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ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!

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  1. Tjaard
    2011-01-05 13:23
    I hope however that you watch less of them sometimes xDD

    Well, the anime ones take off from the manga only some little or useless part, the only thing probably is the last volume that isn't in the anime, but you see it pretty much with the ED on the last epi what happen (there is an oav this month) xDD
    The problem for Adachi is the art too, too much the same from any his work (remember me Hara Tetsuo with all his works)

    The main chara is really plain, if you liked the story is a matter of fact cause is really good, but the character in itself is plain
    I don't like the two of them, but surely Shichika is better, the art of the chara was innovative too
  2. Eps~
    2011-01-05 10:17
    Rather late, but happy New Year dear Chaos. May it be a wonderful year
  3. Tjaard
    2011-01-05 07:32
    That's pretty impossible Anyday i watch the sport news and some soccer game

    Surely is better that you watch the anime of Major than read 78 vol of the manga, if you try it you can understand why is the best; any season describes a part of his life
    Hmm, Touch surely if you never saw it, but the anime is really big and old too, so maybe is better read the manga

    Well, surely for the main chara is pretty useless doing vote, cause some fan of series still vote the same, if you remember last year won the main chara of clannad lol That's a plain winner
  4. Haladflire65
    2011-01-05 07:12
    Hey, really? He's so handsome with short hair. Like really. I think long hair makes him look way older...

    But I bet you'll like these then... Ryomasha rockin'

    Yeah, Won Bin is awesome First guy under 30 I came to like!
  5. Haladflire65
    2011-01-05 06:56
    Well, seeing as you've only seen Ryomaden, really But seriously, I've always thought Masha in short hair is drop-dead gorgeous but it's a bit less when he has long hair for me... none of my friends (at school) like his long hair either, so yeah

    Okay, fine, Micky looks better with short hair. I think Won Bin is another guy that looks awesome with short hair. He's the only Korean guy I've ever even remotely thought I like.
  6. Haladflire65
    2011-01-05 06:19
    I agree... and even the ones that work mostly look better with short hair, IMO. Yeah, I'm getting fed up with Masha's refusal to cut his hair properly...

    Oh, I don't know him I thought of Miki Yuchun when you first said a Korean cut his hair, I know it was a while ago but my friend who's a Tohoshinki fan was overly happy about it
  7. Haladflire65
    2011-01-05 05:16
    Hahahaha, you have opposite tastes from me too, like Illusore.... I like shorter hair on men, it just looks a lot manlier Plus with Masha, it makes him look a lot younger. Who's the Korean guy?
  8. Suomi
    2011-01-04 16:23
    I have separate pics of them with no makeup, why?

    He's my faaaavorite ...
  9. Haladflire65
    2011-01-04 16:13
    He's had it for over a year now, it's not too early and we have things called scarves, Chaos-san, as I mentioned earlier

    I shall. It's still long though. *sigh*
  10. Tjaard
    2011-01-04 13:50
    Well, the same for me is for the sport channels, without it, i can't survive with only anime

    I don't think, the only one that you can vote were the ones on the list, for this i take off my vote for Gundam Unicorn

    I didd't watch the anime and surely i don't want do it, but i readed the manga and for me was only a usually sport one of his work (for me Ookiku have a better too), but surely if you read the other ones, you can't like them at the same level, for say shortly one of his manga is enough, is better skip the others or become boring

    Well, Touch was before Major but it become serialized the same year of H2, and Major owned it
    Yep, i want see more Tatsumi at work with his players

    I watched it, but remember to put a post or a pm with the change or he don't count them

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