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  1. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-11-15 16:48
    Vivio Testarossa
    What's the name of the spell where Fate shoots the yellow "balls" at an enemy? (MBA S+A)
  2. Keroko
    2008-11-12 14:50
    Well, the idea as it stands is rather silly. Jail wouldn't just go up and dress in a battlesuit and dish out some melee. It would have helped greatly if you had posted your background ideas rather then just tell us 'trust me, I'll make this work' (you never did post how Jail got in that suit, or where and why Caro learned melee)

    We could even help you with the idea. I mean, I don't really like the marvel-esque villains in your stories, but I'm willing to help getting a plot going.
  3. Evil Rick
    2008-11-12 14:35
    Evil Rick
    I have no probles with you Kerorko, I think that I have never had a bad discution with you

    I just posted that character to have fun, because that is the meant of these threads, have fun, laugh, enjoy the moment

    I don't know why but Comartemis took it as something personal, he said it was stupid, and although I tried to explain him in a nice, friendly way, how I wanted to work this, he just keeped saing that it was stupid, and recently, trough a ptivate conversation, he said that my draws and works were nothing more but Shit, yes, as you readed, he said that they were shit

    At the contrarie, you asked me how I wanted to work it, and I replied to you well, and in a nice way, so this is not against you
  4. Keroko
    2008-11-11 16:54
    It's just looking for a few images, nothing really special planned with them. Thanks for the link, Vivio.
  5. Tempy
    2008-11-11 16:00
    Well, it's a party in here. How's that wolf tengu coming?
    I also hear an echo.
  6. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-11-11 15:40
    Vivio Testarossa
    @Keroko I just checked gelbooru, they have 621 images for this character... search inubashiri_momiji.
  7. Kagerou
    2008-11-10 19:03
    Hey hey :3
    I need something from youu~
    You made a shop of Vivio redone into Keroko at one point; it was an image that angel had drawn of Vivio with her hair down, and I distinctly recall you shopping it into badass!Keroko. If I could have it that would be the awesome.
  8. Keroko
    2008-11-10 17:27
    Thanks AX, that'll set me going for images.
  9. NorthernFallout
    2008-11-10 17:16
    Keroko, new info has just jumped in my face. According to Sheba, it's Momiji Inubashiria, a wolf tengu, from Touhou.
  10. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-11-08 14:49
    Vivio Testarossa
    @Saharet/AtomicoX Are you sure it isn't Reinforce I from A's, from the side view I kinda looks like her. Maybe the whole picture might help identify this char. Also, did you try asking on 4chan

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