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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-18 11:46
    Dann of Thursday
    I don't try to analyze it much either, but I do notice the theme being present at times. I guess it's just some little thing that might let you get characters more or something.

    Hmm, I suppose all I'm trying to say is that I don't enjoy seeing Lelouch be all ruthless. I'm still getting used to the idea of Charles not being as bad as I thought he was before.

    Yeah, he's apparently a huge fan and was actually encouraging LelouchXCornelia. I think the other VAs and staff were joking about it in commentary or something. You know, I didn't start liking Cornelia more till I re-watched season 1 and then she came back in R2 and it was simply awesome to see her again.

    I'm just sort of confused by the whole thing I suppose. V.V. and Charles apparently had some plan to capture C.C. and such which seems odd to me if she is an ally of theirs, unless V.V. was unaware of certain things. Meh, I just see this leading to very bad things soon enough. At the very least, I'm expecting C.C. to leave Lelouch like everyone thinks she will and join Charles which will of course cause Lelouch to despise C.C. with every fiber of his being.

    Granted, these Gods do seem to be the real enemy now, which still makes me a bit confused as to why Lelouch is making Britannia his main goal still. And since Suzaku is a Knight of Rounds, that sort of means that he will likely end up fighting these Gods and since I can't imagine Lelouch not fighting these Gods it seems like it would mean they would be fighting together, which shouldn't be happening since Taniguchi said they never should. This whole situation is just confusing the hell out of me and I'm even beginning to feel angry about it, especially with all these bad things being revealed about C.C.. The funny thing about this is that it seems like all my thoughts and predictions about C.C. were completely right though I can't seem to recall many people disagreeing with me on those thoughts to be honest. I think most of them agreed with me.

    Anyway, I think V.V. may have been the one to pull the attack on Marianne, which may be a time where he lied to Charles.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-17 15:37
    Dann of Thursday
    My apologies for doing this twice, but I recently became aware that Charles could possibly be the third person C.C. has been speaking with. He even uses the form of "you" that the third person does according to Koshimizu. The only problem with this is that it pretty much cements the whole conspiracy thing with her and others. Damn.

    I can't go to the CG forum anymore. I always end up feeling terrible whenever I go there nowadays, even if it's just for a few minutes. That C.C. thread is a terrible place to go now I think since all the talk is negative and unfortunately it's probably all going to be right which means all my speculation was right too.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-16 11:39
    Dann of Thursday
    It gets annoying when that happens and you don't realize it till later.

    I'm just going by what the creators themselves have said about the show. It's a weird theme, but it works. Rusty is a failure as a scientist and a father many times, the Monarch keeps failing to kill Rusty (such as the time he made a great entrance was a time where he broke into the wrong place) and through others. It is supposed to be humorous, but it also illustrates a point. And next episode looks like a Monarch one.

    Oh, I know he's far from angelic, but I honestly thought he was doing a bit better like in 11 and such. He's been ruthless before, but I don't recall him ever ordering the massacre of unarmed civilians. Granted, some of them were dangerous like the children, but others seemed rather harmless.

    I've been thinking the same thing myself about him. I suppose, but if Charles and V.V. are right about them being the cause of strife and all that, doesn't that in some ways make them the ones who should succeed? C.C. talking to the Gods makes sense I suppose and it would sort of fit with things. Unfortunately, if they are the cause of strife and the final enemies, that makes her an antagonist in the end which is something I really don't want to see.

    God, I wish I could not care. I mean, this is the only show I'm watching right now where I actually give a damn about pairings and such. I suppose it doesn't, but with the way things are here, you'd think it was extremely important. I like her more than Kallen as well. I've never understood why she is so popular because she never interested me. I didn't even start considering romance in this show until around episode 15. Then I just started looking back on things, but it seems I misinterpreted those scenes and it seems like things are just going to get worse since I highly suspect that C.C. will end up as an antagonist Lelouch will have to finish off. I doubt he'd go near Cornelia, though ironically Jun Fukuyama (Lelouch's VA) is a huge Cornelia fan.

    Pretty much since it's about the only thing that isn't in the movie. Now, that might be a reason to doubt it, but at the same time it sort of fits with what little Del Toro has said about what he would do with a Hellboy 3.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-15 01:28
    Dann of Thursday
    I keep forgetting to hit that damn "View Conversation" link.

    He was an amazing scientist and such, but he was a failure as a father with all the neglect present. And failure is the theme of this show after all.

    Well, it was seeing her be so sad about everything with the Cult and with the way things were going with Lelouch. And I felt as uncomfortable about killing all those people as some of the Order members were. Many of them weren't any sort of threat at all. I understand Lelouch was very, very angry, but it's not exactly a good thing if he starts acting like this. He might end up no better than those he is fighting if not worse.

    I think he does care about Lelouch and Nunnally now. I think the one who hates them is V.V. and he seems to have a lot of dislike for Marianne as well. It's weird that Charles' goal might be one for the good of the world. Who's the final enemy going to be then? And I'm worried about whoever C.C. was talking to. It seems like they are alive and active from the way she spoke with them.

    I found it. The GIF pretty much detailed the only scenes from season 2. Thanks.

    Yeah, I know. I lose it too often over these things. I just hate the idea that I was being a fool about all this among other reasons. And the reason I want the talk to stop is because I get sick of seeing others shoot down it all and rip it apart. I enjoy seeing people support her and such since it's something that doesn't occur often here. Meh, I just don't see what would have been wrong with it happening and I still don't quite see it barring some revelation that she is related to Lelouch or something. I saw chemistry there. More than I did with anyone else really. Sorry for bothering on this when you aren't even a fan of it or anything.

    I didn't know it until later either and found the info quite interesting. Doug Jones is really quite talented. Sort of like Andy Serkis in Lord of the Rings with his portrayal of Gollum. I loved Pan's Labyrinth from the first time I saw it and I ended up buying the soundtrack since the music was good as well. If you see Hellboy 2, I suggest taking a look at the novelization and skipping to the epilogue at the end. Rather interesting.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-14 01:22
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, the only thing I can think of is how Dr. Girlfriend said they really weren't that different, but that may not mean much. Yeah, I loved the episode. Rusty's dad was sort of a jerk though and the more I know of him the more I come to dislike him. No wonder Rusty is so screwed up.

    I didn't read it till after I saw the movie and a friend lent me the comics. I was amazed by how to some degree they were word for word. The cast was great too and the funny thing is that the directors (Robert and Frank) said they got pretty much everyone that they had on their list. I remember the commentary having them say they couldn't believe they were able to get some of the people they did. Multiple Universes are always confusing. It's like some sort of rule.

    I'm not expecting good things. The World of C isn't what I expected though. I also fear more and more that C.C. is leaving the stage. It was a good episode I guess, though it left me depressed in regards to C.C..

    Charles definitely confused me somewhat. He sounded somewhat idealistic in that flashback and his conversation with V.V. later made things confusing. He was awesome at the end though. I love Norio Wakamoto. Honestly, I detest the idea of Lelouch becoming the new Emperor or something like that.

    It's sort of annoying, but I'm not surprised. What preview? I haven't seen it yet and I don't know where to look.

    Meh, I wish they hadn't handled her the way they did though. I'm not sure what she has left to contribute. I often seem to pick the wrong characters to both like and support in terms of romance. Hell, just to know that she had feelings for him, but never said anything would probably be enough for me now. Anyway, I don't see why it would be that big of a factor. Their relationship seems to have deteriorated by too large a degree to recover enough to be important. Her one sentence before she killed those guys about her and Lelouch confuses me though.

    The action was better. Lot's of good fight scenes and a couple were even humorous. The monster designs were good as well. My favorite was either the angel or the giant plant god thing. It's a different feel from Pan's Labyrinth really, though that is an amazing movie. I love the Pale Man. Interestingly enough, Doug Jones (who does the movements and voice for Abe in Hellboy 2 as well as two other characters) did the movements for most of the creatures in PL.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-13 22:49
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh, and I went to see Hellboy 2 as I said would be earlier. I loved it and thought it was better then the first. The story seemed more together to me and it was also funny at times. The story itself was quite good to me and I liked it more than the first one's. I'm planning on taking one of my sisters to it since she couldn't go with us the first time. That's not much of a review, huh? Sorry. Maybe you could ask something and I can give a better one.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-13 11:12
    Dann of Thursday
    No kidding? I've never actually been to anything like that though I hear it can be fun at times. They seemed like crazy guys from what I've read and heard through commentary. They could pull something crazy I suppose if they wanted to, but I still sort of think they would have possibly given little hints like they did with the whole clone thing. Unless they already have...

    That's how I view it and I like it much more because of it. Ah, that is quite a good line. I wonder why they can't keep some lines in all the time. I remember hearing on the commentary that with Sin City, the actors wanted things that were cut put back in because they were scenes they had a liking for. Marvel's universe is getting quite confusing in many ways like that whole SI thing and the CW thing before it. DC is complicated as well, but I think it makes a bit more sense myself. Comic Book movies seem to be getting better these days though you still get some bad ones every once and a while.

    I would expect them to go into the whole thing 21 years ago in 15 which features all four of them apparently knowing each other, which is something that worries me to a large degree. I don't expect much to remain hidden. What worries me is Lelouch's reaction to C.C. talking to Marianne. I can't imagine anything good of that and I also don't think it would ever be the same with them since he would know his mother would be listening. He might end up being even more aloof with C.C. than he already is if he doesn't hate her.

    That is possible I suppose, but I'm thinking they might not kill her off since she already had several near death encounters and was gone for half this season. I've been thinking they might alter the way the country works. Lelouch wants to destroy Britannia, but what I think he really means to do is get rid of the Britannia power system as it is now. Taking power from the nobles would be a start I suppose. Lelouch dying? It's still a possibility, but for some reason I find the idea a little odd. Suzaku doing that would be interesting, but would anyone accept him? I liked how subtle it was since when I looked back it made more sense. I didn't realize how close they were until some people informed me on info from magazines and such. That whole thing isn't so bad though aspects of it irritate me sometimes. I suppose that way why I liked LelouchXC.C.. It seemed more subtle and not so blatent with the way some things were presented.

    I suppose I can understand the reasoning with that though it still seems odd to me. And I agree about the Keldim. The design really looks odd to me with the whole box look. They're supposed to be upgrades of the originals so I suppose they won't be much different.

    It's an odd thing alright. It is starting to get a bit better I suppose, but I agree that so far season 1 was better.

    Well, it's a little hard when it's the majority of the whole forum here. I suppose I'd thought they might decide to go into her personality and such now, but apparently her development died back in season 1. I don't think it's been that scattered. Pretty much the whole first half focused on Kallen for a lot of the time with Lelouch and some others there as well. 12 and 13 pretty much wrapped up Shirley and featured some development for Jeremiah. And it seems that it will be returning to Kallen now since she's critical to the show at this point.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-13 00:30
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, of course not. I've been wondering if he might end up getting J.J. as his arch. Technically, he would be arching Dr. Venture then. I really just want to know why he hates him so much. I'm not sure whether to expect it to be something very stupid or if Rusty actually ruined his life somehow. Step-brothers would be interesting, but I think something like that would have been brought up.

    He is a very good writer. V for Vendetta was indeed a great piece of work. I like the movie myself, though I admit the comic is better. I suppose I simply liked Hugo Weaving's performance. Meh, they'll hopefully get Spider-man back on track eventually. Comic books can get so complicated though. I'm not sure what to expect of an Avengers film myself. They could either get it right or really screw it up.

    I'm expecting the truth about Marianne, C.C., and what's up with these Gods to be revealed. Which is pretty much everything if you think about it. I'm sort of dreading it myself. I don't really enjoy when C.C. is acting so heartless and this seems like a prime opportunity for that. I'm expecting that from 14 for instance. See, that's what I've been thinking as well. She would make a good Queen or Empress in my opinion. I don't trust Schneizal enough though perhaps he could do well too. Everyone keeps thinking Lelouch will become Emperor or something, but I would just be very surprised to see such a thing happen. Yeah, they are nice with one another, though I honestly didn't pick up on it till much later. Meh, what's with all these Knight/Master relationships?

    The sad thing is, they were in more detail when they were shown a few months ago. At least, the 00 was. Now they've dropped several details as if they just want to make it easier to draw. None of them look very impressive, though perhaps seeing them in action might make it a bit better.

    I agree, though sometimes it just happens. I don't exactly consider CG much of a mecha since the mechs aren't exactly that much of a focus. The story though, has been getting sort of convoulted to me lately. And I just can't help but feel R2 is missing something that season 1 had. The writing feels like it was better back then. I don't recall any mechs in 13.

    Well, I've been trying to limit the time I spend here to be honest since being here for too long seems to put me in a bad way. I've been just PMing and responding here for the most part, though I've been on a few times in the past with bad results like me going crazy in the C.C. thread and such. Meh, I don't know what happened with her. I thought they might decide to develop her just a bit more, but they've just thrown her to the side and gotten rid of a lot of things I liked back in season 1. I miss those moments where she'd drop the mask as well. I only see bad things ahead for her, and how things are with Lelouch.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-12 12:41
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, I miss him. I wonder if we're going to get anymore with the Monarch. I always like episodes with him for some reason. Or more David Bowie. That had to be one of the most hilarious things about the finale of season two.

    It's a good read and a rather realistic portrayal of superheroes. That was the main point of it. One More Day was the one that erased the marriage. Brand New Day is what happens after that. The sequel if you will. And it did a lot more than just erase their marriage. Norman Osborn is still around and Harry is still alive. Well, they seem to want an Avengers movie, hence the scenes after the credits of Iron Man and the new Hulk film. It might suck, but they could always get it right. I remember being surprised by how much I liked Iron Man. Don't worry, I'll remember.

    Oh, I see. Well, that summary is sort of where I was getting the idea C.C. would sort of be done in terms of contributions since info on 15 says the mystery of Geass is revealed. It seems like a temporary thing since they both want to get V.V.. Yet V.V. is an ally of Charles and I'm not sure of Cornelia's feelings in that regard. I doubt they would have her join the Order or something. At best, she'll be someone that will help them out in some respects. It does give that impression. I'm hoping to see a reunion between her and Guildford myself. I can only imagine Guildford's reaction.

    Not on the T.V.. That isn't on till Sunday. I meant on They post the full episode in the videos section every Friday.

    Exactly, though that doesn't stop it from getting bashed. I wasn't fond of 00 at first either, but it got better to me as time went on. The last few episodes were quite good in myopinion. Especially 23. There's also something hilarious about that Ribbons guy having the same VA as Amuro Ray. I'd have to agree that the designs aren't that good though. Have you seen the new Gundams for the pilots in season 2? They aren't much better and I almost prefer the old designs. Those designs I do like though.

    SEED had it's moments, but it made a lot of mistakes as well. I liked some of the designs and such though, that was one thing. Destiny took away whatever SEED seemed to get right though. The thing that annoys me the most is that a large majority of decisions were based on the need to sell more models and increase a character's popularity. Do you remember when the character Dearka joined in helping the Archangel? That was done to increase his model sales since his were the lowest. I've occasionally wondered if something similar was being done with CG.

    Everyone needs sleep.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-12 03:49
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh, I do remember that bit. It was pretty funny though with that whole thing. I like how he's expressed distaste with how Rusty does some things like that Venturestein thing. Whatever happened to that guy anyway?

    Hmm, I'm always looking for something good to read. I read "The Killing Joke" recently as well as "Watchmen". I thought both were quite good. The whole BND thing with Spider-Man really screwed up the timeline for the whole series and erased some real emotional moments. And the reasoning behind it was even more idiotic. Not familiar with Thor though I know they are planning on making a movie and that he will appear in the Iron Man sequel in a cameo. They seem to work well together and I've heard good things so far. I'll tell you what I think when I see it.

    That's what bothers me so much. And the info on episodes after 15 make it sound like we're back to trying to defeat Britannia. If these Gods were such a threat, I'd think they would take centerstage after 15. Some info on 14, which seems to be quite reliable, indicates that Cornelia and Zero/Lelouch (not sure which he is here) form a small alliance to take down V.V.. I like her new look by the way.

    I've heard of that show. It's funny, but for the most part I think that show was really about the main character and the main girl with all the other stuff sort of thrown in there. Still....

    The new episode is on right now. Pretty good one I thought. I love Orpheus. Everytime he gets overly dramatic is really a great moment that gets me laughing.

    I got it all on DVD from a friend a few years ago. I love to just watch it for fun sometimes. It's a little silly sometimes with things, but like I read in some reviews of the series, no matter what people say it is as true a Gundam series as any other. I like the music as well. The theme for the Shining Finger is one of my favorites as is the tune going on when Dr. Mikamura dies.

    I'm awaiting the second season of 00 right now. It's not the best, but I thought it got better later on in the first season. I like it more than SEED though.

    I suppose.

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