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  1. Zwei
    2009-10-31 03:48
    Can you open the Darker Than Black Episode 4 Polls?
  2. Crimrui
    2009-10-22 15:34
    Hey man, thanks for the reputation. I really appreciate it. And thanks for a compliment, first time I got some good words from a moderator, but I'm way below your skills. =)

    Anyway, why was my post modified? I think I inserted spoiler tags... or is it strictly forbidden to talk about manga in anime thread at all? I don't object, I was just curious what is the reason. =)
  3. wingdarkness
    2009-10-21 22:46
    How bout them Saints monir^^?? Didn't see you necro the foozball thread yet^^...Don't tell me you're hiding in a jutsu'd toad ;P...
  4. Crimrui
    2009-10-20 18:57
    Heeeee, I though I would get a huuuge hug or at least a rep+ from you but seems like you don't read posts from us mortals. (I hope you have that, what the hell is this guy talking about kinda face just now hahaha)
  5. Irkalla
    2009-10-16 12:53
    Lol.But those are super talented younglings with extraordinary super reflexes that surpass any adult in ability, Also, they have been trained by super badass little green gremlins beforehand, so you needn't worry. Except if it's Heero, Shinji, Kira or Shin, then humanity is more or less doomed. Reminds me of this But yeah, agreed on the angst, blame it on the demographic. Water color feeling is nice, especially if it's Studio Ghibli/Hayao's work..I'll watch just about everything from them, no matter what the movie is actually about.

    I just finished watching the 2nd episode! I must say that my impression has gotten better. I feared we were going to have a whole season of school life-supernatural instead of the road trip DnB that we were used to. The new loli still isn't working for me, but the ninja girl is badass and her remuneration is hilarious. Hei seems to have adapted to a more hobo variation of his remuneration though And Misaki at the end <3, so I was entertained quite enough. There is still hope, can't wait for next ep
  6. Irkalla
    2009-10-15 18:05
    Well, I guess that is your "acquired" taste and my butthurtness because of Hei's absence throughout the first ep Ok that, + the fact that they just cast away the old characters to bring a bunch of school kids in spot light..who will get killed sooner or later anyway... It's like it's not even the old show anymore. They also killed April just like that I'm more thrilled to see Misaki, whenever that will be. I'm a Hei x Misaki shipper, although I don't really want romance in the actual anime..I'm weird.

    And I thought you'd love the spam of all the fanservice animes this season There is even a fanservice anime for girls, but I'm absolutely horrified to check that out. I hate forced fanservice without a plot more than anything. I read some of the manga from Kimi no Todoke, too slow and mushy/teeny for me, so I passed on that. If it will be like the manga, the development between those two will be extreeeeemly slow and boring, well at least for me it was. Just a warning ^o^

    Indeed, in times like these I usually watch old animes, but this time I will rather stick to tv shows.
  7. Rising Dragon
    2009-10-15 17:26
    Rising Dragon
    Ah, yeah, I can see how that'd make a difference. Even still, its sad such wars break out in the first place.
  8. Rising Dragon
    2009-10-15 17:16
    Rising Dragon
    Ah, okay. I might take a crack at it later... if I'm feeling particularly masochistic, that is. =X Personally I'm not really thrilled with Code Geass' fandom on ASuki... way too many wars start. I'd expect such wars to happen on animes with giant fandoms, like Bleach and One Piece and Naruto... not something relatively small like Code Geass.
  9. Rising Dragon
    2009-10-15 17:07
    Rising Dragon
    Hey um, I was wondering if you were ever going to respond to Paladinoras about his pilot tier thread idea for Code Geass. You did say it was up to him to make a viable opening post for it, and he did make one... at the start of the month.
  10. Irkalla
    2009-10-15 16:56
    But of course. I take you have a hefty collection?

    Uf, haven't really checked out a lot. I'm having a semi anime abstinence time right now, to catch up on Heroes and House XD But from the first glance at the upcoming anime list, I checked out first old shows with a new season and the shows with a good art design-summary ratio. That including Darker and Black, Inuyasha and the Book of Bentorra. I have to check out Aoi Bungaku too, lots of great artists working on the design deam(Obata and Kubo!) and Letter Bee (got it recommended by Zu Ra, so I take it's good) Darker than Black was a great letdown though, at least the first episode. It's like a school life anime breaded with a loli version of Hellsing's Victoria, woooooot

    What are you watching?

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