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  1. Natsuki Hyuga
    2012-10-12 06:41
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Yup! I'll still be around once in a rare while, though just to not distract myself much, not replying until 9th Nov (and you bet I have lots of fangirling to catch up... Hohoho...) And I totally wish that consolidation stuffs would not appear. Fat chance, wishing brain. Ha ha. ;_;

    M-Melbourne uni... /feels inferior all of sudden. Majoring in business?

    Resist the temptation! I think it's much better if you have no idea how the story work with the re-arrangements (I have no probs, but some might not like it...)~ \o/

    And poor, poor Steins;gate/Science ADV believers in Robo;note... 2 cour is a big disadvantage to R;n, honestly. >_>
  2. Natsuki Hyuga
    2012-10-10 07:52
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Current Nat is no. 2 of this pic ;_; I'm seriously considering I'm a big do-M now... /sob on how the whole seminars make no sense at the moment. Though divine intervention totally make my test schedule actually good this semester

    Will fangirl back (read: reply on all the comments) when I'm done with the test, and update you on the whole hijinks on November \o/

    *Goes back to hammer things on costing systems and half ripping books thanks to how the worksheet and test samples make no sense*

    And wait... You have a sister?

    P.S.1: Loved the first episode of Magi \(*q* And lulz, I didn't know Kana voices bitchtits (read Bimbougami, not watching the anime ahah...) www
  3. Kunagisa
    2012-10-06 13:24
    Kaji on a mainstream show = success guaranteed! I'm totally ok with that wwwwww

    By the way Tokyo Ravens might be getting animated. Huzzah!

    I'm kinda nuts about this series lol.
  4. Shiroth
    2012-10-03 14:45
    I'm alive. :3

    Just haven't visited the forums for a very long time. Life likes to get in the way of things.
  5. Natsuki Hyuga
    2012-10-02 07:21
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Kougyouku didn't go like that until after Balbadd arc though www That's why I was lolwtf when HanaKana was casted as her--she pretty much acted like a self centered biatch during Balbadd, something that really is... Um, not even in the slightest of Kana type www Not that I dislike her, but trufax

    I told you I don't hate Miyano, but I firmly think he is a bad choice for Alibaba I have no idea why exactly people are gloring up for Miyano, anyway (maybe the Kida-lookalike image?). So him actually not casted can shut those people who think Alibaba must be carbon copy of Kida <- reason for the glee www Btw, FukuJun is my best choice for him, while Kimura is best third~ (Kaji is second, and why are you using Kaiji ww I ended up being reminded to Kaiji manga instead XD; )

    THANK YOU FOR THE DELICIOUS DEEPER KAJI VOICE. \o/ Totally is similar to his Taikoubou (otoge reference) voice = Nat is satisfied And it's hard to decide with one line, but Tomatsu does capture the stoic softness that Mor-san has, so <3 on that.

    D'uh, Inaban is my favourite character in Kokoro Connect just from design alone. Of course I would see spoilah when I'm too lazy to read the book!

    With Sakurai and OnoD appearing? If they keep the "like old married couple" scenes Sinbad and waifu sobakazu have, fujoshis are not gonna be cheapos in Fall. (Then again, there is also K and Psycho-Pass... Heard the community is split into three factions in terms of expectation, but we'll see...)

    (Speaking of fujoshis, MAL's fujoshi haters are so gonna hate; double standard on how otaku and yuri fanboys are excused. >_>)

    XD That's why I told you in the "pair a way"! Can be combination of them fangirling/boying Kurokocchi, can be them being a couple since they has the same hobby (read:fanboying and girling on GoM) and is similar! It does not help that some of these fanarts are waaaaaaaaay too pretty to miss www

    You know me so well, Westy. My fujoshi root had been constructed for 10 years that it is my daily habit to give in my delusions!

    B-But that's fighting/adventure/fantasy manga, KuroBas is a realist--- Oh wait. Yeah, he'll find a way somehow. ;D

    Ah, is that the music that seems similar to the part when Momoi talks about how Aomine is a genius since he was a little kid? I'm not too fond of the OST of KuroBas, to be honest--it's a fit if played in the anime, but as a standalone, I'm a bit iffy since it's too mainstream? general? :I

    True, true. Even to get students discounts, you still have to bring something to prove your student status even if I look jailbait enough www And lol, bringing passport... You think I'll risk losing the passport, ending up in massive panic time? I'd so not gonna bring my passport out aside from bankings or job searching lol--I have already gotten my share of ohnolol nearly losing my passport once!

    Plan to watch it actually, just trying to find time to drag a friend or cousin to it. Exam preparations soon--4 weeks to go hagdksv... ;; <- MIA plan in two weeks lol, do drop comments, I might go ninja for some reason w

    @Kagami not being popular... Simple answer would be that the female fans think Power Ranger Miracles err, sorry, GoM >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Seirin I don't know why, but they think that GoM's uber overpowered unique skills are awesome, and they are hotter than Kagami. Plus Kagami acts and treated like a standard hotblooded shonen hero; something that is waaaaaaay too mainstream for the fans...

    So yeah, I actually kinda understand Kagami's somehow not too popular position ww
  6. Last Sinner
    2012-10-01 00:26
    Last Sinner
    The major difference is that we don't get double ups against Gold Coast, Greater Western Sydney or Melbourne and play higher up teams twice more. So going 17-5 for the season won't be likely next year.

    Decent Grand Final. Sydney proved a lot of people wrong, including me. Hawthorn were still wasteful - guess they didn't learn from their dicey encounter with Adelaide.

    Oh and this should be very relevant to you - a few minutes ago on the radio, word came out that Essendon have acquired Brendan'd you pull that off?
  7. Kunagisa
    2012-09-30 09:37
    I'll come back and watch a bit of that hahahaha, goddamn the anime disappointed me so much. Got spoiled too much by Sunrise and I know A-1 can do better than this.
  8. Natsuki Hyuga
    2012-09-30 08:06
    Natsuki Hyuga
    I DO NOT SEE THE POUT I DO NOT SEE THE POUT I DO NOry) You cannot fool me with Mor-san mussun! :I *Tries not to glance at the pic*

    Holy crap, I think I went into a glee when I saw no Miyano for Alibaba, and that Kaji (my second best choice) is chosen! I'm not sure about Tomatsu, though, what roles has she done closest to Mor-san's personality (... Err, well, from what you think of Mor, if you haven't read the manga or not spoiled too much...)?

    For KoiChoco, just try to not dislike the main girl (you'll know who she is when you see the anime--it's pretty clear she is the choice despite my preference for another girl >_>). And lol, Inaban is really the most entertaining out of the bunch since her dereness is deadly

    Hey, it will be up to how Magi can provide the delicious Sindoria group service touch our incentive to buy the DVD/BDs! I'll be informing you once we got to 3rd episode on how the fujoshis are taking this adaptation~ (though as I said, it wouldn't be obvious until we reached Sinbad's appearance, so anime, please go show Sinbad fast! www)

    As long as Aomine still obsess over Kuroko, I have my doubts that he is gonna notice the mother hen attitude of Momoi exclusively to him, lol. And yeah, agree with you, in fact I'm actually thinking that Momoi's crush on Kuroko is just an admiration of sorts than love--if not she would have left Aomine to go to Kuroko's school lol

    That said, I do admit that I adore Kise/Momoi pair in a way wwwwwww

    ... Seems not to be my food there. I think I'll have to pass on it since NTR is basically one of my biggest pet peeve in story of any form lol, and many sexual scenes = no thanks, if it's not between men and men. (人∀`*) <- .........

    But, but I still want my Teppei ;_; He is one of my favourite out of the GoM, part due to his awesomeness as the crownless king and all the crap he had gotten ;; Though if there are amazing generation of players as next year's first year (since Rakuzan losing to Seirin is so not gonna happen unless there is a miracle of another big boss), it would come off as a wtf development as we never heard any hints of it during these chapters. But what can I say, the author might pull that off just to prolong the manga...

    *checks vid* C-COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT wwww

    Hmm... I'm not sure about which one my cousin dragged me to (but I do think it's Crown's since I remember the building has a casino), but I was kicked out due to not bringing student card and no one believed I'm already 18+, or even 16+ lol <- true jailbait baww.

    Galactic Circus is the flashy, theme parkish one, no? I don't think we went there--too... Fancy XD;
  9. Natsuki Hyuga
    2012-09-29 14:39
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Do not pout with Mor-san's avatar. DO NOT. NOPEI'MNOTBUYINGTHATPOUTNOPE. *tries to avert eyes hard*

    Ahah, I generally sleep on 6 AM in holidays (.......) part studying and part watching anime since I was busy all the time in the afternoon (always wake up at 12PM for reasons unknown w)

    M-MY GOOD REP. MY TAKKY!MOM REP...! ;_______;

    Ah! Then yep, Balbadd Arc is the Kyoto arc of Magi perfectly. Though it's more ike "shit just gets better" than real

    Boo. There goes my preference into thin air... :'( Harem anime flicks are fails nowadays, anyways. Though I do admit KoiChocho is kinda good (not exactly harem, but VN adaptation), save for the annoying main heroine lol
    @EDIT: I have no idea on how the anime fares, but AFAIK, the novel favours Inaban greatly to Iori. That's all I can say without spoiling lol!

    Wait, a praise on fujoshis?! I'll say that KuroBas is lucky that they appeal hard to the fujoshis--they pretty much a loyal source of sales income (T&B comes to mind immediately) if appealed right www

    Yeah, I actually love KuroBas more after the anime aired--they really put all the budgets in their matches animations and made it much more engaging than the manga version (YMMV--but I think the matches are better when animated since the movement dynamics can be transferred \o/), and it definitely what made the fujoshi hands out their money yo.

    As much as I'm totally a BL-fan and osananajimi hater, I think it's pretty clear cut that Momoi will spend her lifetime taking care of Aomine like a mother hen (trans: totally gonna marry each other by the end of KuroBas)

    Eh, never read Nozoki Ana... Actually I have no idea what the heck is that. Summary pliz! 8D

    Well, Akashi is pretty much the captain for obvious reason. Aomine is like Kagami's rival, but the big boss is Akashi And I don't think the author can prolong the manga by a long time, unless he somehow created a plot where the Generation of Miracles somehow gets together again (additionally, Kagami can get in as well) must face off with a team compared to superhuman classes or something..........

  10. Natsuki Hyuga
    2012-09-29 12:27
    Natsuki Hyuga
    But, But you're an old man Westy~!


    Uhm... If your definition of 'Kyoto arc' is "the first arc that made the fans squealed so hard due to the pure awesomeness", yes. And it is a pretty good place to end the story; there are still mysteries due to be solved (as in the titular Magi, for one) and latter development, but it does at least complete Alibaba's past plus giving him major characterization.

    Ah shame then... I kinda like a pair in Tari-Tari (the badminton guy and the main girl (Wakana?)) hoho... Elitist VN in myself is like a grumpy traditionalist old man, Westy! =o I only CTRLed through lolno sex scenes since ahskdgkla nothankyouverymuchfortherapes :I (Though I do hardly pay attention to R-18 scenes sans the really good ones, save in my BLge... Err, ahem!)

    There is a translation thread in Something Awful forum, by the way \o/ Though I guess I pretty much half disagree with Playthrough translation since the game's story was tailored to be enjoyed without having the time to discuss the mystery with others. But alas, people are spoiling themselves for good ol' matter... >_>

    Wherever do you put your eyes when the end car--- OH WAIT, YOU TOTALLY SKIPPED THAT DON'T YOU WESTY. Rhetorical question since Nat is 150% sure you skipped the ED www And certainly you have yet to get an idea of how fujoshi thinks, even when you have got cheesie and moi on your tails and ears these 2-3 years... *weeps*

    But to answer the question seriously: Sweaty guys playing sports, very... Um, 'close' friendship in form of partnerships which fujoshi can take 100000 levels up (usual stuffs!) and all those merchandises in for of Drama CDs? You would be crazy not to think that KuroBas' pet peeve name is HomoBas in Japan right now Shame on you focusing on the, um, 'assets' holder than the bromance in the series, Wes. :I

    AND GO TO THE LAST 3 EPISODES THEY ARE SO AWESOME THAT I ACTUALLY GO KYAAAA SO MANY TIMES AAGSSJBAKSGL *incoherent for the awesome quality of the Aomine/Kise match*

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