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  1. DisarestaX
    2012-04-07 08:29
    Hello there nice to meet u . Seems like u had been around for quite a long time and I must admit, that is quite an admirable devotion .
  2. Ruby Princess
    2012-04-02 22:34
    Ruby Princess
    No, those answers are great. ^^ I'm going to be busy on Wednesday and Thursday, so I was running out of time since tomorrow's my last 'free' day before the project is due. Thank you. *huggles*
  3. Ruby Princess
    2012-04-02 20:20
    Ruby Princess
    And I'm so sorry to bother you, but could you perhaps reply to the PM I sent you? The project is due on Thursday, and I only got four responses. I'm sorry... ^^;
  4. Ruby Princess
    2012-04-02 20:13
    Ruby Princess
    Hi there Mr. Demi! You like Fate-chan too? That's so cool... she is such a kind and adorable girl. I watched Nanoha with my irl friends and none of them liked her... one said he wishes Precia killed her in the first series >.< and another said he does not like her until Strikers once she acquires boobs -.-. I am glad Animesuki has better taste.
  5. Archon_Wing
    2012-04-01 05:10
    Riri's gonna have some serious competition very soon:
  6. ranran
    2012-03-31 05:30
    He refuses to take sides because he didn't want to risk losing the fans. Some of them are still hanging to the series by a thread with hopes that their favorite charas would come back again...that does make Tsuzuki a bad director But I'm content with everything so far, I mean it could have been better, but at least it's not much compared to some other animes that didn't make it pass the first season >>.

    Ahhh from the Movie 1st french convention?? Wow! I want a snippet of her France visit ;___; can't find it anywhere huhu. Pen and paper first sounds fine, it's easier to organize that way. Thanks for the suggestion xD

    2 separate ova is fine, some anime has more than two. And maybe they can use the storyline from the manga right? IIRC most of them are about the timeskip anyway, it's just waiting to be animated. No soundstages please, we already have a LOT of those >>'s sad to hear people say they don't care about Nanoha anymore >_< but can't really blame them. Nanoha hasn't made anything fabulous in years, well, except for the movies. And the newest seasons are just.....not up to par
  7. ranran
    2012-03-30 15:38
    LOL. Okay. Snipped it xDD

    Ikr? eww isn't that disgusting?? D8 I mean, well I'm a girl so if I have a pet rodent like that and he suddenly turned into a guy, I'd definitely beamspan him to the arctic. eww ewww. I mean, it's another thing if he's good looking, but dude, if he turns out like that guy? thanks lol. But yea, Chrono and Fate thanks to the first season xDD I found that amusing. Chrono and Nanoha are more possible since they're canon in Lyrical Toybox anyway, if Fate wants her woman she gotta fight for it with her older bro hahaha

    LOL because of what they did to Fate-chan? xD But it's weird to hear hime answer that question seriously. As far as I know she mostly answers question randomly and jokingly to tease either Nana or Tsuzuki
    Yep yep, I'll check it out once I get back home :3 It'll be a LOT of work listing those animes down haha.

    ;____; that's a LOT of greeens....much more that he'd ever need. And he spend most of that money developing mangas like Force lol. He might as well cut that series down and invest in a new OVA you know? regarding the time skips between season. That would be the best way to spend his cash

    Noooo, the last nanofate sketch was last year. His most recent entry in his blog is a yonkoma of Madoka >_< I'm kind of worried. If things are like this...that might mean the number of doujins would be smaller during this summer comiket. and that means WITHDRAWAL.....
  8. ranran
    2012-03-30 07:01

    Yukarin is a very strange person indeed xDD YOu can't really guess what's in her mind. Did she ever elaborate on why her favorite character is Precia?

    Wow, MAL sounds interesting. I'll give it a look, still too lazy to register at new sites, but if they have enough Nanoha for me to geek around....well you'll never know haha. Thanks for informing me!

    Haha...counting 1000 yen bills...maybe 10.000 yen in his case, he has a LOT of things pouring cash for him afterall. >_< Speaking of tokoharu....the chance of him being the new vivid mangaka, realistically speaking, is almost close to null. He hasn't been drawing Nanofate since March last year...and last I check his blog, he's moved on to another fandom Dx
  9. ranran
    2012-03-29 23:17
    The blushing scene was there to troll people I think =____= and if 7arcs didn't put it in, a certain group would rage at them. They put it in, and that certain group still rage about how he lack screen time. Huff. But yea, she always cheats on Fate with that guy. Its really off right? I mean, the chance they have to cheat on each other is as much chance Yukarin has to run for Prime Minister of Japan won't be Japan when that'd be Yukari Kingdom.

    Really? I've always been curious with how things go on MAL...what is it anyway? Like a forum or something? I can't get a grasp of it

    A loli ero mangaka...that sounds so....wrong. What is Tsuzuki thinking for choosing him?? And Tokoharu as official mangaka? xD I vouch him to replace that vivid author, he's really great with drawing child/young girls and his soft-styled art suited the more colorful vivid. Force, on the other hand, should be given to the author of Betrayers. Holy mother of jelly donuts, it would be AWESOME if that happens. Not only the art would be better, but the storyline might get fixed, since we know, Kiseki Himura is great with plotting Tsuzuki should learn a thing or two from him hehe.
  10. ranran
    2012-03-29 22:27
    haha, well I'm not native english speaker so I might using this term wrong, but what I meant by that is that even in NF fanfics, Nanoha's usually the one who is used mostly as the....'bad guy' you know? I mean, not all fics, but most of those that's been popping out nowadays. She's always the one who cheated, and....well yea, you get the point >_< I mean, it's not that I blame Fate, or her fans who wrote the fics, but it's just, if you want to make her the 'bad guy' at least get her characterization right. Nanoha would be OOC if she cheated on Fate just because Fate's mostly away at work...and this is depressing xD lets talk about something else...

    So you're more of a Yukarin fan than Nana huh? xD That's neat, I'm more a Nana fangirl but I like Hime just as much, put them together and I'll die happy ♥ Most of the newer fans doesn't give a darn of who voices who...I mean without the seiyuu, our beloved characters won't come to life

    Yea >_< milf bodies gone to waste!!! Thank god for official arts that made use of them. And yea, I agree with you about vivid. I find the adult design very...weird. Something's just not right >_< is it true that the mangaka for vivid is originally an ero mangaka?

    Lol poor Fate. She must have gone shopping every weekend when she was growing up huh? Thanks to puberty and Nanoha lol Sad to say that Hayate's personality has to change >_< I prefer her easy going A's self rather the serious one in StrikerS. That girl has a difficult childhood, she should smile more. And secret? I think not xDD She's just subtle about it. I bet she's groped the girls more than she could count thanks to the public baths...xD

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