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Did someone call a doctor

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  1. RWBladewing
    2011-12-11 10:09
    Maybe it was hard for me to recognize that second bit as I haven't really played online games in general in years, or with my friends basically ever, so the "same room" thing is kinda just default for me lol. It's mostly turned into board games over video games lately though. Everyone already knows they can't beat me in almost any game, haha.
  2. RWBladewing
    2011-12-10 08:12
    Hilde was broken because she had a combo that was a 100% guaranteed ring out that could be performed from just about anywhere.

    Aside from from the very rare cases where the term actually applies (like the above) though, I tend to hate when people say "bullshit victory" (or "cheap" or "spamming"). Those tend to be uttered by bad players who can't overcome simple tactics and refuse to admit they aren't the best, who just decided the other player isn't winning the "right" way to convince themselves they are still the best. I'm sure it's more just a friendly rivalry in the case you mentioned but I'm just saying in general.

    I don't think I'd call Gauntlet Legends similar to a fighting game lol. Fighting games are actually VERY complicated and require crazy reaction time and memorization at the highest level. That's why I stopped trying to be competitive at them, just couldn't cut it and it stopped being fun to me.
  3. RWBladewing
    2011-12-09 20:07
    Ah no I didn't mean that lol. I meant the Fus meditation ongoing effect that you get from Parthunax (I am sure that is spelled wrong but you probably know who I mean lol.)

    Funny enough Hilde was actually by far the best character in SC4 at the competitive level. So good she was actually banned in tournaments and that contributed greatly to the decline in that game's popularity. SC is my favorite fighting series and I'm really looking forward to 5 even though my only choices for offline opponents are world-class players or my friends who have no idea what they're doing, lol. The one guy I know was runner up in a high profile SC4 tournament that aired on X-Play at one point and got to play the developer in 5 at the latest tourney. My losing streaks of trying to play against him are legendary. I am king of the bad players though. I have stomped so many people who think they're competitive because they beat their friends and then they think I'm good. They should try playing someone who's actually good before they say how good I am, lol.

    DOA is a pretty fun series to play casually though. It's not made to be competitive to begin with so it's easier to just go with the flow on that one, lol.
  4. RWBladewing
    2011-12-09 11:12
    Haha...I just got the "Fus" word meditation yesterday, +25% stagger to my already extremely high chance. If I end up being able to stunlock Alduin I will lol so hard.

    You're looking forward to Skullgirls huh? Fighting games have kinda been ruined for me. I was playing with a highly competitive crowd (they play at EVO and actually win matches, etc) for a few months and even though it turned out that wasn't for me and I stopped, that mentality has kinda stayed with me. Like, when I see people talking about single player mode or how cool characters' appearances are, I find myself thinking "man these guys are bad, I bet they know nothing about frame data and punishes" even though I don't want to. Probably can never go back to having fun just playing them casually not knowing what I was doing because now I know how to be better at them. Same thing as how WoW was so fun when I was a noob and had no idea how to play. Can't ever go back to that, haha. Like, I guess I can still play Mortal Kombat casually with my friends using characters I don't know any moves for, but I won't feel the same excitement they do because I'll know it's extremely low-level play all around and I won't be trying my best. Ah well.
  5. RWBladewing
    2011-12-08 23:49
    I don't think that would be enough to kill me; I'm pretty sure the numbers you're using are not factoring armor in, as I can say with certainty that a frost dragon has never melee'd me for anywhere near 150, lol. I'm only on normal difficulty though. I don't think what I'm doing would be possible on Master lol. I may set it to that difficulty for a second playthrough.
    (Also you've probably noticed by now but you left your last message on your own profile, haha).
  6. Mr Hat and Clogs
    2011-12-08 23:14
    Mr Hat and Clogs
    Haxor spec! Well I guess if you play it again you can try something that isn't completely OP. :P I guess if the Dragon breaths on you and gets one swing in you'd be screwed, so its kind of battle of the Alpha Strikes. Yeah, keep the masks handy imo you can combine them for another mask.

    What difficulty do you play on? Master?

    Yeah that's one thing I dislike in regards to the US at times, something happens there and it gets forced onto everyone else. It's a bit of a double edged sword really.
  7. RWBladewing
    2011-12-08 22:27
    I am actually playing on PS3 (video card on this computer sucks and I prefer to sit on my couch while playing games instead of at the computer) so I didn't get the most recent patch yet. My health is just under 400. I've seen quite a few Draugr Deathlords, they seem to show up as bosses in dungeons a fair amount. The first one made me use a couple potions with his damage but they've kinda gone down the route of everything else, haha. Their shouts don't work on me either, I'm assuming certain stats of mine are too high for me to be affected.

    Oh and, the other thing I forgot to mention about why I find dragons so easy so far - my power attack staggers them. They don't even GET a melee attack because they are basically stunlocked until dead, lol.

    Yeah I have held onto all the masks. I actually don't sell any unique named items at all. Especially because money is no issue. I have over 50k gold even after buying the house for 25k in Solitude. One of the masks I actually keep with me at all times, 20% better prices and 20 extra carry capacity has been useful more than once.

    Yeah I know, I fear the filter stuff won't be buried here though because so many people are so stupid and just vote on stuff without reading it. And if it does pass the US is gonna try to force it on everyone else in the world because that's what we do. Sigh. I hate people.
  8. RWBladewing
    2011-12-08 19:03
    Right on cue the first dragon I encounter today is an Elder Dragon. Took 3 hits to kill him. His breath while flying did...kinda decent damage to me. Didn't see his ground attack because he was concentrating on a mammoth instead of me. I doubt he would have been able to kill me though, all things considered, lol. It's up to Ancient Dragons now to not be pushovers, lol.

    Try to avoid any spoilers of upcoming fights or anything to do with the story if you reference that book though heh, I am still so far behind in the story.

    I actually would definitely like to move to Australia, my main issues are that I'd have no job and I don't agree with the censorship rules there (not that I agree with the ones here either, lol).
  9. RWBladewing
    2011-12-08 10:45
    Hmm, I am confused now. Blood Dragons are supposed to be stronger than Frost Dragons? I have been getting Blood Dragons since like lv 15 and didn't see Frost till significantly later. I've been able to 1-shot Bloods for a while now and they don't deal like, any damage to me (again maybe bugged resistances are why frost breath does hurt me).

    I'm actually wondering if the dragon in Whiterun was a bug too. Nobody else I have talked to has ever been attacked in a gated/instanced city and it acted kinda weird. Just sat on top of the blacksmith shop firing at me for a while then landed right next to it. No circling or attacking people at different places in the town like the rest of them have. Either way, it's pretty awesome that that actually happened, it seems really rare regardless of whether it's a bug, haha.

    EST actually, one hour ahead of CST. I hope to move elsewhere in the somewhat near future though so maybe that won't be permanent, haha.
  10. RWBladewing
    2011-12-08 10:05
    Nope, still just seeing Frost Dragons. Like the one who randomly attacked Morthal just as everyone was walking home for the day and killed multiple shopkeepers, and even an enemy I was supposed to kill for a quest, thereby advancing the quest for me and leaving me with no idea what the hell just happened. Or the one who attacked Whiterun, whose corpse continued to sit next to the gate and go ragdoll-ing into weird positions and lag my game every time I entered the city, for over 2 in-game months before it finally despawned. Or the one who randomly attacked the Mages College during its main questline where Winterhold was ALREADY under attack, and made me miss half the dialog because of its roaring and its battle music. (That quest ended poorly for another reason too, those mobs that spawn in town killed both my horse and the drunk npc that gives you a quest to find someone in Riften which I hadn't completed, and I didn't realize until it was already too late to go back and re-do it. Damn horse needs to STOP aggroing everything from a million miles away, lol. Also I find it extremely funny I am now the Archmage and can't even cast anything but the most basic spells.) Or the countless bugged Backwards Teleporting Turbo Dragons I have encountered that are impossible to even hit let alone kill. Uh, what was I saying again? Oh yeah, fun experiences with dragons, lol.

    I did have an awesome fight with a Frost Dragon before I was this geared though. Hiding in a tower sniping at him with arrows and fire breath shouts, till his health got low enough that he crashed to the ground, then whirlwind sprinting up to him in between breath attacks to deal the last couple hits. Whole thing took like 10 minutes and felt epic throughout.

    Had another weird experience the other day too where a courier gave me the inheritance of someone who died whose name I didn't recognize, looked it up and he was one of the low ranking Companions guys. Not exactly sure how that happened since I wasn't using him as a follower or anything. I have seen them randomly fighting out in the world sometimes, maybe he randomly got killed by an enemy he was fighting somewhere half the world away from me?

    I'll probably at least look at both those games in-depth then if not try them. I considered trying to get into the TOR beta but I feel like that'd spoil the game for me if I saw half the storylines before the game was even out for real. Still will probably need to get friends to try it with me though. Would be so much easier if I didn't live exactly on the opposite side of the world from you, haha.

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