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  1. bhl88
    2013-03-14 16:50
    Lol the thread would end up being another Vivid thread (abandoned).
  2. bhl88
    2013-03-13 19:45
    One can fund all of what Nanya said and see what happens to Nanoha without Nanoha (and Hayate).
  3. Nanya01
    2013-03-13 19:20
    Well, I suppose you could say that, I'm just pointing it out.

    But anyway, without those five characters the whole story falls apart immensely.
  4. Nanya01
    2013-03-13 18:20
    Keroko, this is my reasonings towards why Hayate's the most important character in Nanoha.

    That being said, I think I should change Jail and Graham around on this list...

    5 most important Nanoha characters in reverse order...

    5: Jail
    4: Graham
    3: Yuuno
    2: Nanoha
    1: Hayate

    Say what you want, but without Jail, we'd have no Subaru, Ginga, Erio, Numbers or Fate. Without Fate we have no Arf. Not to mention that if not for him then we wouldn't have had Zest or Lutecia's importance to StrikerS. Also, Vivio wouldn't have been cloned if not for Jail, and there kills off ViVid, and, without Subaru, there goes Force. Not to mention his role in SSX revealing Ixpellia and the guy who was using her (before his death).

    Graham? Well, without him, Hayate couldn't support herself in A's, and in fact, we'd have to re-write the WHOLE plot of A's if he's not around. Not to mention Chrono wouldn't have gotten the training he did without Graham.

    Yuuno? Take him out and there's no Jewel Seeds, Nanoha toils in obscurity and the Infinity Library has no one to run it, plus they wouldn't have found out about the Book of Darkness like they did.

    If Nanoha didn't get RH and magic, well, Fate, Yuuno and Hayate would have all been crushed by the darkness surrounding them (Yuuno from the Jewel Seeds, Fate from her mother and Hayate from the book of Darkness). Plus, well, Subaru would have died in the airport fire.

    As for Hayate, well, let's say without her, well... The Wolkenritter likely would have gotten a normal (for them) master instead of one who is super kind like she was. Thus they would have been active sooner and far less likely to hold back in A's, thus, Nanoha, Fate, Yuuno, Arf and Precia are likely drained and dead from the Wolkenritter's attack, and that creates a VERY bad future throughout the series.

    Fate... Sadly, Fate doesn't have much of an impact on the plot over-all. She might be the most popular, but she didn't have as much of an impact on the plot as others did. Sure, she saved Erio and Caro, but... That's kind of it. (Granted, if she hadn't, then Lutecia wouldn't have been saved, but...)

    Heck, Precia's contributions to the plot are bigger than Fate's, but even then, Jail is far more important.

    Those five characters, if you remove them, replace them with a generic character that may or may not act the same way... Well...

    The whole plot changes/falls apart without those five.

    And, I like Fate, but if you look at her contributions, she didn't add much to the story over-all.
  5. Nanya01
    2013-03-13 16:22
    Know what the interesting thing about Hayate is?

    She's the most important character in the Nanoha franchise.
  6. Nanya01
    2013-03-05 20:17
    Well, it is a nice body pillow of Signum. So, enjoy.
  7. Nanya01
    2013-03-05 20:06
    No, I don't think it's going to stop you, just pointing out my opinion.

    Do you want a pillow?
  8. Nanya01
    2013-03-05 19:45
    I think Sansker's a lost cause, honestly. =/

    Even Aki has some promise to him at times.
  9. Sansker
    2013-03-05 18:26
    But everything is soo weak. When we already have a story that can lead us to other battler why the need to introduce this arc that is just flashy and really serve no purpose? I mean I like a good simple fight scene but at least character should have a reason to win or a dynamic relationship that keeps things going. But ViVid lacks those elements. Is really just “Hi, I’m this person. You want to fight” and the others just say “yes”. All this action reminds me too much of Star Ward prequels on that sense that the best thing I can say about it is that looks good and it has lot of things exploding but I can’t say why or why this is important.

    And what flashbacks you mean? The ones from the cast we didn’t bother to give back story or characterization up until the tournament? Why not just make their introduction serve a larger purpose and talk about this or have a plot that really adds up by this revelations. You see my biggest problem is not that ViVid is a light manga, but that is a boring manga. Nothing really matters, all battles are for fun and characters act without passion. I can’t feel their emotions or get behind why they care so much. All of the sudden they become emotionally invested in situations that the other time around were not that important and the transition to friendly tournament to “important fight” really lost me when there is not arc, story or antagonism worth mentioning.

    Also, what character growth are we talking here? They already wanted to be best and that is why they enter the tournament. Vivio herself knew she might lose but she wanted to see how much she could do. At no point do we see her as confident because she also lacks talent even when she is a genetic perfect copy of the best fighter in history. And Project Fate, that Jail say he use to create Vivio, also brings memories and knowledge. But Vivio doesn’t have that, none of these elements so really when she loses she doesn’t even take this as a chance to be better, she just get over it and decides to go and help Einhart. A character growing should be about the character learning something he or she doesn’t know and changing because of that, becoming wiser and maybe even realizing something about themselves. But Vivio, Corona and Rio lose and they are just the same. But they feel a little bad they lose. That is all.

    Now Einhart might seem to be going through some change but why we wait so long to do this and why isn’t Vivio the one helping her? Overall Einhart and her actions never bring anything in to Vivio when they actually should. Maybe Vivio feeling other might expect her to be Olive and she dealing with the fact she is a clone of a great person but she herself doesn’t know what to do. Instead we get this, which can’t even be consider a light take on a story but more as a series of events with no real goal or purpose beyond showing cute things hitting each other.
  10. Sansker
    2013-03-05 17:57
    I see. However you seem able to see the biggest flaws on the series and yet you defend its execution in areas you should not. You say you like the Belka stuff which was actually down play in favor of the tournament that really has nothing to do with what is going to happen now. That is the entire cast going to the library to read books and learn more about Einhart and Vivio’s past. With the inclusion of Sieg Jeremiah now. Aside from adding a new element that falls as completely unnecessary we are really back to where we start.

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