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  1. Estavali
    2010-02-13 00:53
    Not bad, but I won't group him with Kuuga (who's more of an overly-optimistic fellow, not a hothead) nor Momotaros (who lack his lethal air). Ryu is more like Akiyama Ren imho.
  2. Iggy_Pop
    2010-02-12 21:39
    What are your thoughts about Ryu Terui? I think he is great, one of the most hot blooded rider together with Kuuga and Den-O sword form
  3. Estavali
    2010-02-12 21:21
  4. Iggy_Pop
    2010-02-12 21:16
    Yeah, the movie is quite dissapointing in term of story and consistency. The reason why it was so successful in japan is pretty much because of Gackt and All the rider showing up in the movie. The DoublexDecade movie according to a friend of mine isn't that much better either, with the exception of the awesome Kamen Rider Skull. Oh, and are you quite dissapointed when Kirihiko died in double? I think he could've been a great character
  5. Estavali
    2010-02-12 21:13
    To be honest, I'm quite disappointed with that movie (though after running through all 31 episodes of Decade, I guess I should have guessed). My impression is that it consists of a number of plot-point badly sewed together. Tsukasa's reason for joining Dai-Shocker was not properly explained, which cheapens his "redemption" and forces the viewer to wonder how sincere was his change of heart, especially if his original intentions were self-serving in the first place (like wanting to rule the universes, rahahahaha. Which is exactly the impression he gives before Tsukikage threw him off that throne). I guess watching All Riders after running through Double (which is superior in many ways imho) wasn't really that good an idea? =3

    I was really excited about the All Riders' Rider Kick but when I reach that part in the movie, for some reason it didn't seem that cool to me anymore. And like what one of my friends said, there shouldn't be a reason why Rising Ultimate Kuuga, who is supposed to be one, if not THE, most powerful Rider, should lose to Shadowmoon when Double could pwn him in seconds. What the hell happened to him being the ultimate warrior?! D=
  6. Iggy_Pop
    2010-02-12 19:51
    have you watched the Allrider vs Daishocker movie?
    Man, that movie is awesome. I mean Gackt singing the awesome theme song, but he also played Yuki Joji. He's really awesome and so GOOD LOOKING, a real life bishonen. But the greatest moment of the movie is still, THE ALL RIDER KICK!
  7. Knightrunner
    2010-02-12 14:20
    Thanks for giving me the link it sure helped clear some things. I can't read Chinese, but at least I sort of got some parts of it. lol i might ask questions later about the manga but thanks again.
  8. Knightrunner
    2010-02-12 08:36
    Cool PM ing me the link would be great. Thanks Estavali
  9. Estavali
    2010-02-12 08:35
    @Iggy: Ahh, good to see another Rider fan here, yes =3

    @Knightrunner: If you can read Chinese, I'll PM you the link. I'm too lazy right now to do summaries though, sorry
  10. Knightrunner
    2010-02-12 07:32
    I am kind of wondering where did anybody get the latest chapters of ga-rei 47-52? If you can send a link that would be great If not can you summarize the chapters then.

    I'm also wondering how did yomi disappeared? did something killed her off again, did she at least show some fighting scenes working with kagura? what happen to nori-chan? or actually what happen to all the character in the end?

    Thanks for giving the time to show that yomi transformed nori to a spector

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