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  1. Kha
    2008-10-27 07:07
    Not as if the SWverse is immune to that; I've had to completely revamp what I was running on, and I'm still afraid the latest revision might get flamed.

    And I'm starting to think I can tell your moods by looking at your avatar! STOP CHANGING THEM TO MATCH THE POSTS!!!
  2. Keroko
    2008-10-22 04:15
    Hmyeah, I know, I've spoken to multiple members who don't go to OC because they have no desire to sit in the middle of a flamewar. Tk's bluntness was nice in the beginning, but it rubbed off on some members the wrong way, ever since the term 'h4xxbusting' was introduced it became synonimous to 'flaming the crap out of members'
  3. Liingo
    2008-10-21 04:54
    Replying here, since it's related to N-OC.

    While it's true that the thread isn't as friendly (for lack of a better word) to crack, I wouldn't go so far to say that every piece get's bombed. More importantly at the moment is

    1) The lack of activity (half due to our busy members, but also due to the point below)
    2) The attitude of certain members of the thread which spoiled for the fun for a lot of us which has been simmering for the past few months, evidenced by the sporadic shit storms that have raged in the thread itself.

    As TK said in his in post in the Witches thread, most of the crack discussion has moved into IRC, which has had an effect on the activity of the thread itself, which depending on the individual could be good or bad. Leaning towards good in my case.

    Can't really say much about the FF thread, since I haven't really skimmed the thread since they were reincarnated.

    -Need to head off now, but that's more or less my thoughts on the issue. Acttually, looking back over it, I didn't really touch the crack issue. Will get back to this when I find the time.

  4. vitaminc
    2008-10-12 19:37
    I can provide you volumes 1-12and onward of Kaleid Liner scans (Quality varies; some are good, others not so much). But your still gonna need a translator.
  5. Kyral
    2008-10-04 14:29
    "buraushuteruma"!? Oo

    Err... could you please tell me where you got that from? maybe if I know the circumstances when this was used I may help you more.

    I agree that burau is blau.
    Shuteruma. hm... what could that be? Maybe "Stürmer" (stormer)?

  6. Keroko
    2008-10-03 07:42
    It's a start, but your rite of passage is not yet complete, young apprentice. Acceptance of the kemonomimi shall come in time.
  7. Kha
    2008-10-02 21:29
    [Keroko]*pokes Kha* join us in the Strike Witches madness, you know you want to. :3[/Keroko]

    *pokes back with this post* >=3
  8. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-09-02 13:59
    Vivio Testarossa
    Thanks for accepting my friend request, Keroko!
  9. Keroko
    2008-09-01 04:14
    Yes she is. I figured it is a fitting image, concidering both of us share the same name.
  10. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-09-01 03:20
    Vivio Testarossa
    I am not sure, what I was thinking lol.

    Isn't the Lt. Leen from Grandia (PSX), on your profile picture?

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