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ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!

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  1. hakisak
    2009-02-16 21:31
    Why do you hate Sho? I love Sho....I am both Kyoko Ren and Kyoko Sho at the same time.

    I am more on Ren's side but I am such a Shotaro fan girl!

    Ok timing remember this is the dub and I am using media player
    Episode 18 skip beat
    The first one is 8:48-50, she nods her head and smiles just before she lifts her her skirt (Right after that bastard Sho asks is that really her )

    The second one is 9:38 -9:40 when her wings pop out. Is it possible I could have that as an avatar and an AS safe signature sized version of the deadly angel?

  2. Irkalla
    2009-02-16 17:28
    Np Chaos

    Yeah I know what you meant, that's why I put a comma between the new guy, ewan and mr.lennox XD sry for confusing you.

    Aha you finally got it, Ewan is the MAN, sure he is kinda a sadist, but he has his got spots too

    Well, Ren is defenitly more popular that Sho that is for sure...I like both dunno, they both have their charming points...But Reno is even better than the both of them, oh <3

    Yeah, it kinda pisses me off...Also if you read the thread here on as, the dvd sales seem to be horrible, so a second season is not really plausible (( Well at least we still have the manga *sigh*
  3. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-02-16 17:21
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Same here, I have not much brushes in my stash atm I'm really having trouble checking good brushes for some reason >.< *grumbles in the corner*

    ALL HAIL LELOUCH-SAMA!!! <=is a secret fan of Lelouch lol

    I found C.C to be a bit boring in R2, though I guess I liked her 1st counterpart :3 But Sheryl-sama=LOVE ~v~

    Well, that's exactly why I wander around Mac F forums, no? New movie would be a bit different from the original series... That's all what we could know for now >.< And the triangle? Will be more complicated. D:

    *pats Chaos-chan head* There, there

    xD Yes you must spread all the love~~ ^w^
  4. Nikusu
    2009-02-16 17:11
    I have locks on my rooms now. Roommates are never allowed in my bedroom, but are allowed in my computer room when I'm in there.
  5. Nikusu
    2009-02-16 13:00
    I will too! Don't torment me like that! lol

    I mean, I have plenty of money, but at the same time I hate parting with money. Everytime I spend money I die a little inside.
  6. Nikusu
    2009-02-16 12:39
    Well, I just know it all. (just kidding)

    I have my Shirley on the way now! She just left Japan.
  7. Nikusu
    2009-02-16 12:29
    No no. Miku is 01 from Vocaloid 2. I don't really like the original Vocaloid.
  8. Nikusu
    2009-02-16 12:05
    But Rin and Len ARE from the new Vocaloid. lol They're both from Vocaloid 2. And the latest Vocaloid character is only Luka. Before her it was Rin and Len.
  9. Nikusu
    2009-02-16 11:33
    I like Miku more as well, but Luka is AWESOME. She's WAY too cute in Nendoroid form!
  10. Natsuki Hyuga
    2009-02-16 10:17
    Natsuki Hyuga
    ~w~ I'm searching for good brushes too, but nothing has been getting my attention TTATT

    I'll try to remember the site name and upload some pics from her if I can find it

    *Cough**Cough**Cough* It's still debateable *cough*

    Well, he has been in top 3 since... Iunno, Geass season 1 It's pretty hard to get another charcater compared to his popularity, unless it's a character named Kira Yamato xD

    It's C.C. It's quite a shock for me too since Ranka was not even in top 10 last month Guess movie info can cause roars everywhere

    Here is the wall~
    Eeeh? Why be angered?

    Arigatou. And glad to see you happy, Chaos-chan

    Keep working~! And don't give up :3

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