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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-12 03:08
    Dann of Thursday
    I was laughing the whole time that thing was playing. Mother? I thought he was more of a father than anything else since their own father isn't much of one. I love when he does that as well. I've also liked how he and the Monarch interact for some reason.

    It's rather new with me as well. So Bucky became the new one? I wasn't really keeping up with things there. I'm pretty sure the only one who we can hope to stay dead is Uncle Ben. Then again, after that terrible "One More Day" storyline in the recent Spiderman comics, I wouldn't put it past them. Comic movies have been getting much better lately. "The Dark Knight" looks to be an awesome movie and the reviews declare it as such. I'm seeing Hellboy 2 Sunday actually. The story was co-written between Del Toro and Hellboy's creator, Mike Mignola. The first movie had flaws, but origin stories can often be tricky to some degree.

    Meh, I don't expect the revelation about Marianne to go well with those two at all. I can't even imagine their interactions being the same after that since he would always know Marianne is there as well. I just see it being more distant than it already was this season. I don't know what these Gods will do to be honest. Something about introducing an enemy that Charles wants to get rid of as well seems a bit odd to me this late in the game. It makes no sense for C.C. to still be alive in the end.

    I hate animes with multiple options to be honest. I always like it more when they have just one girl for the guy or one guy for the girl and you get to watch as things develop over the course of the series. Some say that is boring, but I feel you get a more realistic relationship with such a thing rather than playing some guessing game. Back when I was stupid, I thought they might develop something with Lelouch and C.C. over time. I thought they had good chemistry and things like episode 11 and 25 made me see some emotional connections there with them. Then they dropped everything completely in R2 and I realized I had horribly misread everything back in season 1. G Gundam was a bit of an exception and I do like that series quite a lot for several reasons despite how silly it was in several ways.

    It probably is biological with me considering my parents and such. Meh, maybe something will help.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-12 02:21
    Dann of Thursday
    I'm not sure what I thought of him in the first season, but I know he pretty much became my favorite character during season 2 since he seemed much more human than he was before. The OSI scenes are all pretty good. Especially that ridiculous song.

    I don't read much comic books really (though for some reason I love a lot of comic book movies). I'd agree that he does symbolize that. Poor Captain America. I always liked Batman myself for some reason. I remember that old cartoon series and the JL series and Batman Beyond were shows I had fond memories of. For some reason, I've come to like the character Hellboy. Ever heard of him?

    That all depends really. I'm not entirely sure how much stock to put into what V.V. says though I believe he was being truthful to some degree. It's possible they are noble, but I just see bad things happening. She's going to end up dead at least.

    Feh, whatever. I don't see what screwing has to do with love that much.

    I've been seeing someone, but honestly I don't think it's helping. My parents want to see about medication and I agree about that, but I don't know if it will happen anytime soon.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-12 01:54
    Dann of Thursday
    I missed the first episode unfortunately, but I've seen every one after that. I love how Brock has evolved from the way he was in season one.

    I'm not that familiar with Superman that much. Never been a big fan of him.

    I haven't seen anything to suggest her "guidence" is in any way a good thing. It just seems like her being selfish to get what she wants.

    Mother probably since everything points to that. She could never be capable of loving him in a romantic sense.

    Oh, I do. My family tells me to knock it off quite often as do people I know in work and such. I have nothing to look forward to though. I stopped believing in things like God, hope and being "positive" long ago.

    That's good I guess, because most of what you said gives a very negative interpretation of C.C..
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2008-07-12 01:33
    Dann of Thursday
    For the record, I liked the Venture Bros. reference. But you did prove one of my points with your long post: It's impossible to say anything good about C.C. unless you lie to yourself.

    You think I ooze negativity about her? You agreed with me that she is a manipulator, which makes her a terrible person and likely one who cares little for Lelouch at all beyond him staying alive for her wish.
  5. Var
    2008-07-08 06:37
    I just realized that I replied on my own board... XD Here was my reply from a few days ago. Oy.

    Well, the spoilers concerning Anya aren't all that big a deal. They just discuss... spoilers ahead... that she looks an aweful lot like a young Marianne. Their two pictures, compared when they are at around the same age, look nigh identical barring... their bust size. Other than that, though, I think we've mostly come to a conclusion on Anya for the time being and with the current information available.

    Some people also thought Kallen would end up with Xing-ke, Suzaku, a Teapot, and so on and so forth. You get my point. She doesn't fit the Iseult story unless she herself is Iseult and Lelouch is Tristan. There you can actually make a similarity. She's being held captive by the 'evil' Britannian's (who lie about Geass, similar to lieing about slaying the dragon), and Lelouch who wields the power of the Geass comes in an rescues her. That fits leagues better than Gino just coming in and saving her, as the later just doesn't really make any sense or hold congruency when one considers Gino's loyalty and unlikeliness to change sides.

    As for Anya and Gino being lovers in the future, it is possible. Within the entirety of the show, the only person Gino has ever shown concern, is Anya. Episode 11, when Shinkurou fires off its weapon we here Gino shout/scream/cry Anya's name, clearly worried about her. The age difference is supposedly two years, 15 and 17. That's not much of a difference and fits the usual bravado of the male being slightly older than the female. (Kallen, Lelouch, Suzaku, et all are 18 going on 19.)

    Guinevere is his daughter. She looks like a snake and, likely, is the embodiement of the bad side of Guinevere. I wouldn't be surprised if she tries to backstab someone somewhere (even her father) for power.

    Nothing against your interpretation of the Lancelot and Guinever story, but I do not think it fits. Several reasons:
    -Gawain is destroyed.
    -Lancelot betraying the KoR is unlikely, his parallel comes more in betraying/killing Gawain.
    -Nunally has been shown to have been alienating herself, even if only lightly, from Suzaku because she knows he's lieing to her.
    -I do not see Charles trying to hurt his daughter.
    -The method for Anya's betrayal puts her at ends with everyone, and I expect her to join Lelouch.
    -Suzaku throwing aside the KoR removes any justification he had for selling Lelouch to the Emperor, and sends his method of changing the Empire from within down the toilet.

    The reason I brought up the idea of Nunally being Guinevere to Lelouch was, simply, because she is his most valuable thing, his Queen, and because she was stolen from him. By Suzaku (and V.V.) of all people.

    Yes, I do not think Cornelia, or any strong female, fall into the very shoganistic Arthurian legends. C.C. is a more possible as she's hardly a normal person, but her parallel also falls into the chess scenario very nicely.

    Cornelia was definately the Queen in S1. I am not fully sure where she actually falls at this point in S2, becauce, simply, we've seen her for all of three minutes. I agree that the pieces are always changing. Case in point: Kallen went from a pawn to a Queen. Schneizel is definately the white King now.

    I actually agree with you that Kallen has been promoted from pawn to Queen. However, I do not agree that C.C. was a Queen. I'll speak on her later. As for Kallen being captured, it's in perfect timing with everything else happening. Lelouch has to now lose pieces to regain his Queen if he hopes to win. Her capture is important to Lelouch, the Order, and the eventual connection between Nunally and Lelouch that I forsee coming about because of Kallen. Though, to be perfectly honest, I do not see Kallen ever changing sides or betraying Lelouch. She's become far to enamored with him and all her dreams are riding on him. She'd likely bite off her tongue before doing anything against him. Which basically goes against every possible 'odd' pairing idea like Suzaku, Gino, or anyone in Britannia. Not to mention that her 'name' is sullied and likely not something a lineage based society like Britannia would/could ever accept.

    Like I said before, Nunally and Kallen coming together (Lelouch's two Queens) is too large of a coincidence, especially considering what's been said and what will happen (read: Shirley) for me to think its just unrelated coincidences. You don't put two people who love the same person in the same room unless you plan on having a very long discussion appearing between them.

    As for C.C., as I promised, she and V.V. are not pieces, in my opinion, they are the players. C.C. set's the black king into motion. Starting the game.

    I agree with your vision for Cornelia and her knights in the future. I wouldn't say gray pieces, however, I'd say they'd be a completely different player who entered the match. Cornelia would have to be the Queen though, as it holds far more power than the King (perhaps a kingqueen hybrid ). And Guilford would be her knight.

    Nah, you got everything.
  6. Var
    2008-07-02 11:56
    I wanted to continue my thought about Kallen and others not falling within the Arthurian analogy. I'm going to make a few assumptions:

    -Nunally is Lelouch's Guinevere: She is taken away by Suzaku (Lancelot).
    -Euphemia is Lelouch's Iseult: Taken away, and falls in love with Suzaku.
    -Tristan and Mordred's tales are intertwined: Anya is both Mordred and Iseult for Charles and Gino.
    -Cornelia, Kallen, the Order, the other Royals, Orange, and the majority of every other character, including Shirley, are more in line to the Chess analogy than the Arthurian.
    -Basically, I'm putting the Royals and KoR as the analogous parallels to Arthurian legends, and everyone else as chess parallels.

    Simply, continuing the point, recently we had Kallen meet with Nunally. Which, in some ways, ties the two parallels together. Which, I think, is a fair assumption as we are nearing the end of the story and plot lines have to start converging. In the Chess analogy Kallen is Lelouch Queen and Knight, where Nunally is Lelouch's Queen in the Arthurian legends. Both Queens have, therein, collected, which, if anything, is symbolic of events to come.

    Cornelia's return is the return of the White Queen, as she was the main power in the last season. Schneizel or Charles would likely fall as the White King, with Suzaku and Guilford, as well as the other KoR, falling as the knights. Therein the white queen from Chess, will soon, likely, meet up with Lancelot/Tristan/Mordred.

    Update: I did a little reading on Iseult and Tristan. The story of which you refer, Iseult of Ireland, is based around deceit and Tristan being the true hero. It is definately fitting for Anya, much more so than Kallen, as one is truly being deceived or was deceived, where as Kallen was being deceived but was rescued (ironically) by the one holding the truth, C.C.. I suppose we could say C.C. is Kallen's Tristan. O-o
  7. Var
    2008-07-02 08:20
    I could say something on Anya but it is a spoiler, as such I'll leave it at saying nothing for now. As for her relation to Charles, we've seen her memories concerning Lelouch, Nunally, Charles, and Marianne. I'd say she had some relation to them. Due to the location being the palace, where I doubt anyone but royals goes, Anya could be a sibling of Lelouch's that was erased frome existance, though the way Marianne and the pictures of everyone else are disconnected, with Marianne never appearing in the same image, I'm almost inclined to somehow think she is Marianne. Or some psuedo-incarnation of her. If that comes out true, I could easily see her betraying the Empire and Charles, especially if they've gone down the wrong path.

    As for Gino, I wholeheartedly dislike the idea of Kallen being Iseult. The only reason the supposed pairing is ever being mentioned is that he hit on her, but he's also hit on just about every other girl out there. For him to also steal her from Lelouch following the Iseult analogy would require him to betray Suzaku and the Empire, which I do not see happening. For all we know, the Iseult relation could tie to Milly.

    I suppose I should throw out there that I hate the idea of Kallen being taken away as a bias of mine, since I favor Lelouch and Kallen pairing (and dispise what, at this point, would nearly come off to me as a thrown together pairing). But there are other, likely better, reasons. For one, the Guinevere scenario is equally possible to occur, where again the Queen falls on Kallen. Which, I believe, in a way was represented and debuncked in the first season when Kallen was given a chance to betray/leave Lelouch, twice (and also, that she was not to be taken to Lelouch, but she was taken away from him. He is trying to get her back, which really doesn't fit into any Arthurian legend I know)(He's also promised to be the one to get her back, I do not expect the writers to drop this promise or have someone else deliver it). We also have to take into account that we've been mostly paralleling Lelouch to Gaiwann, but also, we have to note that the parallels are more tied to the KMFs than to the pilots themselves. Guren does not fit in anywhere, which is why I don't think Kallen is even tied to the Arthurian legends. I also do not think Nunally fits in anywhere in there. Last reason? Gino's own heart seems to lie on his friends, specifically Anya, more than anywhere else.

    If we take that aforementioned note, that Gino and Anya have a sort of close relationship. We could likely overlap the Tristan and Mordred parallels into one. If Anya betrays the Empire, she'd fit the Mordred-character, while Gino would be sent to 'retrieve' her or would likely do so himself. Similar to the Tristan and Iseult parallel. She is important to the emperor if not for whatever secrets are hidden within her head, and fits the Tristan tale far better than Kallen.

    I think they are similar but with different concerns. Anya has friends, so to some degree she's already filled that void, while Rolo is only starting to understand people. On the other hand, Rolo's existance has become fixated on his brother, while Anya's has fallen more on regaining her memories or solving the mystery than anything else.

    One thing, that I find a little funny, I think we may be trying to apply too many Arthurian parallels to certain situations.
  8. Var
    2008-07-01 18:46
    Sorry for the delay, I got bogged down at work and the like. I also wanted to take a little time to reflect on the ideas we're throwing around.

    Anya is basically realizing that something is wrong with her memories. Her questioning Lelouch with a picture of him showed us that she has some sort of memory loss or the sort, as she cannot remember many of her pictures. Which also explains why she takes so many of them, it is to keep track of everything and to have some reminder of it.

    The reason I called Charles, Arthur was because he is Lelouch's father. He fits Arthur far better than anyone else, even if his ideals are inverted to the original Arthurian ones. So, I suppose, we agree that he is Arthur by position and proxy, not by actual parallel. As for Mordred, I do not recall him ever turning anyone else. He did introduce doubt and the like, but I do not believe he ever turned any others. This of course, may be limited to only the Arthurian legends I've read.

    On the note of Gino: I do not see him changing sides. In Ep.6 he was shown to be quite ruthless in battle. He fits the social darwinistic nature of his empire quite well, where as Anya is just an emotionless warmachine. Gino was also, if I recall correctly, sumarized as an open minded kind/ignorant 'kid' but very loyal to his Empire. I do not see him turning, but I do see a battle between him and Anya.

    Rolo is a lot like Anya, in fact, I'd say they are the same. Empty shells of humans. I don't see Rolo coming off as the Mordred character because of the simple idea that I believe he's going to die within the near future. Too many death flags have been flying around in his general area. Be it his exhaustion to his Geass, or the fact that he is deathly afraid of either V.V. or Orange.
  9. Var
    2008-06-27 20:13
    I'm hoping for some more revelations to come from CG to continue our analysis of the Arthurian parallels within the show. Though, given recent developments with Anya, do you forsee a true Mordred within the story? There is also the second question of, if so, then who is this the Mordred too? Lelouch is not Arthur, he is more fitting of Gawain. So could it perhaps be to Charles? Forshadowing a betrayal by the KoR to her king.

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