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  1. Tjaard
    2010-11-29 14:40
    For now i'm still watching Nurarihyon, Shiki and Denyuuden, cause are really awesome
    For this season i started KamiNomi, Index2, Otoshimono2, Milky Holmes, Panty & Stocking and Iron-Man ^_^

    For the normal ones i choose Yosuga no Sora, Tegami2, Arakawa2 and FortuneA

    The only 2 that i don't liked more are Hakuoki2 and Yakumo >_>

    So yeah i watch Arakawa, is funny but sometimes i think that isn't so good

    My new avi is ready on msn for now, i add here when i finish the sigs too xDD
  2. Aimingan12
    2010-11-29 13:56
    Lol thank you and likewise
    Ah which dramas?
  3. Butter Fly
    2010-11-29 05:02
    Butter Fly
    Yea. There are things which you won't find in other countries
    KSA is really awesome I'm missing it. Where 're you currently living?
  4. Haladflire65
    2010-11-29 00:23
    So I finished watching it.... and I've never cried so hard in any movie or drama before
    I won't say any more, other than that the makers really know how to make people as sad as possible, and that Masha as well as Kagawa (Yataro) were fantastic.

    BTW, the ratings were good! It was 21.3% which means a 3% jump from the previous ep! Ryomaden went out with a bang, which it definitely deserved
  5. XCryWolf
    2010-11-28 23:32
    I love index, one of my favorite animes, loving the second season of it
  6. Haladflire65
    2010-11-28 19:48
    I know! I still have no idea what the (Australian) lady is singing but it's just too epic

    I shall, I'm a bit nervous tbh

    Yeah, he definitely is. Nah, I don't think an artist that always tops the Oricon charts for a couple weeks at least doesn't need more money He owns 50 guitars, man! I think he's pretty well off

    Nope. There were marriage rumors going around a couple weeks ago but it's all fake... I think he'll stay eternaly single... I feel kind of bad for him, he's been saying he wants to get married and have kids for years now
  7. JRendell
    2010-11-28 19:45
  8. Haladflire65
    2010-11-28 19:38
    No problem

    The ratings aren't out for it yet, I'm hoping it went up a lot though...

    It's a big deal cause NHK's a famous station (the same one that did Ryoma!) and apparently they've been working on this since 3 years ago. Masha went to Madagascar (and got food poisoned) and Brazil (it was a little dangerous apparently) for this and I think he'll do a stellar job. They picked him because he's perfect for the 'traveller' role - he's been to 20 different countries and loves going on trips all over the place. We were a bit shocked to find out that he'd been to Madagascar, Brazil, South Africa and Thailand in the past month O.o

    And he's still singing next year~ A 5-month national tour until July and perhaps an Asia tour at the end of the year^^
  9. JRendell
    2010-11-28 19:29
    Hmm, that would be worth checking out.

    I've also just this minute discovered miss A. :O
  10. Haladflire65
    2010-11-28 19:29
    I bet they are, so the ratings were really high through all of S1 but it kept on dropping But yeah, the broadcaster's way of advertising Ryomaden was just "Fukuyama. Ryoma. Taiga." on the posters

    Nope, it's not a joke. Why do you think so? He'll be narrating the episodes and appearing in the ones for Madagascar and Brazil

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