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Come on everyone

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  1. nicky.
    2017-09-10 17:44
    Awesome. Enjoy your rest! Excited to see the other pictures
  2. Palsa-San
    2017-09-10 05:04
    It's more like I tend to default to green.
    But in actuality, I always think of the color green when Norse mythology is concerned, not sure why.
    Regarding other characters, Berserker will have to wear a blue dress as it goes with the history (Lizzie Borden burned a blue dress after the murder), Archer is based on a female samurai, I'll probably go with a combination of colors for her, Caster's clothes will probably be either dark blue or purple with silverish hair, Assassin is based on an Irish pirate, I'm not sure about the colors for her outfit yet, but it will probably be black or leather like, and she will have red hair, Rider will probably wear a white and red outfit, it will have gold though and her hair will be black, Lancer will also have black hair but I haven't considered the color for her outfit yet.
    Here is a rough sketch of Saber:

    And a rough concept sketch of Rider:
  3. SleepingTerror
    2017-09-04 10:45
    Yeah, I love the animation and character designs, it's really cute and colorful.
    And thanks! Don't worry about it if it's too much trouble, just have fun there
  4. Palsa-San
    2017-09-03 20:10
    Hehe, I'll do that at some point, right now I'm working on another project.
    Your familiar with the Fate series/, and how the servant characters are based on historical or legendary people? Well I've been meaning to draw my own group of unofficial servants based on people that the series hasn't covered.

    Saber - Hervor - Unfinished WIP
    Rider - Julia Aurelia Zenobia
    Archer - Itagaki (Hangaku Gozen)
    Caster - Elissa (Queen Dido)
    Assassin - Grace O'Malley
    Lancer - Martha Christina Tiahahu
    Berserker - Lizzie Borden

    Zenobia and Elissa are two of my favorite historical figures, so I planed to include both of them from the beginning, though I switched Zenobia back and forth between the Lancer and Rider classes. As I was researching, it proved to be surprisingly hard to find a male character who I could confirm had actually wielded a lancer style weapon, and wasn't already included in the Fate/ universe. But I kept finding interesting female candidates for other positions, after reading about Grace O'Malley's exploits, as well as the fascinatingly heroic deeds of both Hangaku Gozen and Martha Christina Tiahahu, I was pretty much determined to include all three of them, and by that time it seemed like all the characters would be female.
    Then by a fluke twist of luck I came across Hervor, a character from Norse mythology that seemed strikingly similar to Artoria Pendragon (Saber), as King Arthur was a male character whose gender was flipped for the part (Artoria had to pass herself off as a male in order to be accepted as King of Britannia). Hervor actually was a female character who had to pass herself off as a male, and also acquired a powerful sword, in many cases she seemed like the real basis for Artoria as a character.
    Lastly we have Lizzie Borden, whom I personally believe was innocent, seeing as there is a ton of information linking her older sister Ema to the crime, but that is for another time, for now I'll end it with the simple statement that she seemed a prime candidate for a Berserker, with a yangire personality. ^_^
  5. Palsa-San
    2017-09-01 14:16
    Unfortunately I haven't drawn her in normal form yet, I do have some older concepts lying around somewhere, but they're pretty flawed and not at all similar.
  6. Flower
    2017-09-01 00:05
    Pretty much ... aspects of classic dwarven behavior fits just right in the series imo. ^^
  7. Palsa-San
    2017-08-30 21:41
    I haven't seen any in my area, so I'm not sure.
    I finished a drawing of one of my older OCs, this time in chibi form:
  8. Guido
    2017-08-29 23:19
    Let me ask you this, have you watched Go Princess Precure? If so, is it worth it? Do you recommend it?
  9. nicky.
    2017-08-29 15:10
    Totally agree, my favorites go in order from Raphi, Vigne, and then Satania/Gab tied for 3rd. I can't pick between them. They could make a new season with just Raphi and I'd probably watch it. xD
  10. nicky.
    2017-08-28 09:05
    Yess Gabriel is one of my favorites lol. So cute.

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