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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-06 22:35
    Dann of Thursday
    Perhaps, though I admit to noticing the similarity to GxS, which makes me think right there that it simply won't happen at all. I doubt they'll focus on a romance angle with C.C. all that much at all.

    And there would need to be some reason for her to explain it to him in the first place. I think Schneizal may be more interested in taking over the world or perhaps something to that effect, even if that whole scenario is completely cliche. Or he plans to actually become God, but I doubt that.

    I was thinking it was Schneizal's as well since I think it would have been interesting if Lelouch were to face him and not hate him at all. If it was C.C.'s then I think it would be a positive sign or at least I would hope it to be.

    Maybe they didn't want him doing that anymore or perhaps the changes made it pointless for him to do so. The best info did come from him though. The conversations seemed to pretty much spell out that Suzaku has Geass related abilites or was a candidate for Geass. I considered C.C. as well since she was the only one I could think of.

    That was what made the idea that his abilities were Geass related odd. There was never much evidence besides the fact that he did things that were crazy. I doubt it will be brought up at all, but it would be somewhat interesting (or perhaps distressing) to learn what was intended.

    And it is the end after all. We'll have closure, but it's the type of closure that most of us seem to disagree on.

    Well, I didn't mean exactly like that. I meant that the Marianne we saw in 21 was really not the Marianne that was the mother of Lelouch and Nunnally. Honestly, she seemed so random that I was curious as to how sane she really was. I know she was free-spirited, but even the few portrayals weren't that crazy. I think all that time changed her from who she was before and she became just as obsessed with the plan as Charles did over time.

    Eh, I hope so because it's weird if he weren't there at all. I don't have much to say about Jeremiah at the moment.

    Yes, I agree that she is finally starting to grow a bit more. And I think 22 would be a good point to wrap up Kallen for the most part and then they could do the same with C.C. in 23 or 24. Not sure which, though I lean to 24.

    I'll stay up and watch the stream. Better I get the bad news (bad to me) now than to come back in the morning and be horrified.

    Good night.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-06 15:10
    Dann of Thursday
    No problem.

    Well, I would mainly think it would just be Lelouch who was thought dead from his final battle with Schneizal. It sort of would fit nicely with C.C.'s gum line I think. Then they could have some ending of people like Nunnally and C.C. waiting for him.

    We don't know how much she actually knows. It's possible that there is something in the World of C like in that library that has all the answers. There isn't much reason to bring it up now unless Schneizal's weird tower and plan involve the Geass in some way. I'm also somewhat wondering if we might see some more of "God" if possible.

    Well, that aspect seems to be breaking down more and more. It doesn't help Lelouch to hide anything so if he asked, I am sure she would answer. I expect her to drop the whole act entirely at some point. I've been considering her for the line for 24 since I could see her wondering if Lelouch hates her for using him and being part of the plan.

    It seems like he may have known quite a lot even last season and was investigating what his father was doing. I believe this tower of his may in some way be a product of what he has found out.

    I wonder how different it might have been. FO's words seemed to indicate that Suzaku's abilities were related to Geass and outright stated they were given to him. He'll get a pretty good ending I think unless he pulls something weird. I'd probably agree with the whole thing of Kallen beating him up. That was just sort of weird.

    It's alright. I'm not really that tense about it anymore even if the ending was not one I was entirely satisfied with. An ending like that with Lelouch would be rather odd when looking at what Taniguchi normally does with his protagonists. If he had been the loner type in the beginning than maybe it would have been understandable like with Van, but I don't think that is the case here.

    It's a weird name for sure. And yes, the endings he does normally suit the characters they involve.

    I've been wondering about that as well since it may depend on whether Jeremiah would find out or what Lelouch would tell him. I'm under the belief that to Lelouch the woman who was before him in the World of C was not the woman that was his mother anymore. At least, I sort of got that Charles and Marianne became much more concerned with the whole goal after the incident. From V.V.'s words, it seems that prior to that attack Charles was starting to drift from their goal. I suppose I would just have liked to believe that Marianne and Charles were a bit different before the attack.

    Do we even know where Jeremiah is? Unless I missed him or something which wouldn't surprise me. And this may seem odd, but what the hell happened to Arthur? It feels like he just vanished.

    Yes, all the years have had her slowly build up this sort of outer shell that is indifferent and emotionless to most everything. I agree that the naive side of her probably wouldn't be there entirely, but the shy part might be. Hard to tell. She might be happier at the very least which would be a change.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-05 22:01
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, I see how one could say that it is not all about death. I'm just more getting that vibe from the whole thing. And I'm not sure if Lelouch would just die like that. I still think they could always pull the whole thing of making it look like he died, but showing that the truth could be different. Or they could actually kill him or he might not die at all.

    Is there any point for her to keep it a secret? I can't see any real gain in her revealing it to him now either though it is possible she might know since she could potentially be able to access the World of C and find out. Schneizal knowing isn't impossible though and it might show how involved with things he really was. Leaving it to just supplementary material seems a bit cheap. Honestly, if Lelouch doesn't die or appear to die than I am sure C.C. is done.

    I don't know, he seemed to be doing better in the end. Then again, GxS was sort of a mockery of the robot genre so maybe that had something to do with it though it was still rather random. Suzaku could never recieve such a silly end nor does he deserve it.

    Don't get me started on TTGL at all. That ending was just sort of lame to me for Simon to get in the end since he was all alone (save Boota) and sort of a nobody. That was also the first show I got way into the romance with. I don't really expect something like that for Lelouch though since it wouldn't really feel satisfying at all.

    Yes, for the most part I agree. It has worked most of the time, though we'll see exactly what happens with CG.

    Oh, I agree that it was appropriate for what the show was about and what the characters were like. I don't think it should have ended any other way. It doesn't work for CG though at all. Not sure how to reflect on that in regards to Lelouch though.

    Hmm, I haven't really thought about it though I am inclined to believe her eyes will be closed. I think that her opening them is more likely to occur during her reunion with Lelouch more than anything else.

    Well, I can't see any other reason than that except for Lelouch to maybe see another side to C.C., one that isn't caught up in some sort of mask. I'm not saying that that entire persona was the real C.C. or anything, but that aspects of it are the real her like perhaps that shy aspect.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-05 16:00
    Dann of Thursday
    I suppose that is possible, but I don't know exactly. It depends really. I think we may see the battle finish itself in the first part of the episode with the second half being the aftermath of it all. The line seems to indicate that someone has died with the obvious choice being Lelouch.

    Well, we still need that damn origin story. Let's have a talk with God or something if that is even possible. There are a number of loopholes that are possible, but it's unknown if they have much of a chance.

    Oh, I know they aren't that similar at all. Van is the loner type of course, but there is something about him I came to like such as his little quirks. It was an open ending really since you had to take into account what was said about the world stagnating. The way they dealt with Michael though was just stupid and random.

    Well, of course he isn't. He is the least knowledgable about such matters, but yes he does show caring and such. I don't quite like the loner ending for him since it just seems a little too sad, but I think I might be able to deal with undecided.

    Taniguchi seems to often do those kind of endings where the future isn't clear at all, but the whole situation looks hopeful. Yada, yada yada.

    Oh, of course. I can't think of a better way to end since Nunnally will be a focus next episode.

    I hope it wasn't just fanservice and that there was some sort of point to it all.
  5. Narona
    2008-09-05 11:08
    Hi again! I hope you'll feel better with some rest, if you happen to be lacking any.

    Hiii. Thanks. Sorry for the late reply

    Not many people call me "mister", so...

    I call many persons Mister, Miss or Mademoiselle. IRL I call only my friends like that though

    Unfortunately, we are probably happy at his expense, but it wasn't anything too bad.

    I didn't do that to make him sad, but just because the whole situation was funny

    Now that is the absolute truth.

    I've been thinking about joining the hat club, but I still think it's a little bit too goofy...which isn't a bad thing, just too funny. It will be even better if Lelouch (or someone else) comments on the hat next episode. XD

    The hat club is more the reunion of all the fans of Code Geass. You know, a place where everyone enjoy the show without any shipping war or annoying things like that. I'm happy to see them talking to each other with a big smile. That's how it should be. (and he!, the hat is fabulous, and that is the truth)

    Good advice...if I weren't enjoying the show I probably wouldn't be watching it, but this is perhaps the episode I've been most anxious about...even the return of Nunnally wouldn't make me feel like that.

    About ep 22? You should not. Wait to watch it and if something goes wrong, you will have all the time to be sad. But being anxious now will not help, though I can understand how you feel.

    I'm not worried about pairings so much, but I just don't want to see neither Kallen nor C.C. dead. It would be too much, since Shirley already died in a similar way.

    I don't want them to die either, but I will accept it if it happens. You know, I am a C.C. fan. All I want is her to be happy. If dying with a smile is really what she wants (but I doubt she wants that), then I will accept it.

    The next episode is probably going to be positive until the last 3-5 minutes or so, and that's what makes me think too much.

    The code geass cliffhanger curse

    I think there was some romance, or at least signs of it, in just wasn't given focus because there was too much happening and it was still early in the story.

    In R2, it's received more attention, but we are still in limbo. Neither C.C. nor Kallen have had any resolution to their feelings yet, so I think they both deserve some scenes, even if the result doesn't favor one (or any) of them.

    The issue with C.C. is her denial of her feelings, like you've mentioned before, while Kallen is more straightforward even if she is tsundere.

    That's why the gum lines create so much talk, I think...

    You know, many persons criticize C.C. for what she has done. But they don't look at what her life was till now. This girl is filled with sadness, and yes she made a lot of mistakes, but that shows how much she is still a human, even if she is cursed with immortality. As Okouchi said it, during hose ~600 years of existence, the happiest days of her life were with Lelouch. Even if Lelouch doesn't love her romantically, I just want him to show that he is aware of that, that he will not forget the time they shared together. I just want her to feel that before dying. That someone cared for her till the very end.

    Certainly, C.C. is probably going to be very important to the show's ending and to Lelouch's ending by extension, even if like Foxxfire has said she may not be in the public spotlight right now...but I think her prison clothes are sign of how she's unsure about what to do, seeing Lelouch's recent actions, so she's a "prisoner" of circumstance once again.

    But she will have to decide how to intervene, or if she's going to stay as an observer as much as possible.

    I have no doubts that Lelouch is her most important someone. She will help him, even if she dies in the process. That's how it is when you care really for someone.

    I don't have any doubts that her story will receive a great closure. That she will not have any regrets towards him. She is a great character, so, no doubt about that.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-05 08:20
    Dann of Thursday
    Trust me, you'll know.

    Probably, though they were off on a few small matters, but I didn't mind knowing what was going to happen to be honest. And while the magazines don't give us too much, except the people who blundered and reveal things like Nunnally's return, they can give us clues and indications. And it is looking like 25 will be at least wrapping up the final battle in the beginning and the rest being closure.

    Keywords for 25:"This is the name of the man who should be commemorated for bringing the defeat. "

    Well, that might be the burden he would decide to take in order to eliminate the curse of Geass from the world and so he could defeat Schneizal. I don't know how else they could simply remove those things from the world unless perhaps Schneizal's whole crazy tower somehow involves the Geass.

    That would be sort of annoying, though not entirely a bad thing I suppose. I agree that her gum line would be a nice moment to bring it up, though you are right about not knowing the context.

    Eh, I would be quite surprised if she died. I don't know what to call it since Lelouch doesn't seem to have devoted feelings to either more than the other. I'm sort of seeing something like the ending of GXS where all three girls had feelings for Van, but no one really ended up with him. Though he did meet one of them in the end again.

    Well, it depends on the nature of the ambiguity. I can accept some scenarios more than others. I don't know about happy, but it will likely be a hopeful ending where most characters are doing all right. I don't see how Nunnally wouldn't take up all the angst. He'll be freaking out so much.

    If she is even fully aware of what was happening and if those memories were recorded. We may never know, though some aspects of the slave girl C.C. confuse me.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-05 00:43
    Dann of Thursday
    Hi, Kujasa. I don't mind that much.

    Well, I sort of see him getting the Geass in both eyes as a sign he will take her Code from her though not to kill her, but to free her from her immortality. It would also pretty much make him the last person on the planet that we know of is connected to Geass and it would give him some insurance against Schneizal as a sort of trump card. It makes Lelouch's fate in the end a curious thing though. Now, I don't think she would let him do this so I would think he would take it from her on his own without her consent. I simply don't see the point of killing C.C. off, especially since it seems to me that it sends a better message with things as of late to have her actually keep living.

    Well, I can't exactly see how it could have negative overtones and Taniguchi seems to be about hope often enough. I think C.C. dropping the mask of "C.C." and becoming herself without hiding her emotions all the time could be part of it. I don't really see her ending up with anyone other than Lelouch though since it would be really weird.

    As far as I can see, Kallen is death-proof. She has no chance of dying at all as far as I can see. I'm sort of leaning toward an open ending to be honest, though aspects of that annoy me severely.

    I worry that it really was nothing but cheap fanservice even if it seems like a very odd thing. I'm not entirely sure if C.C. was aware of anything. I do believe she retreated there because of what happened since she was likely very shocked and worried about why she stopped Charles that she needed some time to think. Maybe she was afraid of facing Lelouch as well.

    The plot's been sort of weird lately and has been moving way too fast like everything happening now. Eh, we'll see I guess. I expect the new spoilers to provide some clues. I'm quite curious about 25's title.
  8. FoxxFireArt
    2008-09-03 23:31
    It's just that these visitor messages aren't really suited for long drawn out comments. Those are best saved for the threads or private messages.
    As an artist a person emotional state is very important. I've enjoyed working on the 4koma project, but I'm not going to waste my time on something that frustrates me.
  9. FoxxFireArt
    2008-09-03 23:15
    You see. I have this thing about my personality. I really don't like to see people lose heart. I know how it feels and I try my best to avoid effecting others who may be hoping for a different outcome. That's why I keep my theories in either the spoilers thread or the Kallen thread. I never bring up these theories in the C.C. thread. It could reduce someone's enjoyment and I don't want to be the one who made someone lose heart.
    I'd appreciate if you would show that level of restraint on my profile's visitor messages.
  10. Narona
    2008-09-03 13:43
    Hi Mister Kusaja!

    Dream_traveller seemed not so happy about the gif ...

    Don't say that XD. Code Geass is a fabulous show, with fabulous characters, fabulous storyline and a fabulous Hat! XD

    Well, as Gino said it......................... what about just enjoying it? The fans think about it too much and forget to enjoy the show for what it is..... Not a romance show.

    Well about the gum lines.... The C.C.'s one is obvious, while the kallen's one is weird. I can't think about a proper scene to see Kallen saying that. What Lelouch could say to have her replying that?

    It would be a good thing if it happens in the same episode, because, as I said it to dann, in it doesn't happen in the same episode I think that the lastest gum line to be used will be the most important (about the possible LI). I tend to think that the Kallen's line will be used first. So If it happens in the same episode, we will avoid a week (maybe many) of shipping war.

    However, I still think that Kallen has the lead. I still have faith in CxL, but to be honest, Taniguchi said that there was no romance in R1. And in R2, there were those teasing kiss scenes between lelouch and Kallen....

    But I also think that the C.C. plot needs a conclusion. They still have to resolve her name, the promise from turn 15 and the gum line.

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