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  1. cheesie
    2012-08-13 23:05
    All from Season 2!

    Go watch it!

    Also, what have you been watching? XD I've just finished this anime called Another, utterly unforgettable and I've already erased it from my mind as I type, and about to get onto LoGH. Korean dramas seem to be more of the norm at the moment, it's good for therapy, I tell ya.
  2. Last Sinner
    2012-08-05 09:09
    Last Sinner
    Er...Hawthorn I guess? Because Collingwood are Adelaide's true nemesis. They always pull something out of the bag in close matches against us. And Malthouse has probably countered us the best. We can counter Franklin and co. - Rutten and Talia can cover them. But Collingwood outbulk Adelaide big time and Pendlebury tends to go ballistic against us. I don't think we can beat them this year. However, so many things we expected to not be able to do have happened this year, so maybe it can, just like 1997 and 1998. Honestly out of the top 4, I'd want to face Sydney most because I know Adelaide can beat them - barely but can. Adelaide have a great record versus Sydney for some reason. Other team I don't want to verse is North Melbourne. Their midfield owned us earlier in the year and they seem more than capable of doing it again. Not sure how but they dominated the stoppages - which has been Adelaide's forte this year - and never let us in that game.

    By all the stats and whatever, Essendon should have won. Way more inside 50s, clearances, stoppage takeaways, etc. And yeah, Winderlich was murdering us - him going down let Adelaide back in. Honestly, Essendon would have been top 4 easily if not for those injuries. It's like the nightmare run Adelaide had last year, so I can sympathise. I swear it's that damn Etihad Stadium and its surface hardness index. Doesn't it cause the most soft tissue injuries in the league by a long way?

    Sanderson has created a culture within Adelaide this year that even when we're seemingly doomed, we can win - and most times this year we have. 'Tex' Walker has come of age this year, Dangerfield is frighteningly good this year, Jacobs is a revelation in ruck, Sloane is the school of hard knocks personified, some who were semmingly finished have been revitalized. Adelaide is still kind of fragile in defense. That's why I don't want to face Collingwood. Cloke, Daws, Jolly going forward along with Swan and Thomas zipping through - Adelaide don't match up well against them.

    Looking at the draw for the rest of the year...

    Crows - Fremantle, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast. Only Fremantle should threaten us but 4 wins should be a realistic outcome.

    Swans - Collingwood, Western, Hawthorn, Geelong. Wow, that is a hard way to finish the season. I give them 2 more wins. Collingwood usually get the better of them and I don't see them beating both Hawthorn AND Geelong.

    Hawks - Port, Gold Coast, Sydney, West Coast. 3 more wins at least. First 2 are charity - I know the 'week after coach sacked' phenomenon can apply but with Port, I can't see them doing it.

    Pies - Sydney, North Melbourne, West Coast, Essendon. Hmm....3 wins? Realistically, 4 more wins is quite possible for them, though.

    Cats - West Coast, St. Kilda, Western, Sydney. At least 3 wins if not 4. Could slip into the 4. If they do, Adelaide could be screwed with the form Geelong have suddenly hit.

    Eagles - Geelong, Port, Collingwood, Hawthorn. Can only give them 1 more win considering how hard injuries have hit them this year. After looking to be top 2, they could miss the finals, which would be a real shocker.

    Kangaroos - Essendon, Collingwood, Fremantle, GWS. How ironic they're about to play the two teams on the same number of wins they're on right now. I think they can get 3. The Fremantle game is in Melbourne and yeah, you lost yet another key player...I think North Melbourne have finally woken up and are a real danger side at present. I don't want to verse them in the finals - what they lack in experience, their speed and ruthlessness is making up for. No suprrise a Scott brother drilled that into them - those Scott brothers were hard nuts for Brisbane.

    Bombers - North Melbourne, Carlton, Richmond, Collingwood. Hmm...I see 2 wins. I'd love to think you could do the league a favour and pinch one from Collingwood in the final round, but...hard to see.

    Dockers - Adelaide, Richmond, North Melbourne, Melbourne. They can definitely get two wins. But 3...I'm not sure Pavlich alone is enough offense to go with their ultra-defensive style Ross Lyon makes them play now.

    So on that...barring freak injuries, seeds going into the finals would be...

    1 - Adelaide
    2 - Hawthorn (Port and GFC will inflate their % past Sydney - oh wait, theirs is higher already)
    3 - Collingwood
    4 - Sydney
    5 - Geelong
    6 - North Melbourne
    7 - West Coast
    8 - Essendon/Fremantle

    Well, your guys can still make it, but you'll need Adelaide and North Melbourne to beat Fremantle to help it come to pass.

    As much as it pains me to say it, I'm hoping Collingwood beat Sydney next week...If only St. Kilda had pulled it off Saturday night or your guys held on at Anzac Day. Oh well. Collingwood will be a royal pain in everyone's sides for years to come yet. Have to cut them to size sometime.

    On the bright side, at least you're not in the mess Port Adelaide is in right now.
  3. Last Sinner
    2012-08-05 06:43
    Last Sinner
    Bad luck today. If Essendon weren't so plagued with injuries, you'd definitely have beaten Adelaide. We definitely didn't deserve to win today. But lately, we seem to have made a habit of winning games we're nowhere near out best in. Good luck in the finals if you qualify.
  4. Kaioshin Sama
    2012-07-31 11:26
    Kaioshin Sama
    You've graduated from being the definitive voice on sales to the definitive voice on animation quality as well I see. Congratulations, where shall I hang the certificate?
  5. Liddo-kun
    2012-07-30 02:08
    Hi. Long time we haven't talked.
    Hearing Lion at an anime con yesterday made me remember my Macross Frontier friends.

    Just in case you want to see. Here's my report.
  6. cheesie
    2012-07-21 00:48
    This is completely not cut-pasted from beechswamp's vm.

    Oh my dear BeechWES, it's been ages, I have much things to tell you, tales more disturbing than the last.

    And Game of Thrones, Jaime x Brienne HNNNNNGHHHHH. Oh, trust this show to beat your face with pairings more awesome than you'd think imaginable. (I'm rather bemused to have even entertained the thoughts of Jaqen/Arya, even moreso when I googled them and found hordes who have similar thinking. It's all Tom Wlaschiha's fault, the man played him to utter perfection. It's just too bad this guy's too minor to even be considered a minor character. Let's not even get into Gendry/Arya.)

    Do you even watch Game of Thrones?
  7. Kunagisa
    2012-06-21 13:16
    Yeah hopefully it gets a good studio, and keep Chiwa as Masuzu then it'll be perfect.
  8. Kunagisa
    2012-06-18 03:01
    You still read this series? If so, hopefully we get lucky.
  9. Natsuki Hyuga
    2012-06-10 06:14
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Still in exam period now actually, Wes D: Should finish on... 14th? 15th? /Nat is already half dead nau. Still rallying for the last exam, so... *Runs off now after spending 5 mins here and join Takky's group* :v

    And whatever you say about the dog trolling--it's awesomesauce. I love how it crushed the reincarnation romance so pitifully and make those Celiane/Apollonius PUREEEE STRONG LABU cries foul
  10. Last Sinner
    2012-05-09 07:54
    Last Sinner
    So who do you figure the Heat will verse in the NBA Finals? I can't see how they won't get through the East unless injury strikes. Chicago was the one true threat and Rose falling has pretty much left them screwed.

    Your AFL team in Essendon look good this year, but injury has hit them as badly as West Coast. At least this season is a more open race rather than a certain 2-3 you know the premiers will come from.

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