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  1. Chiibi
    2013-06-29 10:03
    It's funny and cute...though doesn't seem like an emotional rollercoaster which I crave.
    I'm also watching Inuyasha too though. Bought the entire series at AnimeNext. Almost through the fourth season now.
    I'm going to start InuxBoku too. Pretty excited for this one. I guess I like stories about girls and their "dogs".
  2. Chiibi
    2013-06-28 11:01
    Hmm well, I haven't seen a lot of new shoujo lately. I'm going to try Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun. ^_^
  3. Chiibi
    2013-06-27 23:25
    It's not weird! He was only a little kid back then...and their love is so innocent and pure-heck, it was strong enough to conquer fate and magical powers! >_< And they have so much in common and this special bond-they're simply perfect for each other, don't you see!? And it wasn't just a random solution, they built it up properly from the get-go....remember?

    Yes, the character development was wonderful, especially Mero's.

    Shows like Full Moon....I can't really think of any...gah, if only there were more like it! Well, Fruits Basket is kinda similar....but it doesn't have a satisfying ending. :/
  4. Chiibi
    2013-06-27 20:54
    Lol I never wanted Meroko to win Takuto's heart. I was shipping him and Mitsuki since episode 4...and Meroko was "the likable yet annoying, clingy girl in the way". XD

    I cried because I was so happy. XD It's easy to make an audience cry if you do something sad but if you can make them cry with joy, that's way more amazing! So I am in awe of the series director, Toshiyuki Kato and really admire his talent.

    I do recommend the manga. If you are a manga-reader. :3
  5. Chiibi
    2013-06-26 18:45
    Me too. Heh, Wakaouji and Ooshige totally make out in the manga. XD

    So, did you cry at the end!?
  6. GDiddy
    2013-06-26 14:46
    I just went and read about it online. I had no idea it was making Jun a college student!

    I'll reserve my judgement though once I see a few episodes. Might be a little interesting to have an older Jun.

    Oh well. I'm still super super SUPER excited! This, Servant X Service and Hakkenden are the series I'm looking forward to the most...though there's a few I'd like to try out.
  7. GDiddy
    2013-06-25 17:03
    It aired already?! *has to go watch*
  8. Chiibi
    2013-06-25 13:12
    Full Moon!? Did you!?
  9. GDiddy
    2013-05-27 19:55
    I've been okay, just busy with work mostly. Some personal drama, but it's okay now. I was sick for a week with a nasty cold, but I feel better now.

    Seattle huh? Sounds like fun. And it has been too long since we've talked...

    Glad to hear everything's well though.
  10. iMomoko
    2013-04-18 05:12
    Maybe someone has the same avatar, ahaha c;

    Thank you for the welcome :3

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