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  1. Chiibi
    2013-01-15 01:23
    You should! is VERY cutesy, just to warn you. XD But don't let that fool you.
    I probably would. XD

    I have a lot on my plate right now too, though. I'm watching AKB0048 Next Stage, Little Busters, Kore wa Zombie Desuka? Of the Dead, and reading SAO's light novels, along with a bunch of other manga. And I want to watch Zero No Tsukaima and Eden of the East....
    If I watch too much at once, my brain will be like "....please STOP"...and everything will start to blend together....
  2. Chiibi
    2013-01-15 00:41
    If Natsume makes you "tear up slightly", Full Moon might make you sob like a little girl. XD
    It is an amazing series. Ten years old now!, yours is pretty new. I'm a little surprised. Haven't seen it though.
  3. Chiibi
    2013-01-14 23:51
    Man, I wish I was still 21.
    Haha I don't drink. XD

  4. Chiibi
    2013-01-14 23:40
    Really? My nerd friend in high school loved Sailormoon along with DBZ. XD
    And Gundam Wing.
    Mmmm nostalgia....

    You feel old, eh? JOIN TEH CLUB.
  5. Chiibi
    2013-01-14 22:57
    XD Like I said, it's a mouthful!
    It translates to "We Still Don't Know The Name of the Flower We Saw"
    Lots of people nickname it as "AnoHana"

    Whaaaaat, it was like The Babysitter's Club with magical powers! XD My parents didn't care that much....they only cared if I chose to watch it instead of doing homework. >_>

    My avatar is a fanart of Kirito-kun from Sword Art Online. XD He's saying "Wha-what are you looking at, stupid..." Very OOC but I thought it was too adorable.
  6. Chiibi
    2013-01-14 21:54
    Rofl, I hear you. Outside, what's that!?

    Haha, are you kidding? XD It's what turned me otaku!! I was totally obsessed with Sailormoon back in junior high...egads, I taped every single badly-dubbed, butchered episode when it came on TV...>_> I still quite like it but SUBBED ONLY. (or raw)

    I haven't seen Natsume yet but I hear good things about it. I'm very interested in seeing Ano Mita Hana No Namae Boku-tachi Wa Mada Shirai.
    haha that's a mouthful...
  7. Chiibi
    2013-01-14 13:17
    Honestly, I'll watch just about anything...but my favorite genres are romance, comedy, fantasy, and magical girl. XD And I really like drama-stuff that can make you cry. I think the only genre I don't have on my shelf is sports anime!
  8. GDiddy
    2013-01-13 23:09
    Natsume Yuchinjouu!

    I own the first two seasons on dvd, and it is fantastic. Can't wait to see seasons three and four, but I"m holding out for them to show up on dvd.

    XXXholic is my alltime favorite manga. Maybe I'll check out TWGOK now

    Since you like mysteries, have you seen Psycho Pass yet? That's probaly my favorite series at the moment.
  9. GDiddy
    2013-01-13 22:36
    I actually haven't been watching or reading that one. Is it good?

    What else do you follow? For now, I follow Space Brothers, Psycho Pass, Sakurasou and I"ll probaly add in Maoyusha and the Edo Lupin one. I might watch more of Hakkenden too...

    Though I just found this other show, Minami-ke, that's actually pretty funny.
  10. GDiddy
    2013-01-13 15:30
    You're welcome! Glad you liked it

    I was surprised at how dark it actually was, but Peach Pit's designs are to die for. The only thing I haven't seen of the RM universe is there's an OVA with Junk's backstory(forgot her name)

    And yes, Suisekiseki is awesome. Desu.

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