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  1. The Chaos
    2009-09-21 01:54
    The Chaos
    Happy Birthday ~
  2. Daniel E.
    2009-09-21 00:44
    Daniel E.
    Happy Birthday to you Sephi!
  3. Aoie_Emesai
    2009-09-21 00:02
    Happy Birthday.

    Haven't talked to you for the longest time too ^^
  4. Daniel E.
    2009-08-07 00:18
    Daniel E.
    So how have you been?

    Just having fun with my little nephew........... or perhaps I should say, having fun using his PSP to play Yggdra Union all day.
  5. Daniel E.
    2009-08-05 15:02
    Daniel E.
    Sephi, I am a bit shocked to see that I have never posted here! >_<

    Here's a greeting to change that!

    Btw, tried to post this message yesterday and was never able to. Keep getting an eternal load message and never managed to make the post.
  6. Sephi
    2009-04-05 01:16
    With a population of only 7000, i think there are a bit to little people on my server. Always LF tank/healer... Was a pain to find groups when lvling as well as instances now. Don't know how healthy the economy is. But i know Dragon's eye sell for 200G on the server of a friend. But titanium spellshock rings goes for 1k+ as well. So overall, it would be okish i think. Though a rich economy would probably help me get a mount faster, as things sell for more while the mount price is the same.

    And yes my first oracle egg was a Aged Yolk >.<
  7. Last Sinner
    2009-04-04 20:14
    Last Sinner
    If those recipes are able to provide you with something that has a decent profit margin, then it's worth it. But by your own admission, your epic crafters werent seeling that fast and the profits weren't that high. The Dragon's Eyes you gave up for each epic craftable would have been 6 - there's 600g+ there. You know your server best, up to you.

    BL on the egg. I've only ever had an Aged Yolk once out of a dozen Oracle Eggs. Other 11 have been the pets. Still waiting for my Green Proto-Drake. I've given out so many excess pets for free.

    Your server's economy sounds nice.
  8. Last Sinner
    2009-04-04 09:54
    Last Sinner
    I levelled JC to 440 on my 72 Shaman today. And I figured out something that may help you rack up gold gradually.

    1. Do your JC daily.
    2. Turn in the mark for a Dragon's Eye.
    3. Sell the Dragon's Eye on the AH for 80g+.

    You can do that once a day every day. You're looking at 560g+ a week for very simple dailies. Dragon's Eye is something crafters of severals professions need - they sell very quickly. So make use of that.

    Only other thing I can think of is to do your Icy Prism once a day every day and hope that you get Dragon's Eye and/or Scarlet Ruby from it. Because they are the only two blue rarity gems that sell well now. The other 5 have gone down so much it's scary. I bought Sky Sapphires and Forest Emerald off the AH tonight for only 4g each. Monarch Topaz was well over 100g in the ealy days of LK, now it's barely above 10g. Only Dragon's Eye and Scarlet Ruby have maintained their value. Make use of them.
  9. Last Sinner
    2009-03-20 10:10
    Last Sinner
    I did some number comparisons today. Pet DPS is pretty significant. If your pet wasn't levelled, you're missing out on at least 300 extra DPS at 80, if not more. Not all damage meters take it into account, but if you run one yourself while instancing, it should be accurate.

    There are a few cheap epics you could buy. There are epic bracers, legs and a cloak. Each go for around 200g. (Giantmaim Bracers & Legs and Icy Strider Cloak) But then again, you're trying to save money so maybe not a good idea.

    Just realised rep rewards are shocking for Hunters...aside from the helm enhancement at EB Revered and the boots at KT exalted. Not much worth grinding for, really. Then again, they do good DPS as it is.
  10. Last Sinner
    2009-03-19 10:20
    Last Sinner
    DW, Naxx is easy enough to pug. Just read up on fights on and you'll be fine. Only Malygos is a fair challenge in the current form of the game.

    Halls of Lightning is just a very annoying is supposed to be the precursor to Ulduar. But it is just so damn annoying. It's not worth doing if you don't need loot. Halls of Stone has you legs, Violet Hold your staff and gloves, Gundrak your ring. VH is easy. Gundrak should be but some idiots can turn it into a mess. Halls of Stone is a royal pain on Heroic. The Tribunal are just ridiculous and the amount of slimes Sjonnir summons is mind-boggling.

    JC has a trinket like that? Hmm, maybe I really should make my Shaman Elemental...

    Yeah, I did Kirin Tor and Wyrmrest pretty fast on my Mage. Then I did Argent Crusade. Ebon Blade is at Reverred, eventually I'll tick it to Exalted.

    On dailies in Northrend:

    3 in Borean
    2 in Howling
    2 in Dragonblight
    3 in Sholazar (depending on which faction you chose)
    Up to 8 in Storm Peaks but all require long chains to unlock
    10 in Grizzly Hills, all PvP related
    5 in Zul'Drak
    Icecrown has a fair amount
    Wintergrasp has around 5-7

    Dalaran has Cooking and JC dailies as well as the Heroic and creep Dailies. Fishing Dailies come in next patch.

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