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  1. Kyral
    2008-11-26 10:06
    *stare* jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ *-*
  2. Kha
    2008-11-20 06:15
    Nothing about the synopsis says anything about Battle Royale... What the hell am I missing here...?
  3. Chaos2Frozen
    2008-11-20 04:36
    Hmm? The psuedo-battle royale doesn't interest you ?

    My bad
  4. Kha
    2008-11-20 04:30
    Its just a blatant harem anime...

    Thanks for the heads up I'll give it a shot once I have bandwidth left.
  5. Chaos2Frozen
    2008-11-20 04:17
    Hey Kha, I found a little 'something' in a new manga thread that you just might be interested in...

    ...I'm just saying
  6. Kha
    2008-11-13 19:59
    1. Yes

    2. The people in the sig are Kha, and the best girlfriend in the entire universe, Anita. =D

    At least that's what I'm hinting at, since both are OCs representing me and... Anita. XD

    The sig was made from a scene in Unlimited Blade Works of Fate/Stay Night, and involves Shiro and Tohsaka. I love her so much.

    3. Yeap all classes, including pallies and locks, get their mounts at 30 now. As for pally and locks, they naturally learn their epic mount at 61 from the trainer now, no need to quest but with epic riding already learnt.

    4. A LOT. For starters, Human racial is now the analogue of Will of the Forsaken, AKA PVP trinket! Suddenly humans are at the top of my list when they were once at the bottom! Rolled a human pally and rogue just for this reason alone. Other racials weren't so drastically changed.

    Every class got something, spell pushback has been reduced significantly... Read the patch notes yourself! It's really too much to cram into this post!

    And Wrath came out today! That alone is enough to start grindfesting! XD
  7. Vivio Testarossa
    2008-11-13 17:08
    Vivio Testarossa
    A few question's
    1. Your avatar, unless I'm mistaken is Shirou from FSN?
    2. Who is the girl next to Shirou in your signature?
    3. About WoW, did they implement that Lv. 30 mount idea?
    4. What other changes have they made to the classes? I played (haven't logged in a while, but I am thinking of restarting) A human warlock (55), blood elf rogue (20 something), night elf druid (20 something), gnome mage (don't remember what level)?
  8. Kha
    2008-11-08 04:30
    Geh the poster says closed today >.>

    Ur not going?
  9. Liingo
    2008-11-08 04:17
    Not too sure myself, regardless sales closed yesterday, so it's going to be hard if not impossible to get tickets now.

    And Zing's not answering because she has an exam today >.>
  10. Kha
    2008-11-06 08:47
    I can't remember. >< It's probably a random post I made while friendsurfing...

    And Anita King's profile is now up.

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