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  1. RadiantBeam
    2010-01-21 17:04
    I'm not saying she doesn't deserve it, I'm just saying that, for me, it's not an interesting thing to watch in a movie or read in the manga because I really could care less about Fate and her background. All I'm really interested in is seeing a new side of Precia.

    That was my personal opinion. I'm allowed to post such things. You don't have to respond to me, because then we get started on this lovely little cycle of sniping at each other again. But it's a thread where we can post our opinions, and until the movie is up, I can't post anything in the main movie thread and leave you alone in the Opinions thread.
  2. RadiantBeam
    2010-01-21 16:56
    The problem is that I started to dislike the first season the more I rewatched the series and saw just how badly it held together, and all of the focus on Fate just made me lose interest in her completely. So right now, I'm trying to find a good in the movie, but it's hard to do when it's mainly focused on things that don't interest me and when people constantly claim I expect the movie to fail.
  3. RadiantBeam
    2010-01-21 16:51
    The character and my take on her gets worse when much of her fandom are crazed fanboys who jump down my throat every time I say so much as a single small thing out of line that doesn't agree with their belief that "ZOMG SHE IS TEH LIGHT". Fate just suffered the worst of it because her fandom is so huge. The more I argued with them, the more I started to drop her lower and lower on my favorite characters list.
  4. RadiantBeam
    2010-01-21 16:46
    Why do you seem to have such a hard time understanding that I like Fate, I just don't happen to consider her one of my favorite characters after being exposed to the fandom and after rewatching the series?
  5. RadiantBeam
    2010-01-21 16:43
    You don't get why my opinion changed?
  6. RadiantBeam
    2010-01-21 16:35
    Still, fandom influences my opinion on characters, and sometimes when I rewatch a series I find that certain characters don't hold up as well as they did through the first viewing... hence how Lutecia managed to work her way up to my favorites, because I found her interesting each time I rewatched the series.
  7. RadiantBeam
    2010-01-21 16:20
    Hmmmm, what a long time ago that was, and how much my perception of the characters was warped by the fandom....
  8. RadiantBeam
    2010-01-21 16:05
    Did I post that? Huh. Weird, I don't even recall it. Do you have the link for it?
  9. RadiantBeam
    2010-01-21 15:55
    Mmmmmm, what post was that, again? It's an old one and I made it almost as soon as I joined the forum.
  10. RadiantBeam
    2010-01-20 20:26
    Meh, it's turning me away from the movie right now. There's a line between hype and creepiness.

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