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  1. Archon_Wing
    2014-02-16 14:19
    Good, stop following scrubmoe!
  2. npal
    2014-02-14 04:54
    More times than not, anime popularity contests end up as crap, so if I went with that, I wouldn't bother with anything at all xP On other news, the Rozen dolls went to have tea with Nanoha apparently, all three lost last round xP Kinda sad how the two greatest powerhouses can't compete anymore but I suppose time does that.
  3. TheEroKing
    2014-02-13 04:31
    Valentine's? Screw Valentine's, have an ass.
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  4. npal
    2014-02-09 10:52
    Looking at the new voting brackets, I just remembered I'm also a Shinku fan xP Totally forgot about that.
  5. npal
    2014-02-05 00:49
    A few notches? They have a kid together in Strikers, not sure how far more they can go xP
  6. npal
    2014-02-04 15:07
    I haven't even watched the Nanoha movies yet, mostly cause I don't have enough time, and because they're basically retakes of what I've already seen anyway.
  7. npal
    2014-02-04 15:06
    And I answered with 3 character names, as in "I don't know really who's in the character tiers below these" xP I mean all character are usually compared to either Madokami or Nanoha and how close they are to that level, so I didn't really sit and make tier lists xP
  8. npal
    2014-02-04 14:55
    Not sure, I haven't counted them really xP If anything, the only certain characters I can recall in general are Sakura, Madokami and Nanoha, with CCS Sakura being the only set-in-stone character. I say CCS (or loli) Sakura because like hell I'm voting for the Tsubasa Chronicles Sakura >_< But yeah, the other two, it does depend on who they're up against and how many choices I can make. Feito is not in that group for me so it's easier to switch sides there.

    True, although I have a soft spot for underdogs so if I feel there's a worthy character out there with little support, I might drop my main support for that.

    Nah, I don't read manga and stuff, at all, so I only see new Nanoha content mostly in the form of isolated illustrations or fanart. They should really make some more Nanoha anime.
  9. npal
    2014-02-04 14:31
    And yeah, Sakura's a lost cause, hardly anyone votes for her I think, but who cares :P
  10. npal
    2014-02-04 14:28
    Eh, that post was made under specific circumstances. Truth be told, loli Sakura is a no-contest tier character for me, put any character against her and I'd support Sakura every time till the bitter end. Nanoha and Madoka are a level below that, which means Feito is one level lower than them. I actually wasn't considering Sakura when I posted that, because CCS is an old anime and it's pretty much done ages ago as far as Saimoe is concerned, so I didn't bring her into the equation.

    The other point I wanted to make is that anything below Sakura is fair game, more or less. E.g. in a Madoka vs Nanoha contest, I'd either vote for who I felt was the underdog or just play dice. In a match of Nanoha vs moe moe underdog of a new series, I might actually vote for the underdog in certain cases and depending on my mood. Not most of the time, but the possibility is there. In a Sakura vs X contest, it will always loli Sakura.

    For the record, I didn't have that problem in Nanoha's bracket. It was almost straightforward for me as I didn't really care that much for most of the other characters so I didn't give it any more thought and I had 2 votes to cast instead of 1 plus Sakura.

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