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  1. Nanya01
    2011-05-23 14:14
    Yes, well, good for you.

    Me? I just tired of it.

    "We get it! You don't like it, stop bitching about it."

    Ugh... And people wonder why I'm bitter so often. =/
  2. Nanya01
    2011-05-23 12:57
    *Sees conversation about Force*


    *Looks at said conversation*


    This is why I stopped looking at the Force thread (not to mention ViVid)

    I like both, but I'm tired of the bitching, so, I stopped caring about them until they're posted to Mangafox.
  3. Rising Dragon
    2011-05-17 01:39
    Rising Dragon
    Or about the AEC Armaments. One or the other. Either way, I'm tired of it. Isn't there anything better to talk about in the Force thread?
  4. Rising Dragon
    2011-05-16 23:47
    Rising Dragon
    I am getting so sick of the constant bitching in the Force thread. It's like Akiyoshi and Justin have nothing else better to do.

    Hell, at this point I'm convinced they're bitching just for the sake of it.
  5. Nanya01
    2011-05-12 17:24
    Same here. Or at least an over-priced OVA.
  6. Nanya01
    2011-05-12 17:02
    Heh heh ha!

    You know, in a way, I'm glad Force is happening the way it is...

    It gets rid of the fair-weather fans and lets the more real fans stay true to the series.


    I really, REALLY wish that 7Arcs would have done some OVAs set between A's and StrikerS...

    The Wolkenritter...

    Fate saving children...

    Nanoha's injury...

    Yuuno in the library (since they stuffed him there anyway). Even a shorter, 15 minute one would go a long way for that.

    Some OVAs showing Lutecia and Zest as they traveled...

    Zest's past...

    The Numbers...

    Any of those would have been better than what they did do.
  7. Nanya01
    2011-05-12 16:48
    I can't rep you, I sad now.

    BTW, you should TOTALLY keep any Huck fan art you find and wait for someone to bitch about Force in the image thread, then quote them and post a pic of the Hucks there.

    Also, that motivational poster I put up?

    You inspired the quote. ^_^
  8. Nanya01
    2011-04-28 10:41
    Ah, okay.
  9. Rising Dragon
    2011-04-28 03:23
    Rising Dragon
    I can't really say for certain, not knowing German at all myself, but I imagine it's easy to look up. Apparently the case for it sounding like "Windelschaft" in StrikerS is the same reason why Stern is pronounced "Shuteru" in Gears of Destiny.
  10. Nanya01
    2011-04-28 00:59
    You changed your avatar.

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