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*Graphic Designer

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ISML Technical Staff

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  1. Marina
    2009-01-28 04:06
    KholdStare, you should compile all your isml posters (like the ones from 2008, necklace winner posters) in an album or something~
  2. Solace
    2009-01-23 04:45
    I would tell you if I knew, but the image has both of them with their backs turned and there are no words on the image to give any clues. Sorry.
  3. Sephi
    2009-01-15 09:16
    @ your question about Vista. Will say it here, as it's somewhat OT.

    If you got a Vista CD yes. But odds are if you use the recovery cd/dvd that came with your computer, that it installs the bloatware along. So best is to download a Vista version from the net, and use your own vista key on your computer to activate it. But before starting something like that, make sure you backup all your data, as well as have the drivers ready for your PC.
  4. Eisdrache
    2009-01-14 21:35
    I cant even think of a serious reply to that ._.

    But I love you too
  5. Ehko
    2009-01-13 17:22
    I got your message about my current sig. Im glad you like it and the only tips I could give you is keep it simple. I'm not rly sure what style it would be called, but tbh I made it because I didn't have a new sig on, but I was kinda too tired to make something.

    So how I made my current was.

    1. new canvas with default white background
    2. Set georgia text (because georgia is nice looking) to a fairly big size and just lay in some uniquely creative/uncreative text O.o
    3. throw some low opacity, light color splatter brush on top
    4. add the lil 3 px bar on the left for seriously random yet contrasting purposes

    and PROFIT

    Thats honestly all it is Simplicity, or Minimal, I guess it should be called, imo works better in terms of simple, solid colors and few lines.

    Hope that helps. I'm willing to share the PSD if you have PS and really want it.
  6. Bloody_Hime
    2009-01-02 17:05
    Hi, Kholdstare! Ok, so now that I know that. And about Bleach, who's your favorite character? I don't have just one, they're: Soifon, Urahara, Yoruichi, Hirako, Byakuya, Renji, Hitsugaya, Ulquiorra and Nell and Ichigo is very cool too
  7. Bloody_Hime
    2009-01-02 12:54
    Hi, Kholdstare! How are u? Do u know a Club Bleach forum? Your username sounds me a lot and I asked myself if you were the same person from CB. If not, nice to meet u!!!
  8. Pellissier
    2008-12-27 13:10
    As for CCS, I followed the "review" link in your sign and saw it was one with the most positive comments. My experience with CCS is different. It aired in my country when I was a teen and looked interesting, but it was so censored that it was impossible to understand what was going on. They even nuked the last 20+ episodes because of censorship.
    So when I finally had the chance of watching the original uncut version, I enjoyed it at its best. I remember I watched it all in 3 weeks, including 10 days I was sick in bed with a flu. And I sure missed it when it ended.
    I often wonder why Tange Sakura (Kinomoto Sakura's va) gave up so early with anime dubbing, she was one of the most heavenly voices ever fallen to Earth.

    As for Bokura ga Ita, yes, it is indeed a 2006 series, but it never gets old to me. Along with Honey & Clover and Aishiteruze Baby, probably my all time #1. I so hope a season 2 will see the light someday. :x
  9. Pellissier
    2008-12-27 11:58
    Not exactly my kind of genre but thanks for the suggestion, I'll keep it in mind. I also see that one of your preferred anime is CCS and I must agree, it's one of my all time favourites as well.
  10. Pellissier
    2008-12-27 05:31
    "Weird" is a word that matches Inukami! well, in a good sense of course. I don't dislike the harem/ecchi genre, but the way Inukami! delivered it would usually not be my cup of tea. But for some reasons I liked it, speak of weird. The fact that I watched it 2 years ago but still remember it quite well (when you asked of whom Hake is the Inukami I immediately figured out who she was, and had just to check RC for her exact name). And yes, they actually put some efforts in the movie.

    On an unrelated note, may ask from which anime the girl from your previous avatar was (the one with green hairs and hairs flowing in the wind). That was very good and soothing.

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    I'm Asian and I watch anime. I know, weird huh? I watch anime just for fun, I hope.
    Phoenix, AZ
    anime, calligraphy, chess, music, piano
    full-time student, grader
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