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  1. dec4rhapsody
    2008-09-23 17:56
    Narona-san told me that a Grey bar is just neutral.

    Well, he seems to be the most infuriated everytime I bring that up.
    GOOD, I so wanna tell him, though I don't understand what exactly the rep systems is about, I do prefer a nice discussion over "backstabbing".

    back to kallen
    now I don't dare to post in the Kallen thread anymore.
    sigh, I can't confirm the lyrics. see, sunrise is baiting us till the end.
  2. dec4rhapsody
    2008-09-23 17:32
    sigh, morning...

    OK, if Vito neg-reps me every time I post sth involving Kagino, I'm literally crazy!
  3. yvj
    2008-09-23 15:46
    LOL I see the Kallen thread got trolled pretty good today
  4. yvj
    2008-09-23 15:45
    Yeah we're on the same page. I mean she hasn't been completely destroyed so there is hope that they can treat her with some kind of dignity.

    I really do not want to see psycho ex girlfriend. That would really bug the hell out of me.

    Just like you I'm half and half depending on how the wind blows
  5. Lolipopo
    2008-09-23 15:30
    Because we are making points; When people have good arguments (and we have sort of logic behind us, we are pretty much lucky about that, even if taniguchi...isn't a logic man :heh) and that they see they can't argue about them, it's easiest to show them as dumb with troll " oh biased Kalulu fans, you are an hopeless dreamer"; There you avoid the whole debate and you are putting sort of etiquette upon the person.

    Such a looser tactic ^^
    And yeah, me, and a bunch of others have been neg rep oftenly after some posts about why Kallen is right with her character, why we were thinking that lelouch could have feelings for her, why Kalulu should work...
    Still some way to answer while you are avoiding the debate :'P

    So when they are doing this it's just like if they were giving us the victory about the point

    Tsss Kallen's thread closed...
  6. Lolipopo
    2008-09-23 15:20
    Yeah that's what I'm starting to believe...
    Good for us, such in despair that they are trying to erase every way to speak about Kallen. I don't care, they aren't able to made good point or to argue, their only weapon against us is trolling. Such an epic win for us It's just like when I get neg rep about my posts, it's just like some gift
  7. dec4rhapsody
    2008-09-23 04:55
    I'll be sending sanlu milkpowder (lol contamination scandal) to Taniguchi!

    THX.Have a nice dream~~~
  8. dec4rhapsody
    2008-09-23 04:49
    Euphie's last words...though she didn't use kimi
  9. dec4rhapsody
    2008-09-23 04:43
    If we get 2 immortals in the end, I'll be happy to ditch the series forever...

    kimi ni aete yokatta...

    "nice knowing you"

    Huge deathflaggish line
  10. dec4rhapsody
    2008-09-23 04:40
    Just rewatched the famous Shirlelou scene

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