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Aimo ~ Tori no Hito

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  1. Shiroth
    2010-06-01 03:25
    I ended up reading them, and they're not bad translations. Might as well do it. :3
  2. Shiroth
    2010-05-29 16:52
    Gonna read the 4chan translated chapters?
  3. Sassarai
    2010-05-07 22:15
    The characters are very well developed. Sometimes I think way too much since there's so much dialogue. Also Morrigan is hawt

    Gameplay reminds me of WOW. A lot of questing, talking, etc. Typical american rpg stuff.

    I spend most of my time in game choosing what lines to say in conversations. (It gets pretty annoying since you lose pts or don't gain as much pts if you don't say the right things). There's just too much things to do and it's just too non linear for my taste. I like the story and characters so far though and that's why I'm still continuing to play the game.
  4. Sassarai
    2010-05-06 20:57
    Played my first american rpg in a long long time. Dragon Age Origins.

    The good

    Better story telling than jrpgs
    More mature content
    Non linear

    The Bad

    Too much dialogue and I hate having to choose them and making the wrong choices.
    Too quest oriented.
    Non linear
  5. Sassarai
    2010-04-27 00:43
    I haven't even connected my ps3 online yet lol. I'll either borrow ROF later from my friend or when it hits the bargain bin. The game is not selling well so hopefully it will soon like Valkyria Chronicles lol.
  6. Sassarai
    2010-04-26 12:10
    The psp one? I don't even own a psp and it doesn't look like my type of game. I might have to start playing some western rpgs since my friend has been bugging me to.
  7. Sassarai
    2010-04-25 16:47
    Finally finished the game. Overall, horrible game with a nice romantic story and a likable cast of characters.
  8. Sassarai
    2010-04-16 21:07
    Maybe it's just my understanding of the japanese language, but I think the translation is horrible. Seems like a lot of it is made up I.E WELKS! Also it seems like the Anime made quite a few changes to the story.
  9. Sassarai
    2010-04-16 14:24
    Man, all the characters are a lot less annoying in game than anime, especially Rosie.
  10. Sassarai
    2010-04-15 23:05
    Just beat that big tank with maxi in it. I'm just reading guides to finish the game and get A ranks so I can enjoy the story. The battle system is just too weak for me to want to play it regularly. Trial and Error battles are not my type of strategy game.

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