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  1. Narona
    2008-09-19 22:23
    I've fallen asleep on my laptop :/ >o<

    If nothing at all happens, yes. The sad fact is that official artwork does not make things any more or less likely to happen, but it definitely appeals to fans and their tastes, which makes it a huge tease...a cruel one, possibly, but that won't change the result. In the meanwhile, all that artwork is open to interpretation until the show itself tells us what it amounts to (nothing, a little or a lot).

    Nah, they are just evil. I will not forgive them, NEVER

    We still don't know all about the Zero Requiem, but it showed that Lelouch has his doubts and had to confirm his resolution to carry on.

    Well, he had some doubts because of nunnaly, but after what he said in the bedroom to c.c. I don't see him changing his mind. And we know that the Zero Requiem will start in 25.

    I definitely liked that it re-established C.C.'s character since she had lost focus...she is his closest confidant, and you can take it as subtly romantic without being blatant, since it hinted at her inner conflict and showed she does care about Lelouch at this point. I suppose you could say she is making up her mind about him there, after what Suzaku said about being Lelouch's "accomplice" and "shield".

    I posted something about that in the c.c. thread, you should check it.

    In short, I think this scene was good and necessary, to make whatever happens next, whether it's romance or sacrifice or both (tragically or happily), have some meaning. Without it, the jump would be too sudden, so I liked that it re-created an emotional connection.

    mmmmh.... I already gave up at 99% about CxL, so I can't be disappointed about that I just want her to stay alive :O So, no sacrifice, please, no >o<

    Sorry if that sounds a little...weird, but I hope my point go across.

    Which part was supposed to sound weird?

    Well, I'm going to sleep now. And I hurt myself by sleeping on my laptop >o<
  2. Narona
    2008-09-19 20:20

    Sorry for the (very) late reply.

    It is in fact a beautiful OST cover, now that I've seen a bigger version of it.

    As I said it to some people, they are cruel. So much CxL artwork while it seems that nothing will happen between those two. That's utterly cruel ... I almost hate them and also taniguchi who didn't complain about it

    Anyways, what are your thoughts about the Turn 23 and also about the scene between lelouch and c.c.?
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-19 08:41
    Dann of Thursday
    I wouldn't mind the second ending since I always liked that one, but it is very unlikely.

    Yes, that is what I mean. The way this show is doesn't seem to really be the best kind to do a multiple romance interest plot since there are so many other things going on that it is hard to actually develop a good romance story, though at this point the only person in the show who can end up with Lelouch is Kallen which is clear to every single person watching this show. Shirley indeed seemed the most clear, but I would be very annoyed if they strung us along when it turns out they had no chance. As I said before, Kallen's scene in 22 was more suggestive towards an ending such as that than anything else. Him keeping silent fits with all his talk about lies and such which proves that he didn't say anything because he loves her. C.C. isn't much to him at all beyond a friend maybe, but he certainly could never possibly love her. How could C.C. ever hope to compete with Kallen? It's unthinkable. He is pushing Kallen away because he treasures her very much.And besides, C.C. would eventually lose Lelouch because of immortality. Narona's opinion is that Okouchi may have originally been intending C.C. to be the one to end up with with Lelouch, hence the scenes with them. Then they changed their minds for whatever reason, made that comment on there being no romance, and pursued Kallen for whatever reason in R2.

    C.C. is going to die though. She has to die for the sake of LXK. She'll be on the Damocles when it is destroyed and that will be when she finally dies to the joy of most of the people here.

    I worry then about what exactly it entails though since the likely ending would be to have Lelouch and Suzaku not live through it in the end and it seems like things can go very bad. I guess I dislike having that one unknown gap there and little to no info to go off on though at least the show has one thing we don't know for sure. I'd say there is little chance it won't be dismissed at this point and I would be incredibly surprised if it didn't happen at this point. Lelouch may be alright, but C.C. would be doomed for sure especially if LXK happened.

    What would an ending like that even be like? Everyone dying and being miserable or something? I don't know about bittersweet though I am sure some people will die to make it so.

    Disappoint me? No, I was truly happy to have been wrong about all that. It's not really that open of an issue given the death flags and everything else along with that if LXK happens, C.C. would have to die in the end.

    One good thing would happen, but C.C.'s type of character only has fleeting moments of happiness that eventually end badly, which is what will happen here. Okouchi used the past tense when saying that the happiest times of C.C.'s life were those with Lelouch, which means they are over and not coming back. I suppose they could have her become mortal and continue living, though I don't know what she would do with Lelouch being with Kallen and all. And I doubt we'll have anything but a rushed epilogue. They might even decide to drop several characters and just focus on main ones entirely.

    Yes, and I worry about that to some degree since I think it will completely confirm my idea that C.C.'s scenes were mainly just fanservice for the fans and nothing else. Unless they want to make her like that girl in s-CRY-ed who gives her life for Lelouch because of love, which is likely what is going to happen. I suppose the whole slave thing was developed before, but I suppose those other bits were left pretty open and unexplained. Those situations would have been likely, but I guess it really doesn't matter.

    Yeah, an ending like that would be very bad and even has a chance to happen.

    She does seem the most likely though that situation can easily lead to her dying and likely would, but someone else could be just as likely. Yeah, that was what I meant about it being a good ending since some people would likely know or suspect he was still out there. Death could happen, but I would be surprised. Yes, I mean those previews. Nunnally talked in one about how she wishes C.C. were there because she feels she could talk with her about what was going on with everything and her brother. I doubt they will be re-visited and several plotlines may have been dropped entirely like Kallen's mom.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-18 23:01
    Dann of Thursday
    I would be very surprised if they used either of those themes since they are from the first season, but I admit I would prefer them to the other songs.

    Yes, but why did they even have to have multiple girls? What purpose does it actually serve in a show like this? And I sometimes wonder if Shirley was in actuality the only possible pairing option for Lelouch and her death means he will never end up with anyone else which makes all this speculation a complete waste of time. I doubt they will ever head in a direction that could hint to LXC happening to any degree.

    What is bigger than Schneizal though? Isn't he the biggest and only real threat at the moment? I'd say it pretty much ends things for LXC which has been evident for a while. I'm sure Kallen will likely be happy in the end.

    I suppose we should do that since it is always possible, but I would be surprised if Lelouch got a really bad ending.

    I guess, but I pretty much always expect to be disappointed and it hasn't failed so far. Well, I was surprised that C.C. was actually shown to care about Lelouch and vice versa. The end felt a little bad to me though since she seemed to be mortal I felt that her chances of living were much higher. Eh, I guess. I expect I will be disappointed though.

    I suppose, but I am quite sure something bad is going to occur with C.C. since nothing good ever seems to happen for her for very long. I honestly don't expect the confrontation with Nunnally to be delved into until 25.

    I see. I guess that could be the case in any of those scenarios though we may never know except maybe through commentary. The story they came up with for her does fit rather well from what I can see and they did hint to the nun back in episode 10 of R1. I honestly find the whole new viewers thing to be rather silly and wish they had not done that. I think Lelouch would not have gone back at least to the school.

    I guess anything helps in the end. It may depend on what each person's view of what would be a screwed up ending would be.

    C.C. seems appropriate to me since he did the same for her after all though Nunnally could also work. I still think a good ending could be made out of the world believing him to be dead. I think him actually dying would be a bit too sad for him. I didn't mean much time, just some short scene with the two of them could work well enough. It wasn't really delved into much, but one of the alternate previews seemed to indicate that Nunnally thought of C.C. as someone she could rely and confide in. Eh, I don't know.
  5. Ring
    2008-09-18 19:02
    Yeah, but they might go for the cliffhanger route to keep the suspense up for what Lelouch's and Suzaku's promise is and the Zero Requiem. Then we have to wait another week.

    I see what you mean. He did stop himself from refraining her and apologized, but how much of that changed since the FLEIJA destruction on Tokyo. Maybe it's a bit on the hopeful side, but if Nunnally manages to escape and if Suzaku immobolizes Kallen, you could view that the same as them no longer being 'weaknesses' to the plan. If the battle lives up the hype, perhaps this is where they will have their mechs go at 100% capability.


    A last resort for something like this is more possible, but maybe the Ganymede in the OP was to show that this is the same weapon that she made in R1, and only the weapon will be used rather than than the Ganymede itself.

    Hahah, if his good luck applies to the main cast, I agree with the applause.

    I agree with that scenario. If he travels on foot, he should encounter guards on the way. I suppose he'll just Geass them to all die like he did in the early episodes when he went to get Nunnally.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-18 16:45
    Dann of Thursday
    Something would be good I guess. I could see a montage of the main cast with some ending thing that would feature Lelouch and perhaps some other people.

    Yes, she did. Of course, she seemed to figure out that he wasn't actually in love with her yet which I found interesting for some reason that she would say that. I suppose that could work, but it still doesn't make me feel very confident. Which scene? The one with Lelouch and C.C.? I wasn't expecting anything close to that at all.

    I suppose that is true. I'm curious as to whether the Requiem's goal is to get rid of Schneizal or if it is something else and much bigger. And yes, that would make sense if she at least was able to understand something like that, but I worry what the circumstances of her realizing that would be.

    They seem to take it way too literally like it is some fact that cannot be denied. And Okouchi said that Lelouch seems to get a pretty good ending so I think it is clear that he isn't going to end up miserable and alone.

    I tend to have problems connecting for a long amount of time and the stream actually makes me more anxious for some reason. The tension is getting to me as well since we are at this point, but I think I can hold out a bit more. Reading will help. No, the whole nature of the episode itself. C.C. living, the whole real wish, Lelouch's reaction, and the memory loss surprised me. It depends on how 24 goes so we may be able to estimate what may happen in 25 since 25 is the most mysterious episode right now. Yeah, I guess. Watching movies always helps me as well.

    Yeah, I could easily see that as well which makes me very nervous since that is a sure sign of death or some tragedy. Any other point is something I don't know. Yeah, that whole thing definitely needs closure. I'm sure we will get some sort of ending to it.

    Yeah, she may have been away for a while until she eventually reappeared, but who knows what that would have done to the plot. I wonder if C.C.'s wish and such were not entirely changed as well. I agree that the whole thing was pointless and I think the double life thing should have been dropped way before. I noticed that Kawaguchi strongly liked it though which makes me wonder.

    I see. I noticed some things here and there, but nothing too big. I don't think we have much too worry about though in concerns to animation quality. Story and characters though, I don't know.

    I think he would want to do something like that. I fear it does involve his actual death though since it seems odd for Lelouch to fake his death and I think he feels he needs to die as punishment or something. I really think it would be nice to bring her up and show her with Kallen or else I would have to feel it was pointless to bring it up at all. There were strong hints that Nunnally considered C.C. someone she could trust and talk with, which leads me to think they spent more time together than we actually saw. It probably won't happen though.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-18 07:13
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, I do agree that an ending like that would have been fine if this were not a 50 episode series, but it seems we may be going for something like that in the end. They could always do some montage that shows what the other characters are doing. That could work.

    Well, we've always known his feelings for Nunnally and they seemed to go a bit farther with Shirley than they did with the others. I don't know, it may have been possible before but with 2 episodes left it feels like there wouldn't be time to wrap it up in that sense. I always underestimate C.C. and considering Kallen has had far more development in this area and was a larger focus, it doesn't seem wrong to do so.

    Why can't both occur? Though she does seem to be more concerned with Lelouch's well being than her own. And I think Schneizal could still say it and not be killed at that moment, though I suddenly have some weird thought that the Requiem may not involve Schneizal at all and he will die in 24. Well, him saying like that would work possibly, but it varies with the intentions of all this. I would be surprised for them to spend all this time to have Kallen realize she loves him in 22 to just drop the matter.

    How is it in line with the show's premise? I think some people just want to see a rather bittersweet ending for whatever reason. Indeed, it does not fit with Taniguchi's usual type of ending that tends to make hope a big part of it.

    I would generally just stay up till it came on, but I've gotten tired of doing that. I generally have bad luck getting that stream to connect at all. I understand the view of seeing the results, but for me I can just wait and see others reactions and talk of it to judge whether or not I should be happy. The last time I was extremely surprised was when 15 ended up being the exact opposite of what I thought it would be. I'm going for an end with Lelouch standing before Nunnally in 24, just for the dramatic effect. Ah, I see. I hear about them a lot, but they don't really interest me personally. I haven't been able to read as much because of school work to be honest.

    Alright. I'm sure she would be more than willing to do so considering she is his shield and all that. He could try saving, but given that gum line and the situation he might just let her go. And I would be surprised if Lelouch didn't reconcile with Nunnally and if she died after that fake death.

    Yes, things for those two don't look too good at the moment given the general situations of both, but at least most of them will be all right. It's a nice thought at least to consider in regards to Suzaku. I really have to wonder how that would have changed things like C.C.'s situation with the Gawain. The memory loss was actually a decent idea, but it caused everything to move way too slowly and then there are episodes like 5 that serve barely any purpose at all.

    I've noticed this as well since I recall there being many more back when I was younger. I agree that movies have the highest, though one would expect that. I didn't notice that many fluctuations between the DVD and regular versions myself. Yeah, 24 and 25 should be good at least in terms of quality. They did have a side that was funny I will admit.

    He could always find some way to get her out of there like handing her over to Kallen or C.C. or something of the sort. Why would Lelouch fake his death as part of the plan though? Yeah, I guess which makes it all the more likely to occur in the end. I would have liked to see things like Kallen's mother be shown again and also maybe how C.C. and Nunnally seemed to get along, but it is extremely doubtful.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-17 20:36
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, GxS sort of did that though they really didn't have an epilogue to speak of except for that last bit. I'm honestly not expecting that much.

    Well, I think the reasons for having him not being able to find the words was partly because of the "need" to keep it vague in the romantic department though perhaps Taniguchi simply doesn't want them to end up together and partly because I think Lelouch has honestly never contemplated what she was to him and what it would be like if she wasn't there anymore. If he doesn't end up with anyone, then yes it will be clear of that fact at least. I honestly think that unless they make LXK canon, the large majority of her development would be a complete waste of time given that it was entirely wrapped up in the romantic subplot. So she has to end up with him in some way. This whole subplot of her having all these unresolved feelings that have been developing the entire season and her crying show she has to end up with him. The C.C. scenes are simply Taniguchi giving her fans something before he kills her off.

    I know, but perhaps she still has some doubts about the whole thing and might want to know why he doesn't hate her. It's flimsy, but Kallen saying it makes little to no sense either. Schneizal is a possibility, but that is even if he meets Schneizal in 24. And I doubt they are going to have him say he doesn't love her or something like that.

    It certainly doesn't feel satisfying to have him succumb to it and would leave all the viewers with a bitter taste in their mouths.

    Well, that is the point with me since I tend to wake up at the right time where the episode has finished before. I don't plan to see any good news and I bet it will be exactly what I don't want to hear. I honestly have never bothered with podcasts as they don't interest me at all. I find reading is always an enjoyable activity.

    I suppose, which makes it annoying but it was just a random year. It could be less years if they pull something like that. I think that C.C. will go with the whole thing since it is Lelouch's decision to move forward no matter what, but I agree that she would likely be worried about Lelouch and this will likely lead to her dying in order to save him. I don't know about Nunnally, but it will likely end badly.

    Possibly, but it looks very bad for her. I would be surprised if Ougi and the crew died after that little display. Ray's end would be very appropriate for Suzaku and they could even do a similar bit with Euphemia that I think would be nice, but I'd be surprised if they were that similar. I agree that they didn't have things planned that far ahead, but I do recall that he wanted to start right after the end of season 1. I read the same thing that they came up with several scenarios and chose the best one.

    Yeah, let's hope so.

    OVA and movie quality is the best of course, but you would have to expect something like that. I've seen shows where the animation will suddenly seem like it is on that level, but it doesn't stay for too long. Code Geass has times where it has great quality and times where it isn't so good. I only hope the next two episodes will be of the good kind. The weird columns were weird of course and the CG could have been much better. It still managed to creep me out though.

    Something I noticed though was Lelouch's reaction to Suzaku saying that their objective didn't change despite Nunnally, which seems to suggest to me that it means going forward will likely end in Nunnally's death. This leads me to speculate that in the end it may come down to everyone believing Lelouch and Nunnally to be dead or possibly Lelouch staying behind and being thought dead. This essentially provides one ending which is having Lelouch reunite with Nunnally and Kallen who would be together since that now seems the point of having them become such great friends and because Kallen is the LI he would return to.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-17 15:47
    Dann of Thursday
    Wait, what do you mean? That the entire battle will be concluded in 24? I would think at this point that the battle will continue a bit into 25. If it finishes in 24 though, then I am sure C.C. will be dead or something.

    Yes, for the most part though it did seem to make him care very much about all his friends even after her death which I think showed with all of them. It's a bit annoying that they did that to be honest and I wish they hadn't, though I almost felt there was something in 15 though they still had him not finish what he was saying. Eh, at this point they'll probably take the approach of not having him end with anyone and leaving the issue open for the most point which might drive some insane. If it's left open with all three alive, I can deal with that. Of course, Kallen's scene in 22 and her gum line essentiall create a situation where the only result can be Lelouch admitting he loves her so it is probably already done.

    I suppose that could work, though I will be surprised if he actually does die. The key line for 24 I think could come from C.C. or Kallen. C.C. makes a bit more sense to me than Kallen though. Kallen unfortunately has the ultimate edge since she has matters that need a reply.

    I suppose they might. I don't really like the idea of Lelouch being all alone in isolation since I feel the point of having that whole bit with Geass being something that ends in lonliness being something Lelouch would break in the end. Eh, as long as some people live and the possibility is there it might be all right.

    I'm just going to go to bed early, which will generally lead me to waking up early since I tend to be rather tense. On the other hand, there is a book I will be reading that night so I may just stay up and read the whole time. That always passes the time.

    Yeah, with only the children of those people left. I would expect such a thing to be implied as well, but it could go in a number of ways. C.C. acting on her own could be a good thing since she seems mainly concerned with Lelouch's well being right now and even seemed to suggest he could just stop rather than fight his sister. Eh, we'll see with them all in any case.

    I suppose that would be included though it would depend on what exactly Lelouch's plan is and how everyone else factors into that. Her saving him seems to carry more of a bad thing with it since I generally imagine her dying. What sort of worries me is how her name is going to come up since I can only come up with death scenarios. I wish the time were even less since I want to get this week over with. I don't want any random deaths out of no where at this point though they are certainly possible. I think everyone on the Ikaruga will be okay since they just survived what I would think is the most massive death flag possible. Ray had a nice death with a nice conclusion and I wouldn't even mind something like that being shown with Suzaku and Euphemia. The time slot change seemed to result in Taniguchi and staff scrapping everything they had originally planned out which seriously makes you wonder what they wanted.

    Yeah, I've read the summaries and that series is pretty much about traumatic events happening to very young kids like the 13 year old protagonist. Yeah, I have heard about the grisly and cruel deaths in Ideon. Taniguchi seems a bit more positive so hopefully Lelouch and C.C. along with everyone else will get good treatment.

    No, not that. Eh, I can't remember and probably won't. I'll keep the show in this list I seem to have of shows I should watch at some point. I agree that good budgeted CG can be awesome, but badly done CG is quite bad. Hand drawn feels natural at times, especially when you get high quality animation of that type.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-17 08:00
    Dann of Thursday
    Yes, though I find it interesting that the plan hasn't actually begun until 25. It makes me wonder what the exact details of it all are.

    Yes, I suppose that is true.

    Oh, I see. Well then I would agree with you there. Lelouch generally seemed to show more that he regarded her as a dear friend and I think it was meant to go with that whole promise thing about the fireworks. It was my impression that Lelouch was almost desperately holding onto that promise since it would have had all of them together again and he would be living normally. I think that was part of the reason he was so upset when she was captured. She was an important friend and he wanted her to be there along with Nunnally and all the others again. Kallen's side is essentially romantic in nature though. And I am not going to argue he doesn't care about her because I think that is evident.

    The general vibe I get is that it could mean "reply", but that doesn't make sense. "Requiem" would sort of work though. Or any other word beginning with "Re".

    As was I which sort of worries me since we don't know exactly what the details of their plan is. Well, it might make more sense, but the preview seems to suggest highly that it could come up there and I now am worried more about her survival rate. And I see. I don't think either one really works out, but I would prefer her alive. And several people at the same time could work as well.

    Well, Lelouch does have the point of being the protagonist on his side, but I honestly believe Kallen to be a sure thing for survival. Basically that is it. It seems that every time I watch the stream something bad happens. And it's an hour later for you, which is worse. I hate staying up or getting up at that hour. Just an example though, I didn't mean any insult to anyone.

    I think so, though it would have to depend on what the nature of the whole thing was. I wouldn't want to see something like Lelouch watching people like 60 years in the future or something and this is if he even becomes immortal. And I suppose we do though that similarity worries me. Diethard is a wild card at the moment.

    Well, that is just with me personally. I don't expect everyone to view it the same.

    Yes, that is the troublesome question. At this point it seems like there isn't need for any, but then C.C. seems like such a good candidate for such a thing. There weren't that many deaths in GxS, but the ones that did occur were those of important people. I suppose being a possible LI is dangerous, but C.C. is in a worse situation than her at the moment and there is the chance Kallen could become the actual LI which would eliminate any worries for her death. IR did a very good job of things and I have to say it was surprising they were able to handle the cast so well. Too bad they couldn't accomplish that in CG.

    He seems to have gotten better at least though I found it interesting that he apparently discourages people to buy or watch Victory Gundam given that it is very depressing and I think made when he was at his worse. I've never see Ideon myself, but I always hear about the ending. I hope C.C. gets it though and I don't know if Taniguchi would condemn Lelouch to such a life. I'm always open for some reunion ending or something of the sort.

    I honestly have never seen it, but it sounds so familar and I can't place where I know that name from. If it's full of angst though I think I may wait till my mood improves. I generally seem to like hand drawn as well for some reason. CG feel awkward at times.

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