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  1. Pencil_P
    2013-05-08 21:47
    Sorry for taking so long to reply I hardly check out this forum any more, I guess the problem with adaptations is they are going to be compared to what they are adapted from, usually unfavourably. If they stray too far people complain but if they are not different then people complain. Personally I still think even when not compared to A's it has several flaws that marred it but it wasn't unwatchable by any means.
  2. broken270
    2013-05-04 07:37
    I thought both of the movies were quite good. I was reminded why I like the show so much.

    Yes, a number of times, whenever I have the chance, I would vote for Fate. I was about to vote for Fate here, but I saw Sakura, so I voted for her instead.
  3. broken270
    2013-05-03 16:50
    The Girl who Leapt Through Time
    Blood C movie
    Nanoha the Movie 1
    Nanoha the Movie 2nd A
  4. Nanya01
    2013-04-29 03:58
    I'll give you an invite as well, Demi.

    Despite the fact that you and I were never really friends nor did we see eye-to-eye, I always found that your attitude was one of the better ones out there, even if, sometimes, you and I got into arguments about things for Nanoha.

    So, I give you an invite to come and join TFF.
  5. Reckoner
  6. Pencil_P
    2013-04-18 17:33
    I've finally got round to updating the review, sorry it took so long. I hope you weren't banned for expressing an opinion and being defensive of Fate.
  7. Pencil_P
    2013-04-07 15:09
    It (the forum) does seem a little lacking in life. While I wasn't engrossed by the film I can see your point. I just thought I'd put down my own thoughts on it and certainly do not intend to tell anyone else that they should or shouldn't like it.

    As for the dream sequence my point was that if it is removed if would be so detrimental to her character that she might as well be taken out as well. Who wants a Fate without probably the most important scene (in A's) for her character.

    Yes, it may have gone against the mantra of "plot first" but I see no problem with going away from the main story for just a few minutes. So the scene is one thing I would not criticise the film for.

    With the naofate stuff I certainly would not take it all out, the holding hands bit I found quite touching and Nanoha isn't, to me, just about action and things getting hit with spells.

    I might editr the review as ther are a few more things that I did like about the film.
  8. Keroko
    2013-04-06 18:11
    Only the franchise thread. So far I've confirmed Sunder, Nanya and Kaijo to get hit with the Nanoha subforum eviction.
  9. speedyexpress48
    2013-04-06 12:47
    Well that was fun, the Nanoha Franchise thread got locked.

    (told you so)
  10. Keroko
    2013-04-06 12:42
    You still alive Demi?

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