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Liddo-kun Liddo-kun is online now

Come on everyone

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  1. Flower
    2017-04-18 22:11

    Well, that is good to hear ^^

    Now ... I wonder if we will ever discover the other four?
  2. Palsa-San
    2017-04-17 18:36
    Glad you liked it.
    Have you started Shirobako yet? It gets better as it goes, especially the second part.
  3. SleepingTerror
    2017-04-16 20:57
    Ohh nice! I definitely wouldn't mind watching Nami's arc again, although Robin is my favorite from the crew~
    And sweet, thanks! If I get the time, I'll definitely give it a go. Looks like a really fun show :3
  4. nicky.
    2017-04-16 11:19
    BanG dream isn't that good, I agree on that. I actually only have seen 6 episodes of it and the last time I watched was a couple of weeks ago. I'm probably dropping it too since all it has are cute characters, which Love Live has already lol.

    Shirobako is an older show, but I'm just watching it now. About 7/24 episodes so far; it's been really fun.

    I'd love to see pics. thanks! ^~^
  5. SleepingTerror
    2017-04-15 21:28
    No problem. There are probably several love live games, so I'm not sure if that's the one on mobile. Like I think there are some love live games you can play in arcades in Japan for example.

    I'll see if I can get to it xD I'm two seasons behind when it comes to anime, haven't finished Yuri on Ice or Hibike, and I started watching Maid Dragon maybe a month ago but I haven't finished that yet either x.x
    Yeah I own a Mac, but I recently got a windows laptop, so I'll give downloading Touhou another go soon.
  6. Applehell
    2017-04-15 20:36
    No kidding, I did manage rebuy parts of my collection down the line, but it took years. It was pretty devastating for me at the time.

    I've played all those game and liked quite well. Never thought I would speak another person who's played LoL tho. Glad to see we have similar tastes there. My list would extend a bit ore then that and add Wild Arms 1-2, Suikoden II, Tales of Destiny and Eternia (Or Tales of Destiny II as it was localized in the US), The Lunar series, Arc the Lad I-II as well as Final Fantasy Tactics to named a couple. Thousand Arms is also something I've been interested in playing, but never really got around searching for it due to other stuff happening. For Platformers & Adventure style games there was Tomba, Megaman 8, Crash Bandicoot series. For Fighters I really enjoyed, Battle Arena Toshiden, Street Fighter Alpha III, KOF 94-99 Tekken II-III (Lei was my favorite character btw) and Bushido Blade. I also like to add Einhander for ShotemUp's.

    Glad to hear that C.C is starting to click for you now. Do you have any plans to watch anything else this current season or is mostly backlog?
  7. nicky.
    2017-04-15 17:36
    I picked up the clockwork planet light novel actually. I'm watching shirobako right now and some currently airing anime: Hinako note, Re:creators, Alice, and BanG dream.
    Yeah, twintail was a really good parody. I wished they showed us more about all the characters though. They battled aliens just a few too many times, in my opinion.
  8. Flower
    2017-04-15 16:08
    LWA = Little Witch Academia

    We have a decent number of staff that contribute to the site to be sure - just about right imo (five of us), not too big, not too small, and everyone's contributions make a nice overall picture variety wise.

    We often get around 6-8 series covered per season, which is a decent number.
  9. SleepingTerror
    2017-04-14 20:48
    The Love Live game is free but you need an iOS or Android device, and from there you can download it from the app store or get the apk. An alternative method would be using bluestacks, but this would be a desperate option since it's a lot harder to play on a computer over a phone.
    And cool, I'll have to check it out. It'll be fun to rewatch the older arcs for when I find time to get back into binge watching One Piece (I am probably over 100 episodes behind right now).
    I'm more into the music of Touhou than the actual game, so basically anything from original themes to the remixes IOSYS makes. I've tried downloading the Touhou games, but I haven't been able to get them to work properly on my system :'(
  10. Palsa-San
    2017-04-14 16:54
    You haven't seen Shirobako yet? I suggest making it a top priority, it is a definite must for anyone that watches anime, I also suggest watching Gi(a)rlish Number, after you watch Shirobako, as they both cover certain aspects of the anime industry.

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