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The Chaos The Chaos is offline

ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!

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  1. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2011-02-04 04:29
    GN0010 Nosferatu
    Perfect as always. Thanks!
  2. Suomi
    2011-02-03 21:26
    *Attack of love* THANK YOU CHAOS-SAAAN!!!
  3. Haladflire65
    2011-02-03 18:52
    Aaaaw I'm sure it's hiding out there somewhere...

    Yeah, it was slightly creepy But I've never gone so AAAAAWWWW <3 <3 <3 for such a young person before, so I'll let him off the hook for having such a babyface

    Hahaha, if you say so Arashi grabbing 6 and AKB48 getting 4 just means that Japan's music industry seriously needs help and is full of rabid fangirls and fanboys... I think there should be a little more variety, no? I wouldn't call it full DBSK love though, Chaos Sorry but I cringe a little when I hear them sing, cause I try to imagine myself singing that high

    Definitely As I said he's too vain, probably, and he doesn't like himself looking like an idol star kind of figure

    Chaos-san, request? *puppy dog eyes*
    1:45-1:49 (somewhere along those lines)
  4. GN0010 Nosferatu
    2011-02-03 18:07
    GN0010 Nosferatu

    4:09-4:11. Where the little targeting thing lines up with Descartes' eye.

    Loop or paused loop, which ever one looks better.
  5. ArabianLuffy
    2011-02-03 16:17
    The anime must follow the manga. Once they start Sabo arc, they'll do serious business for the aime after time skip "One Piece New World"or something like that.
  6. rei_ayanami17
    2011-02-03 01:11
    no, thanks to you for adding me... im a newbie here so i think that its hard to have a friend, i mean they might turn down my request

    so thank you again.
  7. Uchiha Soul
    2011-02-02 14:35
    Uchiha Soul
    Thank you Chaos Chan you are the first one who sent the bday msg .. im happy thanx

    Zoro is my fav .. and i love your pic
  8. Butter Fly
    2011-02-02 07:52
    Butter Fly
    Yeah.Good guess Thanks! And you know, I'm free for 20 days with no exams or tests or anything!

    I'm good. Glad to hear you are doing fine now
  9. Tjaard
    2011-02-02 05:07
    That's surely good, instead i need to change my pc monitor, is too much old

    I don't think that until the anime re-start someone use my sig or avi of gintama, i don't know why ppl here don't like gintama, so do it if you want

    Surely is one of the epi where you want kick the ass of one chara, really don't like what Teach do

    Nope and this time i don't think that i do it, cause this time the voting contest is really stupid, cause is a voting contest for make you vote Cross Game pretty much on any choice >_>
    I really dislike this CG fan that were around the net last year, if you've the courage to put CG on any choice when only Gintama probably is the only series at the world that have pretty much almost all the genres on it, i think that this is too much stupid
  10. hao-sama
    2011-02-02 04:58
    yeah me too. i still love DBSK even though they're infested with complications XD

    and one piece is super awesome i don't even...

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