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  1. Kagerou
    2011-07-02 09:43
    I like a series that has the word Railgun in its title

    I've seen some youtube vids of Madoka and honestly... it doesn't look that appealing. My hardest thing right now is that I'm tired of series with too much fanservice or too many moe-moe characters. I've went back and watched my old Gundam VHS (!) tapes just to get away from it lol.

    I'll try to look those up though, thanks
  2. Kagerou
    2011-06-27 03:43
    Anything interesting coming out? I've been out of touch with the anime community since before the Gurren Movie came out (although I've been keeping track of Evangelion/Rebuild).
  3. Kagerou
    2011-06-27 02:56
    yeah i've been stalking my friends list and it looks like... hidan no aria? ... is the new fun thing. I know nothing about it D: .

    But whatever. I miss all youse. I've been without internet for a looong time D:
  4. Kagerou
    2011-06-27 02:50
    I missssed youuuuuuuuu~~~~~~
    Wow that sounds gay.. because I've ever cared before.

    So what have you been up to?
  5. Kagerou
    2011-06-27 00:28

  6. Nanya01
    2011-06-14 12:04
    Now all we need is Hayate with a camera and stars in her eyes going "fufufufufufufufu". XD
  7. Nanya01
    2011-06-14 11:56
    And, no, I wasn't being snotty, I was just confused, I found it while using リリカルな as a tag, and since that gets me Nanoha pics, I just assumed that it was Signum.

    Sides, those breasts make her look like Signum.

    And, you know Hayate would dress Signum up like that if she could get away with it. XD
  8. Kyral
    2011-06-10 14:24
    Nice and I see your taste in character pictures is as great as ever.

    I follow the manga of Zettai Karen Children. Sadly the anime never went as far, I personally think it became a lot better as soon they made the timeskip and the girls went to middleschool (also, Kaoru with longer hair is hot Oo).

    Well the last OCs I made was for (surprise) Infinite Stratos. After that I had the idea of joining Kha with Dog Days but I restraint myself, simply wanted to finish something again and Elric still is one of my most favourite OCs I have (no surprise really, seeing how much work I invested into him and the support I got from all the others).

    So pretty much everything besides Memories of Blood & Sorrow is on hiatus for now. And when I manage to get my lazy ass up, I'm confident that it can be awesome again!

    And I remember your little fic featuring Keroko, Kha and Elric. I really liked that. #

    BTW: Where is this chibi doragon Keroko avatar from?
  9. Kyral
    2011-06-10 11:46
    Sorry for random bitching, but damn!
    I must be like one of the friggn' most lazy people of the world.
    Thought I use some of my vacation days for writing... and after half of my vacation days are over I finaly sit down and write 3 pages in one day!
    I mean wth... i would have finished my story a year ago if I would actually DO something! >.<

    So thanks for your time. How are you these days?
  10. Nanya01
    2011-05-23 14:29
    Not to mention the whole "Worfenritter" thing. UGH!

    Hmm... *Thinks*

    Makes me come up with a ficlet... *Smirks*

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