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  1. Last Sinner
    2011-11-01 20:20
    Last Sinner
    People on other sites talking about Chihayafuru have said they think she's a bitch. They've based their opinions mainly on Episodes 3 and 4. They think Chihaya was too weak/reliant in Episode 3 and that when she gets feisty during a match, that she's out of line. Some people think Chihaya's antics in Episode 4 were mean towards Taichi's girlfriend. Some people think she's the beneficiary of shounenish formulas. *shrug*

    It seems people that can't relate to Chihaya find her weird or annoying. Which I find bizarre because frankly, she's probably one of the most just, loyal and pure-minded characters (within reason) this year.
  2. Last Sinner
    2011-11-01 11:39
    Last Sinner
    Looks like Demisoda is getting retribution for that reccomendation, heh.

    Quite sad how many people think Chihaya is a bitch merely because they don't understand where she's coming from. I think she's the most honest female in anime this year, frankly.
  3. Triple_R
    2011-10-31 17:25
    Happy Halloween! Hope somebody that looks like Fate comes into your life tonight.
  4. Last Sinner
    2011-10-24 04:51
    Last Sinner
    Irisviel is pretty tragic. Nearly all interaction with Saber is done by her. Urobuchi said in an interview Kiritsugu only interacts with Saber three times. We've seen one and we know what the last one is. Only question is what the second one was.

    What I like most about Chihaya is that she is a very moral person. It doesn't come into her head to betray a friend or hurt someone. Very few people her age are and they're pretty harsh on how they hand out peer pressure. Chihaya is the anti of that. I wish I had a friend like her in that point of my life. I didn't have anyone close to that.

    Maybe she does it so someone doesn't take the inevitable step of groping her? But meh, Inori just makes me cringe. I can't stand seeing females being used by that.

    It didn't work in Deadman Wonderland because the male was the primary focus. In Mirai Nikki, the female has a lot more prominence. Plus you need a weaker character to act as the foil for such an intense yandere. The character works here. Not really in a likeable way yet. But I figure Yuki will end up as Deus ex Machina. Part of the fun of Mirai Nikki is watching someone who supposedly can't handle the insanity living while the psychos get offed.

    Haha! Never truly trust SHAFT fans. :P I don't! ^^ is the show I'm talking about. There's a 1 min preview clip somewhere on Youtube.
  5. Last Sinner
    2011-10-23 08:17
    Last Sinner
    Fate/Zero - Yeah, same feelings, although ep1 was slow. What happened to Sakura is expanded on in the Heaven's Feel route of the Fate/Stay Night game. Needless to say - Sakura went through hell.

    Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is the one ecchi series in a long time I'm enjoying the art, the type of service provided and the character development. Sena is just so delish - Meat indeed. Episode 3 impressed me with how it managed to keep the core values of the series intact while kicking up the service. Amazing this show can do that and develop the characters simultaneously yet so many other shows can. And yeah, the haters attitude in ep2 was hilarious. Sena is softening after Kodaka stood his ground in ep3, which is nice to see. But Yozora is going to take a lot more work, even with that moment at the end of the episode.

    Chihayafuru - I love my strong/spunky females that aren't bitchy. Chihaya is one and not a bitch. There's a great character dynamic going on and my normally cold heart is warmed by this show.

    Guilty Crown - I dropped it yesterday. Never been so disgusted by terrible character development and over-sexualising the female lead, on top of having stuff-all characters to boot. I found the service crap myself.

    Mirai Nikki threw any sense of realism out the door pretty quickly. I'm just going to enjoy Yukiteru cry like a little baby, Yuno be a psycho yandere that deserves to be called a yandere and Norio Wakamoto own while voicing Deus ex Machina.

    Admirable you have the gumption to see titles through. But when I'm blogging what I watch, doing reviews for licensing companies and doing anything IRL, I can't force myself to see series that drive me nuts. I'm only tolerating Penguin Drum since it's playing at the club, but I'm so bored by it. I don't find it funny or pretty. One thing I will say it didn't drive me insane like Utena did - or provide one of the worst drawn black/brown characters ever - or provide fail yuri.

    I thought Persona 4 was going to be cancelled due to the staff walkouts? If that continued, gah.

    January 2012 there's a series called High School DxD, featuring art souced from a damn fine artist called Miyama-Zero. It's going to be fairly stupid, but if it's animated well enough to honour Miyama-Zero, I'll watch it.
  6. Last Sinner
    2011-10-18 10:59
    Last Sinner
    I should bother to reply since you've been lurking for a while. What's up, man? How's life these days? Liking anything airing this season?
  7. 00-Raiser
    2011-09-30 17:43
    Being told one thing and actually knowing it are different. Still a friend is different from a mother, so at least with Lindy she should have some reservations.

    Of course it's possible it happened between seasons, in which case it sure would have been nice to have seen it.
  8. 00-Raiser
    2011-09-30 08:49
    Eh, her 'dependancy' on Nanoha isn't shown very explicitly. Fate lived literally all of her life trying to please Precia so I think she should have transfered that over to Lindy or Nanoha because at that point that's the only way she knew how to live. I think she should have focused on doing whatever Lindy/Nanoha wanted her to do, cringing in fear of being hated if either of them suggested she did something she shouldn't have, and being a bit lost when asked to do something for herself.

    Old habits die hard so it would take awhile before she got used to the idea that life is more than devoting herself to one person and that no one else will treat her the way Precia did.

    I don't have that big a problem with how it was actually portrayed. It's not a deal breaker for me but I think the change should have been more gradual than it was.

    Like I said, I think the movie manga did it better. Fate's entire sense of self was based on Precia's approval. When Precia denounced her, Fate lost all her self worth. She was resistant to becoming friends with Nanoha afterwards because she didn't think she deserved it. So Nanoha had to give her a good blasting
  9. 00-Raiser
    2011-09-29 21:53
    Fate had a heavily dependant personality, though. That she gained independance so quickly, especially at her age, feels far too unnatural. I think she should have shifted that dependancy onto either Nanoha or Lindy to make it more believable.

    I think the movie 1st manga handled it better.
  10. Akiyoshi
    2011-07-05 19:10
    Try to get real and accept the fact that she's not as awesome as i believed she is, if i let my expectations go too high like in the past. For example, her fight with Nanoha on the StrikerS special chapter was absolutely INCREDIBLE! i was very impressed and reafirmed Signum as my favourite character, tanking everything and emerging from the inferno created by the White Devil whitstanding her wounds and preparing her explosive counterattack(STURMFALKEN!) i never expected to find that she's in reality a frail person who becomes uncouncious after just one impaling. Like Nanya said it was horrible the idea i had of her got challenged. I don't want to feel like that again so i guess mantaining my expectations low save me more deceptions.

    Still when i look back i can't deny that she's indeed my favourite character not only because she was an amazing fighter but also for her firm personality and high ideals(i've done my best effort to embrace Cypha as a cool and better character than Signum but it was futile i can't force myself to like her, i find her personality very disgusting). Because of that my reactions vary from day to day, depending on the mood i guess.

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