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  1. Last Sinner
    2012-09-22 04:55
    Last Sinner
    Man, we almost pinched a spot in the grand final...

    Adelaide just made too many mistakes in the midfield. Hawthorn almost blew it with their inaccurate kicking. Was quite a thriller.

    I cam't knock my team. No one gave them a chance. And they almost stole it. Our 2013 draw looks a bit harsh but if we can improve from this season - who knows. If someone said at the start of the year Adelaide was one goal away from a grand final, we wouldn't have believed it.
  2. Natsuki Hyuga
    2012-09-21 09:44
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Hey, 's all right! Take a good rest and watch your health Westy--you really need it >< And revered teacher (aka Swampy) would probably roll over his bed with this development, much to my glee 8Db

    D'oh Westy, I fangirled Sket Dance to you! And lol, now that you mention it, it DOES seem very familiar to Bossun's XD Though it was supposed to be "YES PLEASE" face lol And sob sob, my reputation is getting worse in the Macross community... Wait, do I even have good reputation in the first place? :v

    lmfao The prince guy, yes, but it's a bit different in that it's actually Mor who seems to be crushing at Alibaba later Not spoiling, but you will know it later XD;

    Ehh... How was Tari Tari? I heard it was good, but I have no idea what it is lol. And www, I'm pretty much a VN elitist--CTRL-ing is like an allergy for me w

    GGO!Kirito is so trap that I went into fangirl mode Sad that the author didn't use that design much--it's charming in different way than the SAO!Kirito. I say And yeah, the NTR part is going to be hellfire that it's so popcorn time!

    I still think it's an awesome movie even now ;o Probably not something I would discuss 24/7, but it still is making my heart all fuzzy and warm when I remember the movie~ Basically: just get the DVD or watch the fansub when it's fansubbed ASAP--worth your every rest hour *_*)

    Genre? ... Umm, Despair? <- No other way to describe the genre w But yeah, originally a PSP game (ADV-VN, kinda like what if Phoenix Wright is more interactive than just read and guess from the choices), and that novel (two vols) is the prequel for the game that you must read after playing the game. Aka: Where is the sequel, Spike Chunsoft. And it's Danganronpa by the way--search it!!
  3. totoum
    2012-09-21 04:01
    Last edited by Westlo; Today at 10:57. Reason: Why bother.
    LOL I was gonna tell you "don't bother" but you already edited it
  4. Natsuki Hyuga
    2012-09-20 10:18
    Natsuki Hyuga
    *pokes Westy* /poms poms Westy for his hard working self
  5. cheesie
    2012-09-16 23:17
    It was real tough trying to get through all the fanboy panderings! :E I remotely liked Mazusu and yeah, it looks like she'll leading the race though the childhood friend is putting up a real good fight, gotta watch out for that. With that said, it's not something I'd want to follow up on but if the anime does a super good different spin to this, then I might watch.

    Of course I have to @ Canvas 2
  6. Swampstorm
    2012-09-15 14:07
    Pinkie Pie. But you should've been able to guess that from my fondness for lulz and cotton candy. The show definitely gets better once you get into it.

    btw, I'm playing GW2 nowadays, you?
  7. Natsuki Hyuga
    2012-09-15 09:15
    Natsuki Hyuga
    I'll admit that I was half lol-ing when she said you're a girl. Best. Line. Ever. wwwwww And did Maggy just imply that I am some top listed criminal pervert, or is it just me? O.o;;

    And heh, I do have to admit that was one of the shallowest reason to get out of losing argument...

    He has, yo. He is one of the guy in Sinbad trio keyart~ And the Erza comparison would be quite a good one in terms of badass-cute female meter! And yes, she is: with Alibaba (and one other later, but not to spoil!)

    Hmm... I guess it is kinda hard to say, but I think Magi will be something you can easily like. Though it is generally straightforward up until Balbadd arc and 'fancy' (fantastical, if you want to say) in a way. The story also seems to be geared to younger audience (i.e: light hearted) at first (might turn you off), but it's not really that way since there are certain plot points that talks about politics and economics, as well as quite high death level on screen (at least as we delve further).

    Hmmm... Interesting. I'll just go as fast as I can to get my KuroBas up until the current episode and go to Muv Luv after that. And nope, I gave up on Extra since it was Goddamn boring (STILL trying to finish that... One day... People said that Unlimited and Alternative, especially the latter, was Godsend but... Clearing Extra... The generic VN (tm)...).

    Fuee, I still think ALO's Kirito's design is... lolz dorky, another reason why I don't really like ALO arc www Not gonna be fun seeing that animated... Though I guess I will enjoy the arc eventually ;v; Think it's gonna be hard to pull a +30k though, there just haven't been much push from non-Amazon stores, though reaching 20K+ is guaranteed imvho. Put a sequel, A-1! My trap-ish!Kirito sense is tinglingggg! And GGO's system is really creative~

    O_O;; Only 55 days off... Erk, I can only offer you word of encouragement here...! ;A; Just rest well in your holidays, Westy, you deserve it!

    Do think about it (and if you do, I might be bringing a friend as well XD)~ I think I really want to watch Wolf Children again next week (Nova Cinema is a bit too cramped or small compared to HOYTS'--around 15x10 seats in total for one cinema room, but nothing really bad other than that) I wanted to post on Wolf Children, but too tired after 2 movie runs in a day lol, so I'll just say it here:

    It was really one of the best Hosoda's movie for me, and to quote duckroll, his most mature take from all the movies he has directed. I'll agree that it is actually very predictable, but the defining element of the movie is how honest the feelings are being transferred into the audience. You could feel how Hana (the mom) had struggled over the years, and when her children finally chose their way, all you tears. It was nearly a punch as good as when awesome!grandma in Summer Wars died ;;

    But yeah, worth your $16 per ticket. It's really something gentle yet realistic, and something to watch with your family or friends ;ヮ;

    Yes, Alibaba is that blond haired guy with ahoge sticking up I just don't think Miyano is a good match, for some weird reason. I guess because Alibaba is going to be less of a keet than most of Miyano blondie characters and Balbadd will have quite a lot of serious Alibaba, which means my srsbsnss Miyano!hate acting up I'm either voting for Kimura Ryouhei (the guy who voices Kise) or Fukuyama Jun rather than Miyano, to be honest ;_;

    As for DR0... Picture tells more than text
  8. Last Sinner
    2012-09-14 09:15
    Last Sinner
    Don't worry, all good.

    I had an Accounting exam today, came home and fell asleep, woke up at the start of the 3rd quarter and liked what I saw. Looks like Adelaide was smashed in the 1st quarter but after half time, they realled steamrolled ahead. Walker was just brilliant, Reilly was carving them up at half-back, Rutten utterly shut down Pavlich. Sandilands smashed us in the ruck - of course - but the defense held up well until the engine got going. Thompson and Dangerfield got decent possessions this time. Porplyzia had a 'combeack form the wilderness' game. 2010 he was amazing but he missed all of 2011 wih that freak injury and took much longer than expected to fit into Sanderson's system this year. Fremantle were gallant and maybe if they hadn't copped two 6-day turnarounds in a row, they'd have won. They just crumbled and did some ridiculous mistakes in that final quarter. But I'll take it. Adelaide in a prelim final after 14th last year? Yes please!

    Well, we now have Hawthorn. Intimidating task, but...who knows. Even Hawthorn are capable of messing up under pressure.

    Ratten looks likely to get the Port Power job, actually. He said publically he wants it and the mail in Adelaide all week is that Rodney Eade isn't after it anymore. I don't see who else they could get aside from Ratten, honestly. Roos won't be available until 2014 and there's not exactly tghat many notable ones around after the coaching change frenzy last year.

    The Essendon 99-01 team was formidable. 2 things lowered the legacy - that prelim final in 99 where they should have won but somehow let Carlton through to get smashed by North Melbourne in the grand final. Then Brisbane came along in 2001-2003 and get three preimerships in a row and would have been 4 if not for Port finally growing a spine in a finals campaign. Frankly, that 99-01 Essendon legacy is better than Port's in 01-04 where they wasted so many chances. That 2000 Essendon team - less than a goal away from an undefeated season and win the grand final by plenty - that's impressive. Hird, Fletcher and a few others get 2 premierships over a decade - still darn good. It goes up there along with Adeliade in 97-98 and North Melbourne in 96 and 99. I think Essendon's dominance in 2000 was a trigger for teams taking on flooding tactics more after the Bulldogs inflicted your only loss that year by using it.

    As for anime - lately I've been watching City Hunter and Nadesico. Rewatched One Outs over 3 nights and Yosuga no Sora over 2 - I find those shows very easy to watch for some reason. As for currently airing material, Sword Art Online is my only title and definitely my fave for 2012 if it avoids stuffing up like Fate/Zero.
  9. fertygo
    2012-09-14 07:56
    I hope the bulls tanking tbh

    Rose - Shabazz backcourt legggoo
  10. Natsuki Hyuga
    2012-09-14 06:05
    Natsuki Hyuga
    Also, will read OreShura sooner than latter... After I finished completely my DR0... Few dozen pages to go...!

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