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  1. Keroko
    2009-06-25 02:56
    I did, but I'm still worming my way through Cadia backlog. There's a lotta material, and getting through it all is quite daunting.
  2. Tempy
    2009-06-25 02:10

    Didja get my message?
  3. Keroko
    2009-06-24 15:34
    Technically, she's Keroko, my 'anime avatar' and OC. This avy and sig though are slightly modified images, the original character they are based on is Natsume Rin from Little Busters.
  4. KimmyChan
    2009-06-24 10:32
    Hi there! I love your avatar & banner set! Who is she & which anime is she from?
  5. Fate21
    2009-06-20 11:54
    Me : How do i get some harem friends? Just kidding lol
    Keroko : It's not my businness (becos i already had it and it's 46 harem friends said Keroko mentally)

    Is it funny?
  6. Fate21
    2009-06-19 04:20
    Can we befriend? *with chibi Keroko's voice (don't get mad )
  7. Keroko
    2009-06-02 07:07
    "Have you seen the The Old Republic cinematic trailer?"

    Is grass green? :3

    Yes, yes I have. Currently contemplating giving Syn a lightsaber
  8. Kyral
    2009-06-02 06:46
    Have you seen the The Old Republic cinematic trailer?
    Must say it was pretty aweseome. Man, I'm glad I'm still a big Star Wars fan! ^-^

    EDIT: Ok, this question is totaly redundent now. xD
  9. Keroko
    2009-05-23 14:18
    Well, as I said before, I have nothing against NanoFate. The only reason the two of us but heads is because I don't have anything against the possibility of NanoFate not being canon either, so when a canon source bubbles up that raises a possibility of them not being so, I don't dismiss them.

    And vice-versa, when a canon source pops up that shows them being together I'll post it just the same.

    I guess the fact that you are actually surprised at me posting something Nanofate is why you see me steer away from any debate regarding their relationship recently. Even though I repeatedly say that I have nothing against NanoFate, just because I lock horns with you regarding the matter of it's actual canonicity it seems I'm labeled as some sort of anti-Nanofate boogieman.
  10. BPHaru
    2009-05-23 14:12
    Thanks a lot for sharing that image from the manga at the Image thread!

    Seeing something like that in the manga was supposed to make me very happy... but I think I'm more happy this time about how people is taking it. Specially you, that surprised me.

    I really appreciate that you did this, somehow it meant a lot to me and made me happy. Thank you.

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