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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-09 16:35
    Dann of Thursday
    Oh, I am positive they will be justified. There really doesn't seem any possible way for her to live except as an immortal which would be sad since she would be all alone. I think taking her Code would result in death now when I think back on the Nun and V.V..

    The plot got screwy with R2. I feel that less filler moments concerning Ashford would have been much better and perhaps a smaller cast. I'd agree that overall Charles recieved better development.

    I guess, but it's pretty clear what will happen.

    I don't see the point in killing her to be honest and I don't believe that parallel fits since Suzaku loved Euphie while I haven't seen much evidence to suggest that Lelouch loved Kallen. The battle could also be interrupted right before something bad happens.

    He seems to be an empathetic person to some degree, but I'm not sure if he would even be aware if he was in love really. Take his whole thing in 15 where he couldn't place what C.C. was to him though his reaction to being unable to voice it was suggestive to me. Eh, they are both on bad paths that don't seem likely to end well for them. Which is why they should both end well. Still that Code is a huge issue that I cannot come up with any explantion to resolve unless there is some loophole in Geass that would result in it being resolved which would also serve as an opportunity to explain Geass more.

    And very likely will with the ending probably being something like s-CRY-ed with C.C. being Scherise and Kallen being Mimori. I honestly thought the main focus was going to be on his relationship with C.C. and always thought it was something of a joke with Lelouch and Kallen. They proved me wrong. Romance in this show has been poorly done in my opinion though since that often can be the case where they have multiple options for the main character in a show where romance is not a huge focus.

    Then I'll just say that anyone I happen to like will die. That generally is what happens with shows I watch anyway.

    That or something that can absorb the explosion or contain it in a small area was what I was thinking in that regard. If Nina is aware of Schneizalís plans and was already working on an alternative which I suspect, she might be willing to help Lelouch but on the grounds that it was for Euphie or something. Granted, it seems somewhat silly that she could come up with a countermeasure just at the right moment.

    Well, he probably is going to die along with many others.

    Yeah, that probably would have been better. There were slight hints to it, but we didnít know at the time that they were hints. Eh, blame it on rushing.

    Oh, I know. I love pretty much all his work. And Fukuyama is a great VA as well and he probably would sound something like Charles though perhaps without the really long drawn out lines that Wakamoto does sometimes like when he says Lelouch.

    Life in seclusion is something I always expected for him if he lived. Iím starting to think that C.C. may give Lelouch her Code and die, Lelouch would seal it off and Geass forever and revert to a state where he remembers nothing about Geass and ends up with Kallen. If he ends up with anyone at all, it seems a given it would be Kallen.

    Diethard is always the blind follower. Why did such a crazy man get such an awesome VA? And yeah, hopefully Taniguchi has tried to put out his best.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-09 04:47
    Dann of Thursday
    Perhaps, but the image still gives off very bad vibes along with all the other evidence of C.C.'s impending demise.

    Somewhat, but in execution it really doesn't seem to have worked out that well. I wish they had made this clearer about him, but they didn't go that route. Odd final boss though.

    Yeah, but that note also seems to tell me even more that she'll likely die. She doesn't really have any purpose in this plot anymore except maybe to save Lelouch from death in the end like he did with her. Her line still has some chance of optimism, but it's not looking too good in my opinion. Nothing ever does though.

    She has a death flag? I know she is going against Suzaku and all with the chance being she could die, but I would be quite surprised if she did end up being a casualty nor do I want her to die since that would be too sad.

    Okay, that is a possibility. Perhaps Lelouch is the type of person who loves all of those that are close to him to some degree though I don't know if there is anyone he has romantic feelings for at this point after what happened with Shirley. He might simply not think of either C.C. or Kallen in that way, though I though I thought there was a little something there in 15 when he was trying to save her. I'm also not sure how much time she will really get. Her Code is still an issue.

    Eh, that would probably be annoying for everyone. I'm sick of tragic love stories and I hate shipping wars with no purpose as I prefer when they stick with one girl or guy and focus on developing that relationship through the whole show. Eh, it will probably end badly.

    Yes, that is something to consider. Since it seems that he wants to die in the end, it doesn't make sense I guess for him to become immortal though I would think he would want to free C.C. from her lonely life as an immortal though maybe he hasn't actually thought about that at all. Things are going to get very terrible before they get better at all though and many will probably die.

    I think she will be since there needs to be some sort of counter to all the power that Schneizal has now. And I wasn't thinking she might make another weapon to be honest. I was imagining some sort of shield or device that can counteract the destruction of FLEIJA. I think she might be willing to do so though since it is Lelouch there might be some resistance. Lelouch could always use Geass, but I'd rather she decided to help on her own. She isn't on Schneizal's side after all.

    Why? He may be undeveloped, but I don't want him dead.

    I wish there had been more hints to it then the ones they already gave. It's just very weird.

    The man has a very nice speaking voice which I never tire of hearing. It's also very distinctive. He does well in all types of roles he does, though he makes good villains.

    Oh, there are likely to be many casualties. The base explodes scenario is something I am expecting though I think C.C. may be the one to save Lelouch where she sends him and maybe Nunnally to the World of C to keep them safe while she stays behind and dies. I can't really see Lelouch going back to a normal life in the open if he lives given what has happened.

    She may depending on his actions, but it does seem very up in the air since she doesn't seem against him at all. Hopefully thing will be positively resolved with Lelouch. I think if he just drops all his masks and just is who he really is to her then things could work out in the end. Unless Taniguchi wants to go for some sad, tragic ending. Since he doesn't seem happy with the way things have gone that could be reflected in the ending.
  3. Ring
    2008-09-09 01:02
    Yeah, the shipping wars have intensely divided groups. They even started their own fanfiction of a war with titles and declarations.

    That's a good stance to have. I'm a fan of Shirley, but unfortunately she had a tragic death on this show. I like C.C. and I'm ok with Kallen. I admit I'm not the biggest fan of Kalulu though, but I don't have ill will towards her like some members here (i.e. wishing death, Gino pairings, etc.). I try my best to be fair to all the characters (slipped up on that when Rolo took out Shirley though ), but perhaps some bias will still be there. If only the people on the forums tried to be more open-minded as well. It's somewhat amusing to watch the chaos , but it would be more civil if people were more open to different possibilities.
  4. Ring
    2008-09-08 23:53
    Kusaja, are you a fan of both characters? (Kallen and C.C.) It's rare on this shipper dominated forum to see someone who tries to be fair to both characters.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-08 16:52
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, I guess they are. The cover was nice, but the nature of it pretty much tells me C.C. is going to die in the end. The image seems like Lelouch is avoiding looking at her and she seems very sad. It's a bad omen, just like the ending image. She also has no purpose left.

    I'm sure Schneizal will factor in somehow. He is the manipulator and the final boss. Or else it would be very lame and the ending would kind of suck.

    Perhaps, but I am sure they will find some way to kill her off. If she lives, then she'll be immortal and all alone again so it really doesn't feel right.

    Or she could do nothing and never let her feelings be known to him, keeping them to herself so he can be with Kallen which I am convinced will happen since that goodbye didn't seem permanent at all. She'll probably die and he'll say her name in a nice way and that will be it.

    Perhaps I am, but the way they are handling the whole thing seems to be saying that it's Kallen Lelouch has feelings for and her alone.

    Yes, that would be the best thing if this really was over. It isn't though so it probably doesn't matter. Honestly though, what was the point of doing all this with Kallen? She is still fighting him now so the whole thing feels like it was pointless.

    Classic is always good and it simply doesn't seem possible that things would go well with them.

    Yeah, it is sounding pretty bad for him and the only way I see him getting out of this would be if he took C.C.'s Code which is unlikely. I do hope that things are resolved positively with Nunnally or else this will really be a downer ending. Not sure though since Nunnally is pressing that button and becoming a murderer. Suzaku will likely slap him. Not sure about C.C., but I'd hope she wouldn't take the cold approach.

    I think it is clear they will side with him given the previews and the final match ups. Hopefully Schneizal pulls something to make them all see his true colors. And I think whatever Lelouch retrieved Nina for will play a role in his defeat.

    Yes, it probably would have.

    They could just become friends or something through the whole thing, though I am convinced Gino is a dead man.

    Well, it looks cooler in the dark with explosions all around, but come on, transforming are silly now. Schneizal was designed as being Lelouch's nemisis, so it makes sense. I just wish they had spent more time on him and his character. Charles seemed cooler. Of course, he has Wakamoto voicing him which pretty much results in him being awesome.

    I'm expecting it to come up in her death. Or in the unlikely event she lives in her last words with Lelouch since I'm sort of thinking he'll blow up the Damocles with himself inside. Eh, hopefully it will be a good moment either way.

    I see. Not really surprised. I'd think Cornelia or perhaps even Nunnally could become the Empress.
  6. Narona
    2008-09-08 03:47
    Hi! If you don't mind, I'd like to share some comments about the latest episode

    I don't mind ,and sorry for the late reply again

    You know, reading your posts, I do think you are definitely right: C.C's. chances have increased after Turn 22. Which is a good thing for CxL fans, and that isn't unwelcome by me.

    Actually, i try to be positive but i'm not so sure. But I will still hope, I'm still not sure that lelouch loves kallen, so there is still some hopes... I hope that ep 23 will show some interaction between C.C. and lelouch. C.C. appears at the end of the extended preview,; same as kallen last week, so I hope.

    And this episode was not so bad for c.c.. she seems to feel fine and is always with lelouh. she even seems to enjoy her role of "empress" <_<. I'm joking but even in the royal room she is next to lelouch on the same type of chair. and in the plane, she is also next to him.

    But right now, I'm worried about the show's pacing. This episode tried to do too much and I didn't find it convincing. It looked like, once more, this could have been split into at least two episodes.

    To be honest, I enjoyed it. I'm not too demanding about things like that, and I like when the pacing is not slow. But yeah, maybe they could have done 2 episodes.

    About the Kallen scene...for some reason I didn't hate it, but it was also underwhelming in execution.

    Don't know what to say. Kallen is not the problem, we knew she loves him. The problem is lelouch's feelings. still unclear eh?

    The problem with that scene, but which also affects the entire episode and highlights C.C.'s own obstacle, is that Lelouch has the "mask of the Emperor" on.

    This isn't Lelouch, this is "Emperor Lelouch", a persona that hides his true feelings for the sake of playing his final role.

    Not only, that scene is not so different than the ones with shirley. Lelouch, if ge is not sure about his feelings will not say anything.

    I don't think "Emperor Lelouch" expects to survive...or find happiness and love. He expects to be hated.

    At least until Nunnally showed up, I mean...

    But this also gives Lelouch a lot of death flags...or he could just end up lonely too.

    Seems taht you didn't see the last summaries ffrom newtype >_>

    I've read that you think he didn't answer Kallen because he didn't love her...but I think his silence was not about "love", but to pretend not to know her, if you look at how the entire conversation went and the rest of the episode. He is pretending to be someone else.

    Even if he didn't love Kallen, Lelouch does care enough, inside, to at least try to explain himself properly. He's not that much of a jerk. But he didn't want to do that...he wanted to play the role of a sneaky Emperor who conquered Japan and ended up as the bad guy once again. That's what he always ends up doing in times of trouble, no?

    I replied above. Not only. Lelouch is not sure about his feelings. he had the same problem in the soa "she's my.....".

    C.C. has the advantage of remaining at his side in spite of everything...if there is time for her to take the initiative and she doesn't stay as the observer like during this episode, she could "wake" Lelouch up...but that scene would have to be very convincing, in my opinion, or else I would feel happy but not completely...I want a good CxL ending, not just anything pulled together (even if I know, and agree with you, that there was enough interaction between them's the execution, not the idea, that worries me).

    As I said, this episode was not all bad for me. C.C. seems to be the friend and partner of lelouch again. They trust each other, same as what it was before, but without all the lies. So? Lelouch is not angry at her and this is a very good things. Now, c.c. appears two times in the preview, that means she will have some screentime next week. The kallen's plot was mainly in 22, now it's c.c.'s turn.

    And about Kallen x Gino...I don't think it's necessary. I don't like it, it would be a little unconvincing at this point in the story, but it could happen if the staff's going to rush the pacing to the max and wants to give her "something"...because Gino's not a well developed character, so even Suzaku, in a different position, would have met with less resistance from the fan base, not just the angry KxL fans.

    TBH, I don't really care, but when the kalulu fans say that nothing happened bewwen them, that's bias, totally bias. They had some interactions. and in anime, some directors put a character with another for less than that. This is taniguchi show, not ours. This is the same with c.c.. If he wants to do KxL, this is his choice. I'm tired of the fan who think they can choose what they want. That's arrogant.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-07 22:06
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, I can't really think of any other way they could have any sort of moment together to wrap things up with her.

    Um, this episode confirmed he loves her like that and if he does not end up with her it won't be anyone. C.C. would just be some second fiddle while Kallen is the one he would really want to be with and C.C. would likely know that.

    Or it's Taniguchi's way of saying he was always going to have Lelouch end up with Kallen until Sunrise decided to interfere and make him do all these scenes with C.C. he never planned on. Kallen is the canon LI and that's all there is to it.

    Meh, I suppose but the fact it's all a lie that was never intended pretty much ruins the whole thing. It would be a fake love unlike Kallen.

    Eh, they could always have Kallen move on or something of the sort or they could have her win.

    Doubtful that things will go well with her.

    Nor am I since he is starting to seem like he deserves a bad ending for going on this path, but the situation with Nunnally could be the start of a change though I fear it isn't. Given how they handled Kallen, I doubt C.C. would get anything much better. I actually doubt C.C. will get much of a scene at all with Lelouch. Dropping the mask would certainly be nice and a good show of development, but I doubt it will happen.

    Well, depending on how Schneizal acts they might not fight him, but then Schneizal loses his entire army and is simply up against the world, so I doubt it will happen. Except at the last minute.

    I don't know if they really could have made a whole other season with him as Emperor. Maybe a 6 or 12 episode series though.

    I suppose he is, though he seemed to take an interest in Kallen for several reasons. He seems confused about things though and perhaps his talk with Kallen might benefit them both in sorting out what they want to do.

    I'm still not sure what it is supposed to do. It looked awesome in the opening, but now it just seems lame. Schneizal really doesn't seem like that much of a villain.

    Well, I could think we might see at least one more scene with the two of them. Not really sure if it would really be decisive though for anyone other than C.C.. Kallen could talk with him or perhaps come to a conclusion on her own though the whole thing was pretty dry. No way to tell. I wonder if we'll get that name still, but I'm not sure what we would do if we did get her name. Do we refer her as that name or as C.C.?

    Anything worth mentioning or is it all too out there. I want those damn spoilers though.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-07 13:56
    Dann of Thursday
    Another idea. If C.C. is piloting she might get captured under orders of Schneizal because he wants her for something. It would allow her to have a role in the plot still anyway.

    Oh, and after watching the sub I am actually convinced that Lelouch does in fact love Kallen, but did not say anything because he wanted her to be happy which he doesn't think can happen with him. So LXK is pretty much canon now and I doubt little, if anything will happen with C.C.. It seems her feelings don't exist anymore for him and their relationship really is just that of partners.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-07 13:34
    Dann of Thursday
    And since C.C. will be piloting, I think we know where her gum line will come up and I also am convinced she is going to die. The small moment before they seperate forever will likely be the last word on those two. Lelouch seems screwed as well.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-07 12:51
    Dann of Thursday
    I'm actually confused as to whether I did nor not. I'm not sure how I should interpret that whole thing and she does have her gum line still.

    I don't know what the chances of her being able to do that are unfortunately. As long as she has her mask on all the time I can't really think anything will happen along with how she seems in the preview which is her normal self. I agree entirely on Lelouch and how he seems to have taken up the role of villain in all this, which I do not like at all. I thought they all might work together against Schneizal, but it seems they are all on his side. I am not happy that Lelouch will have to fight them all. The scene was.....odd. I watched the stream and it just felt sort of there.

    Yeah, I have the same fear, but I was expecting this when I found out that Schneizal was going to become the final boss in what looked like 2-3 episodes. The entire show feels very rushed and I am not very happy about it at all. I can see why Taniguchi would not be happy with what he has come up with. I wouldn't be surprised if this episode should have been something like 18.

    I agree though I do see how one could see some of Gino's actions to her as being flirting. I wish they had developed him a lot more though with things like that Sneaker novel (which I know is not canon) since it made him seem more interesting. We simply had too many characters.

    I found Charles' goal much more interesting than the stupid cliched one Schneizal is pulling. I can't take that stupid thing as seriously as I used to. The castle is a bit much.

    I doubt it will be explained now since it would be random to bring up something like that all of a sudden.

    She acted crazy as well.

    I'm not happy with that idiotic outfit he is wearing though. I liked the other one much more.

    I admit it was not really what I had been expecting. I would rather have seen some talk between the two of them where they wrapped things up and now I am expecting something similar with C.C. where it is rushed and short because so much needs to be wrapped up.

    Why? Koshimizu seems to have said we won't get anything till Monday.

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