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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-23 17:39
    Dann of Thursday
    There's a point where they stop being vague and with all the scenes and development Kallen has had I rather doubt they would forsake that. I think it will be a given that mutual feelings of love are between them, which sort of means that the only reasons he wouldn't go with her is because of some obligation to C.C. and because of where she is. I don't recall any confirmation he had feelings for C.C.. The scene for 24 could imply something, but it just seemed to be the normal partner talk rather than something romantic. The way they have been going with Kallen feels more like a positive outcome.

    The link doesn't seem to work.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-23 17:07
    Dann of Thursday
    That's fine.

    Such a thing though seems to imply that things will end on a good note with the two of them, which seems to imply that she gets to hear what she wanted to hear from him which of course would be that he loves her as she loves him. LXC really does seem doomed or more like it will appear very forced. The character songs are canon reflections of a character's feelings though.

    It is?! Yayy!!! And it is still missing tracks? Where are they?

    Edit: I can't find it anywhere.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-23 16:42
    Dann of Thursday
    Kujasa, is it true that Kallen's character song essentially confirms LXK as the canon pairing? I guess I shouldn't be surprised at this point. Okouchi isn't going to waste all of Kallen's development with Lelouch and her gum line confirms that Lelouch will tell Kallen that he loves her. C.C. will probably just die then or something and Lelouch will be with Kallen then or at least his love for her will be confirmed.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-23 03:27
    Dann of Thursday
    No problem. You have a real life outside of this forum.

    I suppose, but since it is the title I would think it must mean something important and I can't imagine what sort of reply it would be and who would be replying. It could be Lelouch replying to something.

    So you don't believe that anymore? I think she could still die, but I don't really see the point of it. It had parachutes and all that so I think it should be fine, though the other way is possible. Let's hope not though. I wonder how she is supposed to do anything though.

    I suppose they don't need to kill each other. Do they have ejects on those machines though? I guess we have confirmation they do care for one another, but I'm not sure if the scene was all that romantic. Having angry Kallen in the end would be a bit annoying, but I have a feeling it may end in a way that brings the two of them closer for some odd reason.

    Yeah, that would be sad and I would rather not have it turn out like that.

    Um, what is "Apate Arethia"? I heard that thrown around, but have no idea what anyone is talking about? I meant the key line though. The postive twist seems to be bringing tomorrow.

    The details are a problem, but two Codes sounds more likely than none since I can't come up with any way to actually get rid of the Codes.

    Yeah, that is about all he has left. I agree that if they had spent some time on it if that were their intention then it would be more acceptable, but as it is now it would seem quite forced. I see. I should have seen that coming when the two halves landed by him.

    The ending already seems like it will have some sad aspects to it so I would like to see something happy occur, but I really just don't know. I suppose they will have some interaction together, but I hope it doesn't end in a sad way.

    I suppose that is possible and perhaps the cane is because of his injuries. They should at least have made it a bit more clear as confusing as it all seems right now.

    Alright, I suppose that makes sense and we don't exactly know entirely how Charles' Geass worked and what its limits were.

    Possibly. She could be sad in the end, but I would prefer she appears to be happy in the end myself since it doesn't seem right to end on a bad note with her and others. I hope he gets the chance as well and it is always a possibility. It had its flaws, but overall I think they pulled it off rather well considering how rushed it all seems. Nina's end was nice, but I'm not sure how C.C. stole the show.

    Thinking on it now, it does seem a bit odd. Maybe that idea of Lelouch getting his Code will turn out true after all though I'm not sure how to view an ending like that. I guess, but as usual I feel rather anxious about all this, especially how C.C. acted while battling Kallen.

    I have to say I find Ami's comments in regard to Lelouch and that kiss to be quite hilarious actually. I wonder why she dislikes him so, though perhaps it is because she has expressed an interest in Kallen becoming more dependent of him and also because she teases Jun. I have to say that those two do seem to work well together like in Spice and Wolf.

    In any case, the whole pairing issue should be solved once in for all though pretty much everyone knows that it can only end with Kallen or no one since C.C. is practically impossible at this point. The scene in 24 didn't seem to prove anything and it doesn't seem C.C. has feelings for him either.

    And besides, the only way the pairing with C.C. would work would be if both were mortal or immortal and neither is really possible.
  5. Ring
    2008-09-23 00:17
    That would be too cruel, even if it's better than death.

    I think we could have. Remember that clue? I thought the EL was a U so I was confused because it looked like UIM and thought what the hell is that suppose to be. The picture in the "Standby Mode" box makes more sense now that we're looking at it in hindsight.

    The other factor that could be involved in Suzaku's and Kallen's conflict is Anya. Right now, she's fighting Jeremiah. If she defeats him and then comes to meet Suzaku, we could have a conversation between all four of them. Gino and Anya will momentarily stall Suzaku and Kallen bursts into the room Lelouch and Nunnally are in. Unlike the hanger scene where she was painfully willing to kill Lelouch without an explanation from him, perhaps this time now it will be different because she might hear from Suzaku in the heat of battle that he's doing this for the sake of his promise/a "tomorrow." She might ask or demand an explanation this time. I assume at this point that both of their KMFs will mutually be significantly damaged.

    I see people on the forums speculating a reverse situation of R1's Ep. 25 where Kallen will be aiming her gun on foot at Lelouch and Suzaku will come from the back eventually. What do you think of this scenario? I think both of their KMFs have to be utterly wrecked and likely inside the Damocles for this to occur. Unless Kallen does get around Suzaku, but decides to get off her KMF anyway even though it's still functioning.

    The only way he'll be able to get off the Damocles is to deactivate the self-destruct mode and then steer it to wherever he wants. Nunnally has the key, so it all hinges on how Lelouch's confrontation with her goes. Yeah, but at least that funny picture of Cecile being reluctant to paint the Lancelot pink while C.C. was ordering her to came out of it.
  6. Ring
    2008-09-22 09:02
    Oh, that would certainly be better for him to do.

    I think she opened her eyes when she picked up that 'key' or remote for the Damocles since she turned her head towards it. Maybe she got used to it during that moment? The way she opened her eyes was kind of creepy though. I think they have to reach some kind of resolution for the Zero Requiem to begin. I hope it's a compromise rather than Lelouch having to use forceful actions.

    Hahah, if that were its name...

    Yeah, the potential is there, but we'll see. Hopefully nothing too harsh happens.

    That's true, but maybe Suzaku will try to reason with Kallen as well? It could possibly get her to stop thinking that she must kill Lelouch without any explanation.

    It was a fabulous machine and it completely suited Lelouch fighting style. It's too bad it had to go out like that.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-21 23:37
    Dann of Thursday
    No problem. Sorry for mine.

    If it were "Re:" then it would make sense though I still don't get a title like that, but "Re;" seems to mean something different. Maybe it is supposed to mean several things at once. There are more than enough words that could work at once with the ending.

    Is that what you took it to mean? I guess that along with her acting worried Lelouch hated her and being happy he worried is a good thing, but we'll see where it leads. Not sure how she is supposed to get out of where she is though since it seems she landed in the ocean.

    I would think she would at some point, but I think it would require that she kill Suzaku which kind of sucks. I would be somewhat surprised if the line was regarding his feelings to C.C. and like you said, she already seemed to address this with C.C.. Are his feelings in regard to C.C. clearer? I honestly can't tell. Settling things with Kallen in good way would be nice to see since she would probably be less angry than she seems to be all the time. Not sure what is supposed to happen after that though.

    It would also be very cruel on Lelouch as would him losing anyone at this point I would think. I could possibly see him erasing hirself from her memory or something of the sort, but that would be rather sad in my opinion to see.

    If perhaps just a few like some of the key members of the Order and such knew, I wouldn't really mind at all. I just hope that they find out somehow. I think Nina, Cecile, Lloyd, Sayako, and Jeremiah know the truth. And Arthur too I guess. What about those keywords though?

    Hmm, I suppose something like that might not be so bad though I would hope everyone to some degree is at least happy as to where they are. Still not sure how that would work with the two of them even if that did happen since her Code is still an issue and eventually one would die and the other would be alone.

    He is still hanging there I think so he would need to do something though I would prefer if he lived. I would be surprised if they paired him with Kallen at this point. I mean, if they had built him up more and maybe developed his conversations with Kallen then I think it would be more plausible, but they didn't. Is that what those were? I feel stupid for not realizing he had taken the halves of Excalibur. Thankfully they didn't do it and I don't think it would be in Kallen's nature to be that cruel.

    Die together seems probable, though that Code is still a problem no matter what. I'd not like one of them to die and then be all alone since that would be too sad. Both being immortal is possible, but seems unlikely. They might not be near each other at all. I'd like him to at least be able to follow through on one promise he makes.

    True, but I don't really want to have many more like him. I guess he went blind or something? The fact it came out of no where without any indication is slightly annoying. Not sure about Cornelia, though that possibility could be it.

    Something I really don't get though is how Nunnally managed to do something no one before has been able to do which is break a Geass.

    In any case, I think we'll see something tragic with C.C. and Suzaku next episode and I guess Lelouch by association. Ougi better not do anything stupid either. This episode was actually very good I think since it featured some development of some characters to some degree like C.C. and Nina, pushed the plot forward, and had some nice action. If only Taniguchi had more time to actually explain some of the things that have happened though.

    And it seems Charles is listed for 25 which means that he will make an appearence of some kind, likely in the World of C where I am sure he will kill C.C. so Lelouch can lose her and after that he will have an encounter with Kallen where he admits to her he loves her. There were just too many things wrong with those so-called moments with Lelouch and C.C..
  8. Ring
    2008-09-21 20:44
    Yeah, since Narona mentioned it, I wonder about Ougi's fate now since he stayed behind.

    Hm, that could the reason. She was desperate while looking for that remote because she thought she had to stop her brother, so we could view that as willpower overcoming the Geass.

    Yep, that was kind of amusing. I agree with that.

    Yeah, we Koshimizu to help out on this. Either way, "want" or "wanted," with their promise out there, it seems they'll still probably be together again in some form. Duration, romantic or not, etc. and all those details... we'll see.

    That's true.

    I think the truth about the plan will at least be revealed to her. It could also be a good way of letting the audience know at the same time. Yeah, Suzaku seems to be fighting for something positive. I don't think Suzaku wants to kill Gino since this is the second time he has avoided delivering a death blow to him. If Gino does intervene late in their battle, maybe all of them could come out of this alive? Or is that too hopeful?

    Yep, agreed.
  9. Narona
    2008-09-21 19:33
    I see...haven't seen GG's yet, to be honest.

    But still, I think C.C.'s having the "heart" to care about "winning or losing" implies that she lacked such a heart before...before Lelouch made the promise at least, if you want to refer to the most recent thing which has given C.C. a new motivation. And having a heart is...a very human thing. That's why she can love, in other words.

    Yup :O I hope it means that

    If she wanted to die before, and now doesn't, it also reaffirms her will to live, at least until Lelouch can make her smile.

    Look at the links I gave you, the meaning depends on the translation.

    Well, as I said to ring (copy /paste XD) :

    I'm happy for guilford (the character and also the member of AS ). For cornelia too. And she was so pretty while laying on her bed in her pink clothes XD. Even in a bed she is classy

    I'm upset about Ougi, I think he is the man from the keyword in 25. The one who will kill zero but die in the process.

    I'm upset about suzaku. Suzaku was awesome in this episode, really.
  10. Ring
    2008-09-21 19:14
    Ok, thoughts :

    Considering how they kept so many people alive instead of following through with traditional death flags in this episode, I think perhaps a bittersweet ending for the main cast and a hopeful ending for everyone else could happen. The minor couples like Ougi x Viletta, Cornelia x Guilford (great that's he alive, but it sucks that he's blind), and Toudou x Chiba could all remain safe for the epilogue.

    Nunnally overcoming Charles' Geass was a curious one. Does it mean that when the giver dies, it weakens on those who were Geassed?

    So, Nina's countermeasure was something that completely disables FLEIJA, but it does look like it takes quite bit of work to do it. I wonder if that thing we saw the OP will ever come into play? Perhaps it was just symbolic?

    I think Lelouch and C.C. being together in the end is likely after seeing this episode, but it could be ambiguous rather than anything romantic. I think that Sunrise guy's sentence about fulfilling their contract after everything is over (Zero Requiem completed?) and "what do do after" makes more sense if you look at it like that. From her line with Kallen where she says she wants to bring an end to the accumulation of her experiences while caring about the promise, it looks like she wants to do that with Lelouch.

    Lelouch's speech to Schneizel about how a never-exhanging world is not alive, but an experience felt like C.C.'s speech in Ep. 15 didn't it?

    Kallen is defintely going to get a resolution to her subplot next episode. There is no way they can leave this hanging without being cruel. What do you think the context of her gum line will be? I also believe Kallen's chances of beating Suzaku is higher now because I think she's going to confront Lelouch again.

    There were some great tracks played in this episode. The upcoming and final OST should be a good one.

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