to get Luccia into a imp cosplay, which Luccia refused.

    In the mid of the talk Kanzaki was like "I'm regretting of saving the Amakusas".
    Even Ursula wanted to join in wearing a gothic lolita(ero version) but Sherry panicked out because it was to revealing for someone that well developed like Ursula.<--- Seriously I want to see the imp and ero-gothic-lolita cosplay.

    P.S.: I want a best resolution of the scans of the vol.18 ;_;, the ones posted by Serenade are bad.
  9. Nya~n
    2010-05-19 04:22
    yea sure. if you already have it on gdocs then just PM me the link and i'll look it through.

    as for kha, someone got carried away by his khrack tripping one too many times and then the straw broke a back or two.
  10. MeisterBabylon
    2010-05-18 10:24
    Argh I'm terribly sorry, just realized I forgot about ur pic too!! >_<

    I'll get to it tmr. Been caught up with a whole buttload of emo (I'm already banned from Fanfic channel in IRC and Nyan just joined the people I'm in open war with) and totally forgot about several things.

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