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  1. Nanya01
    2012-06-07 07:25
    I can understand that. I personally don't dislike Fate, but... Yeah... The final straw for me was the 1st movie, where she sucked up a lot of the plot for herself. Come on! The 1st Movie could have shown Yuuno with RH and explaining some stuff with it that we've been curious about.

    Nope, have to show Fate's backstory that's already been explained via sound stages, manga an the anime. =/

    Hmm... *Shrugs* I guess so, but I never read that part in the manga.

    Hoo boy, my plans for ViVid are going to be fun... Just have to figure out how to use them right.
  2. Nanya01
    2012-06-06 22:24
    I wouldn't know anything about Corona matching Einhart, since I basically dropped ViVid due to a combination of delays between chapters (seriously, a MONTH?! COME ON! Not to mention 'sorry, no chapter this month' and translators dropping it left and right), the influx of new characters and the tournament arc. (I don't read Force either, but that's because people have ruined it with their constant bitching)

    So, why don't you like Fate now?

    As for me, well... Sheesh, I just can't enjoy Force, or ViVid and the movie, I TRIED watching it, but I felt urgh, like smashing my head into the wall.

    Dunno WHY that is, either. I LOVED Season 1. You'd think I'd like the movie based on it. =/

    I dunno, maybe I'm just getting old or something. *Sigh*
  3. Nanya01
    2012-06-06 07:03
    "This list shows why applying OC Sue standards to a CC just doesn't work."

    Could you have gotten away with it if you did that in a fic of any sort? Just put that as your base litmus test.

    I know I couldn't have. If I tried that with any character, I'd be accused of making a Mary Sue, straight up.

    And I'm supposed to believe that because Rio's a character in the manga that it's okay?

    Corona's NOT a Sue. She's LESS of a Sue than any of the other characters. One new trick isn't enough for me to call her on it. So she makes Golems, so what? That's all she does, right? Does she build her own devices? Go adult mode? No, she doesn't.

    The biggest problem I'm having with Rio is that all of her abilities were shown at the same time. The INSTANT she went adult mode and did double element with her device activating at a distance, I went "WOAH! WAIT A SECOND! THAT'S BS!"

    As for being friends with Vivio, yeah, that by itself isn't it. NONE of what Rio does, by itself, would be bad.

    Let me repeat myself: NONE of what Rio does, BY ITSELF, makes her a Sue.

    NOTHING about her abilities by themselves makes her a sue.

    Oh, did I forget to mention that her abilities by themselves does NOT make her a sue?

    Yeah, by themselves, it's not a big deal.


    Really, Keroko, take Rio's name away from that and put up "secondary"/"support character" and take Vivio's name away and put "main"/"title character" there.

    Rio's a normal girl... Comparatively to the rest of the cast. I mean, look at the Nanoha cast...
    Clones (Erio, Fate, Vivio)
    Summoners (Lu, Caro)
    Artificial beings
    For comparison sake, yes, Rio *IS* a normal girl. Doesn't mean she can't be special, but still, that chapter when Vivio, Nove, Rio and Corona went to the gym, the only sense we got was that Vivio trained seriously and Rio and Corona were hobbyists.

    Really, most of my dislike for Rio just stems from the fact that it was all "bam, I can do this" so fast. If it was spread out over the chapters, I wouldn't mind at all. But all at once? COME ON!

    Isn't that the biggest gripe people have with Touma? He found Lily and has a Divider now, and with it, anti-magic powers.

    Touma doesn't bother me. Corona's golem abilities don't bother me. Hell, it was the cyborgs themselves that got me interested in the series in the first place.

    But Rio just... Urgh...

    Come on! Fate freaked out when she saw Vivio go adult mode and we're supposed to believe that anyone can do it? Vivio needed Raising Heart and later Sacred Heart to do that and she was shown to be able to go adult mode back in StrikerS.

    It's just... All the things Rio can do, and how fast she showed them off, added together is the problem. (Reminds me too much of a certain OTHER series that I absolutely loathe from the bottom of my heart where they had characters pulling off stuff like this left and right.) It's not that she's doing stuff new that's bothering me, it's that there was no hint as to the whole "dual elements" or "anyone can use adult mode". (Again, there's another certain series where a certain someone pulled off stuff that had been shown before, but NEVER hinted at like what he did.) If she had just said it was just transformation magic instead of "this is based off of what Vivio and Einhart can do"...

    You know the term "the Scrappy" or "The Wesley"? I've seen nearly every Scooby Doo series and I've watched the ENTIRE Star Trek: TNG, and I didn't find Scrappy or Wesley to be nearly as bad as Rio is.
  4. Nanya01
    2012-06-05 17:27
    I've been annoyed by her ever since she pulled off the double element trick awhile ago, Keroko. First of all, having one elemental affinity is rare enough (Chrono couldn't even do it until he got Durandall and finished his training in ice magic). So, having two is really pushing it, ESPECIALLY since there was NO hint, AT ALL, that anyone could use more than one element. Come on, if, say, Hayate had used ice in StrikerS and then was shown creating fire or lightning against the Gadget Drones in mid-air, I could buy that multiple elements would be possible, but it was NEVER brought up before.

    Secondly, let's break Rio down here. 1: She's supposedly a normal girl, she doesn't have extreme amounts of power (or at least, nothing compared to what Vivio should have), 2: unlike Nanoha, she never devoted herself to training all the time, nor does she have an elite tutor until now unlike Fate. 3: Her abilities are unique to her and she's better than Vivio, you know, the main character, in terms of magical ability (if that report card that has her at S and Vivio at A is any indication).

    Really, she *IS* a Mary Sue.

    Unique ability that's super rare
    Stronger than the title character
    Not a villain and pretty well liked
    Apparently doesn't need to train as hard as the others
    Oh, can't forget that she's best friends with Vivio
    Her own adult mode (She specifically states it's an adult mode, not the standard transformation magic)
    A device that activates REMOTELY to let her go into Adult Mode, which, BTW, was never shown in ANY previous season (remote activation that is), oh, and she built it herself.
    And now Super Strength in comparison to others?

    Where's her flaws? So far, she's got none and was only taken out in the team battle when she got hit by a giant rocket punch.

    Oh, can't forget that she tore that golem apart before getting walloped. At the very least, that makes her super strength not seem *SO* far out of the blue, but it's still pretty bad.

    Now then, each of those things alone doesn't make a sue. It's when it's put all together in one package that it goes quickly into sue territory. Not to mention that most of that happened at once.

    Compare to anyone else in previous seasons, they all had to work their butts off (save for Hayate, but she's a special case) to get as strong as they did. Rio just... Shows up and is that capable? No hint on how much she trains, but she has all those abilities and no hint to it before?
  5. Nanya01
    2012-06-05 14:54
    What's this about Rio trying to become even worse as a character?
  6. Nanya01
  7. Nanya01
    2012-06-04 09:42
    Vivio x Hayate, oh come on, make it an interesting crack ship...

    Like your Nanoha/Vita preference...

    Or that Jail/Nanoha fic idea you were talking about at one point.

    Actually, I'd want to see the last one, just because it's *SO* cracky!
  8. Nanya01
    2012-05-07 15:31
    It's mostly up on FF.Net, so it's not like you have to dig far.

    Besides, it's been mostly me posting for the past 150+ pages.
  9. Nanya01
    2012-05-07 13:13
    So, I know you probably stopped reading my fic, but I'm currently covering the events of Sound Stage X.
  10. Keroko
    2012-04-19 16:08
    I noticed. Such a rare find I spend half the doujin thinking "why'd this artist draw Subaru so angry?" before it clicked.

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