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  1. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-10-16 06:39
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Oh, this? Just your usual Otoge fare 8Db The thing was too pretty cute to pass up lol xD
  2. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-10-16 06:15
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Bromance, my dear friend, can never be enough B|b

    Aside from GC, definitely continuing: UN-GO, Chihayafuru (nice one actually), P4, Horizon, FATE/Zero and Haganai. On slow track with HxH and Kimi to Boku, so that makes it 9 anime shows. ... Well, I know by November I would be falling behind most of the animes though. That and daily instant noodles must be foreseen. *sob*
  3. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-10-16 05:58
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Heh, I actually disagree with most of them (since, yeah, I like normal Zen better), but on the other hand, with my hate to Medaka I actually want to support Najimu or Zen even though it would result in Zen going to be not normal anymore lol. To be veeeeeeeeery honest, I would just love Medaka Box than only liking it if Medaka is NOT the protagonist 8Db

    ... Yeah, Nisio failed me on Medaka's uber Mary Sue characterization. B| Kumagawa really is more like what he excels at lol

    Shush you, don't read my mind for Guilty Crown! Supercell is indeed FTW Though I actually have yet to be hooked by GC, since, well, WHERE IS THE FUJOSHI BAITTTTT---! WHERE IS THE BROMANCE DAMMIT. ;_____; (Though that's not all--the eerie similarity with Code Geass mecha design is kind of making me put -*WTF* face emoticon-. Shu is also still useless haha!)
  4. fertygo
    2011-10-14 16:39
    Random shoutout.. But I'm gotta say it.
    I'm just can't believe what I see in GAF's anime thread, never really check it out until now but wow its completely different in there even compared to /a/ and co. is there actually title they even liked? lol very surprising read.. some poster seems have very high power level though.
  5. Kunagisa
    2011-10-13 21:57
    Was streaming Guilty Crown today at a Chinese website that's like Nico (with the comments etc.), and I almost died laughing.

    There were so much complaints that are just so funny, to name a few (no idea if you've watched the episode, so sticking in spoilers)

    Spoiler for GC 1:

    Definitely most fun I had streaming an episode.
  6. Kunagisa
    2011-10-08 10:33
    Yeah definitely. I really hate trolls, especially if they're my acquaintances ... I mean usually I rarely blow my lid even if there are trolls, but reactions keep failing in the lab for the past week or so, and we haven't made the progress that I wanted and it's bugging me.

    Yeah I don't blame people for not liking Horizon. The author loves boob, so the artist drew boobs for him. Hell, the artist even asked if there's something wrong with Kawakami when Kawakami hand over the chara design for P-01s to Satoyasu because she's not a big boob blonde. I mean Satoyasu's chara design's actually too extreme for most light novel fans, and most wouldn't plow through dictionaries with few fanservice scenes anyway. I actually haven't read 95% of the comments anywhere here since last week, so all my impressions are from IRC. I honestly don't get why big boobs = fanservice (GC's chick's like naked down the middle and that's somehow not a fanservice show what). Almost all the fanservice (though the presentation in anime obviously might differ) involve Toori being a complete idiot so ...

    There's another yaraon update earlier about how the quality in Horizon should hold constant or something, so think the quality should be ok. As for F/Z, the fact they went split cour already says something. Random: I expected Haganai to be popular, but holy crap the pre-orders are off the roof. I'm just hoping Horizon wins people over with story at the end. Don't disappoint me Manabu Ono ...
  7. cheesie
    2011-10-08 06:07
    Persona 4 Animation fangasm, all those fanbits from the game is making me teary with Nostalgia.

  8. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-10-06 09:09
    Natsuki Hyuga

    99% chance of Medaka anime failing expectation, just like... Countless Shonen Jump adaptation :V

    Honestly, I want the anime to speed up until flask plan arc begins lol, the "Medaka being a Mary Sue" is really grating rotfl.

    P.s: Lol, your Zen('s-uber-awesoming-fans) hatedom is showing in the manga thread (<-Zen's fan here, though on weird, distorted reason connected with shipping and fujoshiism aye)

    EDIT: *Looks at Cheesie's Korean fangirling gasms* /sighs and shakes head. And yea, Blood-C gets better after 5... Though after a certain episode, I certainly think it's better off as a joke series 8/ Seriously, this is the first time I facepalmed in an animu as a whole... Because of only one episode!
  9. cheesie
    2011-10-03 08:55
    And nope, Umineko is on the back of the shelf for now, the series I'm focusing on are A Thousand Kisses, Hooray for Love and City Hunter, oh wait, those are Korean series KYAAAA.

    By the way, if Majikoi goes for Momo route, then I'll even forgive those aggravating childhood scenes, might even find myself under the same banner as Dragoonkain of all people.
  10. cheesie
    2011-10-03 03:51
    Watch all in one go! It's all a build up that'll pay off around the Ep 5 mark.

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