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Lets be reality

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  1. Kunagisa
    2011-09-16 07:26

    Hilarity. So addicted to MMD recently ...
  2. Kunagisa
    2011-09-15 17:28
    Generally positive, ending parts were unexpected supposedly. I'm still not sure if that's considered a light novel. Speaking of which, this year's Kono Lightnovel Sugoi didn't list the monogatari series as a participant ... wonder why that is.
  3. Kyouka
  4. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-09-07 03:18
    Natsuki Hyuga
    BUT WORKS ARE LIKE THAT. It made people scrounge for sleep! (Unless you're part timing that is... Joy to uni students in thar!)

    That said, I think I'm dying of lack of sleep here... 48 hours of waking up and still headdesking atm... Case studies are so not fun and useful :E

    Like I said, the anime!Kirino is too much of a bitch compared to the other mediums. It's like, the anime staffs were taking her bitch-ness up to eleven and forget about her dere part. :F It kind of pains me that the anime is more memorable than the manga though... (Novel is anothe story ><)

    Sue you PS3 owners. Sue you. *Cries*
  5. Kyouka
    2011-09-06 02:47
    ohh im looking for a new one to lol eye patch asuka would be nice
  6. Kyouka
    2011-09-03 07:58
    whos in ur avatar now?
  7. Kunagisa
    2011-09-02 01:25
    She will, like all the characters (except the ones that die obviously). As for who you will like ... if your taste is similar to mine (which I think it is), you will almost like the entire 3rd year class. All characters have pretty distinct traits/skills, so favoring one over the other is rather hard actually. I honestly want to keep the hype to a minmal but I just can't help myself sometimes =(.

    For now, I'm apprehensive about the sales. If this anime came out during the summer, I have no doubt it will be a super smash hit. This Fall especially is just way, wayyyy too competitive. Yet, I felt that the amount of promotion and money dumped into just one-cour series is pretty unprecedented if you think about it. The ridiculous amount of VA needed (a ton of well-known ones at that), 2 EDs, and I'm sure the quality would be top notched because it will be just one cour, so there are no random crappy episodes in between like a 12 cour (I hope) ... buttttt a large part of story is very economical and political based ... I hope that doesn't bore people and that everything must be explained. I mean Kawakami designed each faction's symbol, their clothes, and history. I must stress on history because this guy is a serious history nerd (based on Owari Chronicle). Man, I totally digressed and I don't even know what I'm talking about any more. I guess the amount of materials directly correlate to the amount of worries. I don't know if you visit the Index forums, but people there already QQ a lot about materials being cut from the novel.
  8. Kunagisa
    2011-09-01 23:25
    Literally "poisonous tongue", so characters that just speak in a mean fashion.

    And that woman is Oriotorai Makiko, the strongest teacher on the ship. As for how strong ... well depends on how detail the anime gets, I'll fill in the blanks (if there're any) then.
  9. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-09-01 08:48
    Natsuki Hyuga
    There are a lot of Ringos that I know of! And surely Westy, stalking in net is 5000x more effective than in RL!
  10. Natsuki Hyuga
    2011-09-01 08:39
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Not really hating, in fact I love her clothes (punk style ftw) and KANACHAN *q*

    Problem is if she is inserted as new party member, chances are my black, black heart will qualify her as a Mary Sue, Westy! Unless, say, she is like Metis, appearing to tie off loose end than to be-a-new-character-and-PT-to-boot-in-main-storyline!

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