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  1. Nanya01
    2013-02-24 12:34
    Is it Quinn or Lolo who's Not!Vita?

    Cuz Lolo has boobs and Quinn's flat as a board.
  2. Sansker
    2013-02-22 11:27
    I was going with fun. Sorry, eat my words there.
  3. Akiyoshi
    2013-02-22 02:45
    You must admit that's quite impressive a way xDU
  4. Sansker
    2013-02-21 21:56
    I don’t know you but I am having a lot of in in the theory thread for Nanoha. Really I think we might see the same problems but we react different to them. But thinking on that also makes me realize that our “normal” discussion can fall in the realms of “Make understand with your fists” and that alone ruins everything. Look what just happen in the other thread.
  5. Nanya01
    2013-02-21 09:38
    You know...

    I'm looking at an AMV that shows the type-4 Gadget Drones running forward...

    And I can't help but think...

    "They just want a hug."

  6. Nanya01
    2013-02-19 19:58
    Yes. Besides, it would be nice to see some more activity in the FFT.
  7. Nanya01
    2013-02-19 19:46
    Seriously, I'd LOVE to see that fic where Suzuka is volley-ball spiking everything.
  8. Sansker
    2013-02-19 19:31
    But in the end everything is kind of subjective and that is how I see things. With Nanoha I am like this because I am a fan of the series even when I realize is far from perfect. In the end me not caring about Graham comes because his few scenes and passive nature even when he is talking about his motives he is way too passive and doesn’t seem actually emotional invested. With Fate I can see her caring, denying herself food and rest to sever her mother, being hit by that same mother and yet talking about making her happy. Yes she is not screaming but her actions talk how much she cares or you can see them as poorly reactions, that is possible as well and there is when it comes down interpretation.

    But again, base on a fact to deliver an opinion. I can’t talk about what I don’t see that is why I don’t talk in the Innocent thread. I don’t read the manga, and I didn’t like the first chapter so I am not going to start reading it. Maybe one day I will. But beyond the point. In the end you also voice why you did care about Miura and base that in your arguments and interpretation about the facts.

    I am not saying I am always right or that my point of view is the one and only but we need to see this as just different points of views and really not try to correct as much as share. Just to keep this fun, because I am all in to debates with a friendly nature. Which we kind of lose fast here. Like we did with the whole Belka/Mid-Childa magic thing. For example, be honest with me, how can we really debate when we jump in with the assumption the other is some kind of idiot?
  9. Sansker
    2013-02-19 18:45
    Well yes, English is not my fist language and I use some words instead of using others but I tend to stay behind what I say. I am not the best person to put my ideas in order I will agree and is kind of odd to tell what I am looking for but that s because I like to criticize things. And I tend to take it a little too far. But if I am to be consider such a bad person at least that is not because we can’t understand right what I am saying.

    Maybe I use the wrong words. You see I tend to analyze things in two ways: 1, did that entertain me? 2, was it good? So really when I was not entertain from what I saw and I enter to see why is when things come down to my personal opinion maybe taking a bit from my more objective nature. But in the sane note can happen the other way around and nobody is really immune to this. I notice some in you when you talk about Miura who you like, and I am sure you will notice if I talk about Nanoha or Fate who I like.

    So really when I say something is bad it doesn’t always mean I hate it. With the Numbers I never express it right, I admit this: I just don’t care about them. And the anime never give me a reason to care because I never found them deep, interesting or even entertaining. Nove was the one in ViVid who kind of had a reason to be there and you could see some of her no spoken development. It was the only one that seems to knew and care about her past with Vivio and try to make up for it while the rest seems to just forget about it and act like it never happen. I could see Nove taking care of Vivio to repair her mistakes and I like that, a little, because I realize that could be just me.

    Even I can see some good in ViVid I just feel it doesn’t matter in the long run and this doesn’t make the rest good enough for me to like it as I liked A’s and the first season.
  10. Sansker
    2013-02-19 18:27
    Because you just get a little personal on this matter. I said Miura is terrible because I was angry at her for beating up Vivio and really for the reasons I already told you not being that “great” to begging with. Like you love her I don’t so we both tend to get passion about it and agree with me it also has to do with we both just not willing to stay down on something we thing we can add and have something to say.

    In the end what is “factually bad” but the interpretation you give to the facts? And I know when I can see something being a good writing move without me liking it, as you do with Fate, but I just happen to see this as bad executed, bad written and overall bad. Now this in an example to try to get you in how I see things, we already talked about Miura so please keep focus here.

    I change my dislikes? No, I just say when something doesn’t work for me. For example I like physical comedy but I can tell you I will not like to see someone slipping on a banana skin with clumsy music while Nanoha and Vivio talk about their mother/daughter feelings. So in that note what is good in other parts is not good by default. And really is hard to argue at times when I have to deal with being intellectually inferior for thinking different.

    Will you prefer if I just say I dislike everything and never explain why? That will be me just trolling. I am trying to give reasons and you to follow my ideas. But I am not ignoring yours and I get your point I just want to be consider as well and maybe even just glance over my side so we can understand even if we can’t agree. Like the Graham thing. Now I know it seems like we just shout at each other but at the very least we can all just bring different ideas. The debate is better when we all think different, right?

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