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Miria's #1 Disciple

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  1. Ryus
    2010-09-01 21:53
    If you haven't seen the spoiler pics brace yourself... If you have already seen them, I know your pain me and JB have been screaming about this all damn day.
  2. revan5
    2010-08-28 18:27
    Wait, did I send you "a link" or an e-mail with the attached original document? Sorry, just a little confused...
  3. revan5
    2010-08-28 11:12
    So Fenrir, I can't remember, did I send you the awesome-looking original "Claymore: New Era" document? I thought I'd ask, and if I didn't, let me know if it interests you. I've gotten nothing but rave reviews, even from Gooral, who doesn't much like my focus on Miria (he kind of dislikes her you see).
  4. revan5
    2010-08-19 20:29
    Fenrir, great news! Loivissa (who informs me she can't find her Animesuki password), is a month away from completing possibly the greatest color Claymore cover ever! (Did I mention it's for my fanfiction and even features Miria AND Renee in it? ) You're going to want to hurry if you want to get your feedback from reviews acted upon. I'll probably have to post "Claymore: New Era" on by September given Loivissa's schedule.

    Oh, and in other news, there are a bunch of creatures last seen in chapters 80-81 debuting in my latest work, "The Silver-eyed Empress". Their portrayal was highly influenced by a certain favorite sci-fi of mine: (Oh yeah, just thinking about them acting a little like that is awesome )
  5. revan5
    2010-07-23 12:05
    Fenrir, as a thank-you for being such a devoted fan of our darling Miria, I found you this:

    Ok, so I may have found it regardless, but I do hope you enjoy the insane hilarity of someone holding up a bank dressed as Darth Vader.
  6. revan5
    2010-07-14 09:47
    Fenrir, just curious, but would you be interested in an epic claymore-verse fanfiction with Miria as the lead character? Gangsta won't stop telling me about how you love Miria, so I thought I'd ask. If you're wondering about the fanfiction, well, it's already complete with only chapter 8 needing some major edits. I'll PM you the links if you're interested.
  7. Arkham
    2010-01-01 13:48
    Happy New Year Fenriroony
  8. clarakiss~
    2009-12-03 21:56
    splendid post on prissy and teresa, fenrir_valindri. it's true, those that are pro-teresa are hasily dismissive on others opinions and just assume teresa would be the victor in every way against priscilla. rep points for you indeed~ ^^
  9. Sassarai
    2009-09-04 10:18
    Call me now for your free physic reading!

    Sigh, unfortunately Silvia Brown and Ms Cleo are at a higher level than me. Not to mention that Crossing Over guy that can talk to dead people. It's hard to break into the industry.
  10. Shiek927
    2009-08-07 16:51
    Your two posts away from your second millenium!

    I....still have awhile to go

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