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  1. sebo3e
    2011-11-20 21:13
    Erm greetings what s your fav anime?
  2. ChainLegacy
    2011-11-17 12:45
    Why did you delete your post in the US election thread? I was going to rep you for it. Also, nice name.
  3. n0m@n
    2011-11-07 07:28
    Thanks for the advice!
  4. yononaka
    2011-11-01 15:54
    Not your fault in any way. Like I said, I should have searched for the post on 2ch based on some non-substituted string like I did later. It just didn't occur to me in time. It's not a big deal to look these characters up, but it does take extra time so I postponed it.

    I know what you mean about the fake thing, I thought the same thing myself the first few times I saw Baidu Japanese spoilers here. Without the post headers being included like they were this time it's not at all obvious whether it's taken from 2ch or made up by a bored Chinese guy who's good at Japanese.

    (As an aside, replies in these wall conversations are meant to be written on the other guy's wall or they don't get notified of your reply. It's a bit unintuitive at first, I've made the same mistake too.)
  5. Tom Bombadil
    2011-11-01 11:18
    Tom Bombadil
    Baidu does the traditional character to simplified characters automatically. I was puzzled by it at first, too. Once I tried to use it as an argument to prove some spoiler must be fake because no Japanese writes like that. Sorry to hear it causs you trouble.
  6. yononaka
    2011-11-01 10:15
    I really wish Baidu didn't substitute Simplified Chinese characters in Japanese text (or maybe it's the [Baidu] poster's fault?). I'd have posted a translation from Japanese long before the translation from Chinese was posted, but with these messed up characters I had to hold off until I got a chance to look them up - and sure enough by then it was already done. I don't mind that, but it kinda sucks to have spent the time without having been able to finish due to these substitutions... I even guessed most of them right, but I don't like to post guesswork translations.

    Of course if I'd been smart, I'd have looked the post up on 2ch in the first place...
  7. Tom Bombadil
    2011-03-01 13:55
    Tom Bombadil
    Oh, sure. It is cool. As you can see, I got it from Baidu, and they most likely take it from 2-ch or some other Japanese board. I take no credit at all. But since the chapter is not out yet, so the only thing we can say is that it looks like a genuine spoiler, but who knows?
  8. haegar
    2011-03-01 12:54
    btw I just relayed that onwards: hope that's ok?!

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