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The Chaos The Chaos is offline

ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!

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  1. Hs Vi Germania
    2011-01-04 11:55
    Hs Vi Germania
    Sorry, it's a little late, but a very happy new year to you.
  2. Tjaard
    2011-01-04 11:20
    Surely when you watch less drama, that's the time

    That's become a little creepy if you think to two of you with a only brain, i dont' want think of it xDD

    That's good, cause i don't really read the general thread, i only save the page that i use usually
    Last year, i remember to vote gintama, well surely for a best overall series, gintama is always the first one, cause is an all genres show, the best

    No, and if you ask me i think that really suck, if you compare him with other Sport series like Goro of Major or Tatsumi of Killing
    I don't liked it, if you read Touch and after try H2 you can understand that CrossGame is only a mix of adachi previous works, and cause his works have the bad habit to follow always the same stupid patternes is really annoying; surely Touch was one of the pillars of the sport manga before, but when at 96 Major start the serialization, until lasy year become not only another pillar of the sport manga, but actually the best baseball manga (and anime too) of ever
    After the story after the first ones of adachi becoem pretty much the same, and for me, only my opinion, his art is really plain, never liked too much, so no, i don't like cross game, read major and you understand (78 volumes)
    For Giant Killing i can say that if you read probably the 22 vol of the manga you can like it but, no one scan them for now (only unitl 3-4 vol i think)
  3. Suomi
  4. Kankel
    2011-01-04 08:05
    Happy New Year The Chaos
  5. Evil Rick
    2011-01-04 01:36
    Evil Rick
    Thanks! Sorry to don't be aroundto reply earlier.
  6. Hellychan
    2011-01-03 20:20
    CHappy New Year Chaos-chan!
  7. Envy
    2011-01-03 15:02
    Not soon enough. lol.

    Nah, I'm not that crazy, but the five week overdid it for me. And now the anime had to go on a week break right before the big moment that I've been waiting to see in anime form for quite some time.
  8. Tjaard
    2011-01-03 14:55
    I already told you, you've no time cause this xDD

    The anime was awesome until the end, the movie more good cause Archer and animation

    Until you post what you want change i think that you can change it, but don't change too much cause is more annoying for anzalem xDD

    Surely they are better than him, but cause this is the 2010 award, i put the most evil in gintama epi of the 2010
    Well, was only for don't put Gintama in the first position of all xDD Until is on the Best overall is k
    Surely i don't understand who put for main male the main chara of cross-game, maybe plain ppl like plain chara was like put Shinpachi on the first chara of Gintama lol
  9. Suomi
    2011-01-03 14:41
    yes he does look good but he's not THAT old...
    GazettE is younger but they're still older than me by a long shot...but oooooh they're so beautiful
  10. Suomi
    2011-01-03 14:10
    ...we're only fangirling, not going after... and he's not THAT old

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